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SQL Server backends are now external; linked to the two I know of.


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    158158   * ''NOT true for IIS6: right-click on the application pool your site is using and select "Recycle." [pjs]''
    159159 * ''I had to create a "media" virtual directory for the stylesheets, etc, at the root of my IIS directory tree (urgh) with read permissions to get the admin site to load styles.  Looking at the source for the admin page in my browser, the stylesheet link is absolute (/media/...) [rnm]''
    160161== Install the PyWin32 Extensions ==
    161162Just a download and install for this bit - Pick them up from
    163 == Install the ADO-DB-API SQL Server interface ==
    164 Go to the homepage, which is then follow the link to download the latest version.
     164== Configure Django for SQL Server ==
     165There are two external Django database backends for SQL Server:
     166 *
     167 *
    166 Then extract the zip file somewhere, e.g. c:\python25\adodbapi, and run 'setup.bat' from that folder.
    168 == Configure Django to look at SQL Server ==
    169 At the moment (21st Sept 2006), the Django database backend ado_mssql from SVN trunk isn't fully working. I think the patch 'diff3' attached to this Trac entry looks promising: (''Update'': MSSQL is broken for Django and there are efforts to remove it from Django Core and place it into an external project that is community maintained. For more information, please look at the google group discussion found at )
    171 Alternatively, there is an [ external sql server backend] that is attempting to keep trunk-Django working against SQL Server. This backend includes an internal copy of the ADODBAPI project mentioned above.
     169Both of these projects are tracking the Django 1.0 release. Issues with those projects should be reported in their corresponding issue trackers.
    173171== Credits ==
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