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Django-specific web hosts

These hosting providers are specifically tailored towards Django programmers.

DjangoDomainmod_pythonRunning on trunk. Demo site included for a faster start
Gypsy Hostingmod_python-
hub-hubmod_pythonPreinstalled and customized upon your requirements, starting at $10/month. Te atendemos también en español.
OfficeSubmarine Hostingmod_pythonRun by some of the biggest fans of python around.

Django-friendly web hosts

These hosting providers are known to be Django-friendly.

HostFlavorNotes (Empowering Media)mod_python or FCGIHost up to 10 Django-powered websites for $10 per month at, or order managed servers pre-configured with Django from Empowering Media. Request Django when you order a hosting package and we will pre-install it for you.
Aplus.Net Dedicated server hostingAnyFull root access and free managed services.
A Small OrangeFCGISee the wiki article for Django: - Free SSH access, SVN, and other great features! How to set up Django
Atarack VPSUp to you :)We can help you setup Django, or, you can do it yourself (With a VPS, you have full root access)
BluehostFCGISimilar setup as Dreamhost. Great support. bluehost-django-setup Looking at django website I'm seeing that they do not reccomend running it in cgi mode which would be required on our servers because we do not have mod_python installed nor will we install it due to security issues.
BudgetDedicated Virtual Dedicated ServersAnyConfigure your own server exactly as you like it! Powerful Xen VDS. Free trial available...
CommandPrompt,Inc.mod_pythonPostgreSQL Experts and Django users
DreamhostFCGISee How to set up Django.
Escomfcgi Polish hosting provider with live support. Very python-friendly. @us
GrokThis.netmod_python, FCGI, SCGIAvailable pre-installed, by request, with all accounts, starting from $6/mo. Mod_python is available on a Advanced and Xen VPS accounts, all accounts support FastCGI. Providing databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite as well as others. 'Advanced' users receive a fully supported Apache instance running as their user, with their very own httpd.conf file, for the ultimate in security and customization. Use coupon-code DJANGOROCKS for a free month||
Haisoftmod_pythonFree and unlimited technical support
High Speed Rails Open-Source HostingAny way you like it. :)root access, pgsql8, any python, mod_python3, lighttpd...
i3d.nlmod_pythonDutch colocation and hosting provider, you'll have to set install/setup Django yourself.
LinodeAnyUML-based VPS hosting
Modulixmod_pythonAsk for it, you've got it (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite... backend is up to you)
OpenHostingmod_pythonUse promo code MODPYTHON and get setup waived
OpenmindsFCGI or mod_pythonWe'll preinstall Django if you mention it when ordering. Full SSH access. Standard setup using apache2 + fcgi, but lighttpd with own config also possible. Mention promo code DJANGO to get 1 month free||
Planet Argonmod_python or FCGIPostgreSQL specialists... but also offer MySQL and SQLite
Qdot.nlmod_python(Dutch) We will setup Django for you, or help you with the setup.
RimuHosting VPS Hostingmod_pythonMention when ordering. (VPS allows do-it-yourself installation, so FCGI/Lighttpd also possible)
Server AxisanyXen-based VPS hosting
Site5FCGIOffers good shared hosting solution with outstanding customer supports. See How to set up Django.
Slicehostany Xen VPS hosting, Built for Developers - $20/256MB.
TextDriveFCGISee these detailed instructions.
ThinkHostFCGIThinkhostSetup describes how to set it up. or fcgiUkrainian hosting provider. We host ruby and python projects. You can use mod_python or FastCGI as you like. Our support familiar with Django.
Vqwest HostingAny *Configure your own virtual or dedicated servers *Register Domains *Custom Webmail *SSL Certificates
WebFaction mod_python Host hundreds of Django sites. Your own Apache/mod_python instance for maximum control. They even have a Django-specific screencast
Webreusmod_pythonDirtcheap (10Euro/YEAR) Dutch webhost, 5 steps HowTo here?, read the disclaimer||
Webworksmod_pythonDutch webhost with a Django package option
Xelhosting VPS Hostingmod_pythonSubmit a ticket we will set Django up for you or show you how
Zettai.netmod_pythonPlease let us know you want to use Django with your account so we can tweak the environment.
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