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    4848== France ==
    50 * '''[ CKAB]''' is currently (April-June '12) looking for a Django developer in Paris to create an online social/scoring platform interacting with an augmented physical game. [ Announce in French] or send us an e-mail at contact{at}ckab{dot}net to give us your resume or learn more about the project.
    5250* '''[ Learn2Holdem]''' is a technology start up located in Metz, Moselle, specialized in Bayesian user behavior modeling. Our small team is always looking for extraordinary coders using Python and Django, from MIT, Caltech or IIT.
    8381 * '''[ MathNuggets]''' is looking for full time python/django developers to work on website backend. Any level of experience is welcome as long as you bring in enthusiasm to learn and are eager to work in a fast paced environment. Work location flexible. Please send your portfolio and achievements to [] - posted 23rd July 2013
    85  * '''[ Vahati, Inc.] (Bangalore,India)''' is looking for a full-time python, django web developer for development of [] portal. Please send us an email with your resume to []. August 15, 2007
    87  * '''[ Brillgen] (Noida/Delhi NCR, India)''' is currently looking for full-time django web developers to work with us on some exciting next-gen web 2.0 projects as core team members. If working on the latest technologies and innovating continuously interests you, please write to us with your resume []. August 1, 2012
    89  * '''[ Firefly E Ventures Limited.] (Delhi NCR,India)''' is looking for a full-time python, django web developer for development of suite of Internet portals. Please send us an email with your resume to [ ]. March 27, 2012
    9183 * '''[ PRtouch](Mumbai,India)'''is a company specializing in online result driven applications, we are currently looking for full-time python/django developer.Please send us an email with your resume to hr[at]prtouch[dot]com, samar[at]prtouch[dot]com
    165157* '''[ Reincubate] (London, UK)''' We have a space for a passionate individual looking to join a start-up and make a real difference building awesome Python and Django commerce and social applications. You’ll get to influence the products and work closely with the rest of the business, not least to shape an incredible development environment. More details on the role [ here]. September 2012.
    167 * '''[ Smartodds] (London, UK)''' Required a Django developer interested in and passionate about sports and data, to work as a software engineer within the Quantitative team. The purpose of the role is to process data gathered from multiple sources and to develop application to manage the data. For more details check out our [ website]. June 2012.
    169  * '''[] (Bristol, UK)''' We are looking for two fulltime web developers to join our small friendly team.  We are on the look out for one junior and one senior developer.  You will get involved in building a wide variety of web sites and web apps for clients ranging from international sport stars through to multi-national blue chip companies.  Working hours are flexible as we like people to feel in control of their own time.  More details can be found [ on our jobs page]. June 2012.
    171  * '''[] (London, UK)''' is looking for freelance Django / Python developers to join a friendly team building *the* portal for camping and caravanning. was judged Best Travel Site at the 2011 British Travel Press Awards. Interested in helping us solve tough ecommerce, geo and search challenges? [ More details here]. May 2012.
    173159 * '''[ Artfinder] (London, UK)''' Full time positions available including web development using Django and various data / recommendation challenges if you're up for it. More on [ our jobs page]
    175  * '''[ Wildknowledge] (Oxford, UK)''' Full time position available for a Django developer, more on our webpage February 2012
    177161 * '''[ Wildfish] (London, UK)''' We're on the lookout for Django developers to help us with a variety of upcoming projects. Freelance and perm considered. January 2012.
    208192 * '''[] (Los Angeles, CA USA):''' FRONT-END DEVELOPER. The Noun Project is a highly collaborative place where the world's visual language is shared and created. We are working with our users, publications and a giant community to simplify and organize visual communication. There's a lot of great work to be done, and to realize it, we need some talented people. Join the small team behind the big idea. The Noun Project is a one of the most innovative resources, serving designers, linguists and everyone in between. We need a full-time Front End Developer to make sure this broad audience engages the symbols we collect, share and create in meaningful and useful way. Our emphasis on consistency, usability and simplicity requires someone with an admiration for the details. You should be able to pick up on the nuances in designs, while at the same time, be mindful of the total user experience. You'll be using tools like GitHub, SAS (CSS) and CoffeeScript to get things done and should be familiar with JSON, AJAX and Node JS. Moreover, you should have a adventurous slant and a tendency to push technology beyond the perceived limits. When you apply for this position, make sure to send your resume and a link to your personal site or portfolio. Developers without a website or web portfolio need not apply. Send an email with your resume and a link to your personal site to jobs at thenounproject dot com.
    210 * '''[ Wittlebee] Culver City, CA, USA''' Hiring a backend django / python developer! To apply, please submit your resume to the e-mail address techjobs AT (Posted 4/2/2012)
    212194* '''[ Django/Python Back End Developer] Santa Monica, CA, USA'''  we’re looking for a Senior Back-End Developer who is responsible for building the technology used to power our production websites, APIs, widgets, and internal tools. Check the job listing at [ Django Jobs] ASAP!
    320302=== US: Washington ===
    322  * '''[ quadstreaker]''' seeks a full-time Django developer to work in our Seattle office on next-generation mobile location app. (posted July 12, 2012)
    324304== Unspecified ==
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