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Screencasts about Django

This page lists screencasts created to demonstrate Django.


Now the 1.0 release is out, at least now we should have some offical sort of screencasts..

Ruby on Rails had it since the beginning, and it was a essential part of their official website..

Let the people send in proposals, start a screencast competition! (Perhaps someone could sponsor something, like two years of hosting at a provider supporting Django?)

I would suggest to send in three videos to start with.. Introduction to Django, a tutorial, and one for some common but advanced tasks in Django..

And at least it wouldn't be that bad to adopt something from the "Ruby on Rails" guys:


  • Django in Seven Minutes - The first Django screencast! Created by Tom Dyson of Demonstrates creating a trivial content management system from scratch using generic views. Note: this is old and out-dated - will not work with 0.95 or higher
  • Learn Django Series - Learn Django shows how easily and quickly you can get a web application up and running with Django.
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