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    7777== United Kingdom ==
     79 * '''[ Poke] (London, UK)''' is looking for an experienced full-time developer to join its technical team. You'll play a vital part in turning creative ideas into beautifully coded implementations that can handle high traffic volumes. Sound like you? December 2009. [ Read on] []
    7981 * '''[] (London, UK)''' We're building *the* portal for camping and caravanning - launched in July this year, we've already received national media coverage and a 5* rating from the UK's biggest web magazine. We're looking for an outstanding Django developer to join a friendly team and help us solve tough ecommerce, geo and search challenges. More details here:
    8183 * '''[ Playfire] (London, UK)''' We are a small team of highly-technical django hackers trying to change the world by building amazing user experiences for anyone who loves playing games. We've got so much cool stuff to build that we need another pair of hands to join the team! Full details are here:
    83  * '''[ Poke] (London, UK)''' are searching high and low for an experienced freelance Django developer for a major project starting very soon. The work will be fun and challenging, with various API angles (creation, integration), working closely with in-house dev team members. Should have experience of building complex apps that integrate with other technologies. July 2009. []
    8585 * '''[ Intelligent Recruitment] (London, England) ''' are Looking for a permanent Python Software Developer with excellent knowledge of the Django framework based at my client head quarters in central London. My client are offering a salary of between £35,000 - £45,000 so if you have an interest then please contact me. Email [mailto:]
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