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    225225=== US: Illinois ===
     227* '''Sears Holdings''' '''(Downtown Chicago)'''  - Feb 28th, 2013 -  is looking for two Django/Python developers. Our offices are downtown Chicago. We have a widely used python application inside the company that involves integrating many other software and data reporting systems into a cohesive information platform. Looking for skills & experience in : Django (of course!), python(of course!), parsing large data sets in XML/JSON, MySQL, mongodb, connecting web services, modern front-end web dev (we use bootstrap), and javascript (we use jquery frequently). Super fun team, granted I'm the manager, and a very exciting set of projects. Email me directly: brian.eagan at and put something sensical in the subject line please :)
    227229 * '''[] (Chicago, IL USA):''' LEAD DEVELOPER. The Noun Project is a highly collaborative place where the world's visual language is shared and created. We are working with our users, publications and a giant community to simplify and organize visual communication. There's a lot of great work to be done, and to realize it, we need some talented people. Join the small team behind the big idea. We need a full-time Lead Developer to make this space available, functional and evolving. The right candidate is a leader and life learner with a proven background in Django, fluency in Javascript (jQuery and CoffeeScript) and an understanding of external APIs. They should be both disciplined and imaginative in their work, a great communicator and a clean coder. It's also important to calmly own and resolve unexpected problems that occur. Besides being able to self-manage, we need someone who has experience leading a small team. Those with a working knowledge front-end development and an interest in web standards will be at an advantage. Creativity, intelligence and an interest in building the world's visual language. When you apply for this position, make sure to send your resume and a link to your personal site or portfolio. Developers without a website or web portfolio need not apply. Send an email with your resume and a link to your personal site to jobs at thenounproject dot com.
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