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02/15/2013 10:02:06 AM (5 years ago)
Claude Paroz

Added AcuGIS (#19818), removed ambitiouslemon (unavailable)


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    2525||[ A2 Hosting]||FastCGI||Developer friendly [ Django Hosting]. 24/7 Support. Free CDN. Cloudlinux OS. Free Server Rewind Backups|| $50.04 (as of 7/2011)
    2626||[ Stackable]||Apache with mod_wsgi||Scalable Django hosting with a unique system that provides unique development and testing environments for Django sites.|| Free 1 month trial, $420/year
     27||[ AcuGIS]||mod_wsgi||Django hosting with PostgreSQL. Special emphasis on GIS - PostGIS and !GeoDjango. Deploy and manage Django apps via control panel or command line. Choice of U.S., U.K., or Germany hosting.||$100||
    2728||[ alwaysdata]||FCGI||France-based, [ good documentation (in French)] about how to configure Django and hosts. Databases are MySQL or PostgreSQL. Loads of niceties: svn, bzr, git, rsync. Option to run 0.90, 0.91, 0.95, 0.96, 1.0 or trunk. ||Free for 10MB, packs starting at about €50.00||
    28 ||[ AmbitiousLemon]||mod_python||Non-profit web host offering high quality hosting for non-profits, the arts, education, and the open source community. Potential members must submit a formal request that must be approved by our review board.  ||Free (Site No Longer accepting applications as of Dec 2010)||
    2929||[ A Small Orange]||FCGI||See the wiki article for Django: - Free SSH access, SVN, and other great features!  [ "How to set up Django"]||$25||
    3030||[ Bluehost][[BR]][ FastDomain][[BR]][ HostMonster]||FCGI||Bluehost supports FastCGI, and regular shared hosting instructions for fastcgi setups should suffice.||$83.40||
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