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Django-specific Web hosts

These hosting providers are specifically tailored towards Django programmers.

(Please do not add a provider here unless it is entirely centered around providing Django hosting.)

DjangoDomainmod_pythonRunning on trunk. Demo site included for a faster start
Gypsy Hostingmod_python-

Django-friendly Web hosts

These hosting providers are known to be Django-friendly.

HostFlavorNotes (Empowering Media)mod_python or FCGIHost up to 10 Django-powered websites for $10 per month at, or order managed servers pre-configured with Django from Empowering Media. Request Django when you order a hosting package and we will pre-install it for you.
Aplus.Net Dedicated server hostingAnyFull root access and free managed services.
A Small OrangeFCGISee the wiki article for Django: - Free SSH access, SVN, and other great features! How to set up Django
Atarack VPSUp to you :)We can help you setup mod_python, or, you can do it yourself (With a VPS, you have full root access)
BluehostFCGISimilar setup as Dreamhost. Great support. bluehost-django-setup Looking at django website I'm seeing that they do not reccomend running it in cgi mode which would be required on our servers because we do not have mod_python installed nor will we install it due to security issues.
BudgetDedicated Virtual Dedicated ServersAnyConfigure your own server exactly as you like it! Powerful Xen VDS. Free trial available...
CommandPrompt,Inc.mod_pythonPostgreSQL Experts and Django users
DreamhostFCGISee How to set up Django.
Dedicated HostingFCGI or mod_pythonDjango,OpenVZ,fastcgi,Full Root access,2000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,5 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee
Escomfcgi Polish hosting provider with live support. Very python-friendly. @us
GrokThis.netmod_python, FCGI, SCGIAvailable pre-installed, by request, with all accounts, starting from $6/mo. Mod_python is available on a Advanced and Xen VPS accounts, all accounts support FastCGI. Providing databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite as well as others. 'Advanced' users receive a fully supported Apache instance running as their user, with their very own httpd.conf file, for the ultimate in security and customization. Use coupon-code DJANGOROCKS for a free month||
Haisoftmod_pythonFree and unlimited technical support
High Speed Rails Open-Source HostingAny way you like it. :)root access, pgsql8, any python, mod_python3, lighttpd...
hub-hubmod_pythonPreinstalled and customized upon your requirements, starting at $10/month. Te atendemos también en español.
i3d.nlmod_pythonDutch colocation and hosting provider. You'll have to install and setup Django yourself.
LinodeAnyUML-based VPS hosting
Modulixmod_pythonAsk for it, you've got it (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite... backend is up to you)
Nexcess.netFCGI, mod_pythonUpon request, Django can be setup via FCGI on our shared hosting servers, or we can assist with setup (mod_python or fcgi) on your own VPS server. 30-day money back guarantee||
OfficeSubmarine Hostingmod_pythonRun by some of the biggest fans of python around.
OpenHostingmod_pythonUse promo code MODPYTHON and get setup waived
OpenmindsFCGI or mod_pythonWe'll preinstall Django if you mention it when ordering. Full SSH access. Standard setup using apache2 + fcgi, but lighttpd with own config also possible. Mention promo code DJANGO to get 1 month free||
Planet Argonmod_python or FCGIPostgreSQL specialists... but also offer MySQL and SQLite
QuantactanyOpenVZ and Xen based VPS hosting. Owner Tim is very helpful and usually available on IRC
Qdot.nlmod_python(Dutch) We will setup Django for you, or help you with the setup.
RailsPlaygroundlighttpd with FastCGI Our developer hosting plans fully support Django and includes an easy to use SVN and Trac control panel.
RimuHosting VPS Hostingmod_pythonMention when ordering. (VPS allows do-it-yourself installation, so FCGI/Lighttpd also possible)
Server AxisanyXen-based VPS hosting
Site5FCGIOffers good shared hosting solution with outstanding customer supports. See How to set up Django.
Slicehostany Xen VPS hosting, Built for Developers - $20/256MB.
TextDriveFCGISee these detailed instructions.
ThinkHostFCGIThinkhostSetup describes how to set it up. or fcgiUkrainian hosting provider. We host ruby and python projects. You can use mod_python or FastCGI as you like. Our support familiar with Django.
Vqwest HostingAny *Configure your own virtual or dedicated servers *Register Domains *Custom Webmail *SSL Certificates
WebFaction mod_python Host hundreds of Django sites. Your own Apache/mod_python instance for maximum control. They even have a Django-specific screencast And now they offer a Django-capable plan for $7.50 / month.
Webreusmod_pythonNo (official) support for django, it might work, it might not: 5 steps HowTo here?, read the disclaimer||
Webworksmod_pythonDutch webhost with a Django package option
Xelhosting VPS Hostingmod_pythonSubmit a ticket we will set Django up for you or show you how
Zettai.netmod_pythonPlease let us know you want to use Django with your account so we can tweak the environment.
51boo.comFCGIDEverything is ready for Django here, and we are touching the great internet market.
UnbitfastcgiDjango support starting from the mid-end offer
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