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    77Edit: NB, I'm working from Windows Server 2003/IIS 6 and SQL Server 2005.
     8Credit to: for the Django on Windows with Postgres/Apache guide, from which I have grabbed some parts of the django-on-windows setup.
    4950== Install Django ==
     52=== Get the development version if you wish ===
     54If you want to keep up with the latest Django developments, you will need to download and install a subversion client for Windows. (e.g. [ Tortoise SVN], install it, then create a new folder somewhere. Right click on it, and choose to SVN Checkout. Give the URL of the repository as:  and click OK.)
     56=== Or get the normal version ===
     57Otherwise, just download Django from the main site, and extract the archive to a folder.
     59=== Install of Django ===
     60Drop to a command prompt (start -> run -> cmd -> OK), change to your Python folder and install Django. Example:
     62c:\> cd python24\django
     63c:\python24\django> python install
     66NB: You will probably need to do some messing around with paths and such to make this work neatly. I'm afraid I'm leaving that to you for now. Without doing that you can still test the Django install, but will need a full path to
     69E:\> md test
     70e:\> cd test
     71E:\test>d:\Python24\django\django\bin\ startproject proj
     73E:\test>cd proj
     75E:\test\proj>python runserver
     76Validating models...
     770 errors found.
     79Django version 0.95 (post-magic-removal), using settings 'proj.settings'
     80Development server is running at
     81Quit the server with CTRL-BREAK.
     84Now open a web browser, and visit the site. It should serve a neat page to you.
     86=== Linking Django to PyISAPI ===
     87Next, you must follow the readme in the PyISAPI examples\django folder (it explains where to copy two files). Then edit the file you just copied. See where it says you should change a line? If applicable, edit it for your django.settings.module settings.
     89=== Serving Django with IIS ===
     90You have created a new virtual folder in IIS, and added the PyISAPI extension, and tweaked it to drive django sites.
     91There is also an addition to Django so it can be driven by PyISAPIe.
     92And, you can now use to create a site inside the virtual folder.
     94You have everything you need to have Django running from IIS.
     98I'll update this page when I get it working. ;)
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