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08/29/2008 05:00:14 AM (10 years ago)
Adam McMaster

Adding Valcato Hosting


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    5353||[]||mod_python or fcgi||Ukrainian hosting provider. We host ruby and python projects. You can use mod_python or FastCGI as you like. Our support familiar with Django.||
    5454||[ Unbit]||fastcgi||Django support starting from the mid-end offer||
     55||[ Valcato Hosting]||FCGID||Django is officially supported, and we're even re-implementing our own web site with Django at the moment.||US$35||
    5556||[ WebFaction ]||mod_python|| Host hundreds of Django sites. Your own Apache/mod_python instance for maximum control. They even have a [ Django-specific screencast]  And now they offer a [ Django-capable plan] for $7.50 / month. ||$102||
    5657||[ Webreus]||mod_python||No (official) support for django, it might work, it might not: [wiki:webreusHowTo 5 steps HowTo here], read the disclaimer!||€9.99||
    7879||[ Server Axis]||Xen, dedicated||Xen-based VPS hosting||$360||
    7980||[ Slicehost]||Xen|| Xen VPS hosting, Built for Developers, starting at 256MB RAM||$240||
     81||[ Valcato Hosting]||Managed/Dedicated||We'll gladly set up Django on any server if requested||US$1,668 (US$139/month)||
    8082||[ VPSLink]||Xen, OpenVZ||VPS provider hosted in Seattle. Nice prices, but you have to be experienced in using low-memory environments, if you want to pay less||$79.44 USD||
    8183||[ Vqwest Hosting]||(unclear)|| *Configure your own virtual or dedicated servers  *Register Domains *Custom Webmail *SSL Certificates ||$419.40||
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