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Converting Django models into Graphviz DOT files

Inspired by this nice hack by Matt Biddulph, this is a Python script that generates a Graphviz DOT file for quick visualizations of Django model definitions.

Source code

View online or download from Subversion repository (you could also set it as a svn:external on your repository to keep up to date with the latest revisons.)


svn co svn:// modelviz


MC Minerali Ceramici

mincer example


Once you use this python script to generate the dot file (, ensure you have dot installed (part of Graphviz), and issue:

dot -Tpng -o app.png

Other References

You might also be interested in this Django app by Andrew Barilla from which I borrowed some ideas, that displays the graphviz results directly from the web.


Please direct all feedback to Antonio Cavedoni.

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