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    9090== Netherlands ==
     92 * '''[ Fashiolista] (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)''': Over the past months Fashiolista has grown to be one of the largest fashion communities worldwide. Dividing attention between scaling the site and creating new features has been quite a challenge. We are looking for very experienced django developers to join our team. Here's why you will love working at Fashiolista:
     94    * Young team, startup culture
     95    * Developers in the founding team
     96    * The team has been working with Django for more than 4 years
     97    * Modern stack (Django 1.3, AWS, postgres, redis, memcached, jquery, celery, solr, GIT)
     98    * Test driven development (Jenkins continuous testing)
     99    * Learning culture
     100    * Social networks are challenging to build at scale :)
     101    * Create and contribute to opensource '''[ IE Django Facebook]'''
    92103 * '''[ New Voting Foundation] (Groningen, The Netherlands)''': We're looking for a full-time developer for our new project VoteFollow (Dutch: VolgMijnStem). VoteFollow registers vital political data 24/7 and delivers an objective view on political representatives and parties. Are election promises being delivered? What does my candidate vote during debates? What does (s)he say at local meetings? Where does my tax money go to? What topics are trending during elections and now? VoteFollow aims to answers such questions. More info check the site.
    98109 * '''[ Yourhosting] (Zwolle, Netherlands) :''' Yourhosting, the largest shared hosting provider of the Netherlands, located in Zwolle, is looking for a Python/Django developer. For more information check here [].
    100  * '''[] (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)''' is thé new social shopping website in Europe and is looking for a [ Django] [ developer]. For more information have a look at our [ Software Engineer Python/Javascript] opening.
    102112== Singapore ==
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