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09/17/2013 07:50:50 AM (5 years ago)
Tim Graham

Added Gigapros as requested in #21110


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    9494||[ Elvsoft] ||Virtuozzo, dedicated||Django, Romania based hosting company. Django-friendly tech support. [ IntoDNS] is hosted here.||€135||
    9595||[ e24cloud]||Scalable cloud||Scalable cloud hosting company, offering a ready-made solution 'e24webdev', which gives the ability to easy setup Django's development environment as well as Pyramid's or Ruby on Rails'. It also offers a great support, low prices and full root access to your machine. It is not a cluster - it is a cloud, providing its services in accordance to the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. You can adjust the efficiency of your servers yourself, according to your needs.||starting at $14.88 USD/month.||
     96||[]||OpenVZ and Dedicated||Pre-installed Django with FULLY Managed 24x7x365 support, for both VPS and Dedicated servers. GigaPros provides the best in the hardware with cheapest possible price. Fastest server setup and 99.9% uptime guarantee.||||
    9697||[ GigaTux]||Xen||UK-based VPS provider, including automatic reinstalls of the Django Turnkey Linux appliance.  Turnkey Linux builds for the DTC control panel are packaged by us.||From £4.99/month with coupon (£9.99/month standard rate)||
    9798||[ Infrenion Networks] ||mod_python||Best US and UK Data Centers, FFMPEG ready servers.||||
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