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    33[ Djangofriendly] is a whole site dedicated to collecting, searching and comparing web hosts options that are, well, Django-friendly.
    5 = Django Web Host Statistics =
    6 List of top 20 [ Most Popular Django Web Hosts] based on intersection of hosts listed below and [ Django Powered Sites]
    85= Django-specific Web hosts =
    1411||'''Host'''||'''Flavor'''||'''Notes'''||'''Lowest yearly payment''' (as of January 2010)||
    1512||[ DjangoFoo Hosting]||mod_wsgi||Running Trunk, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.0 One click setup, money back guarantee. English/French/Russian ||£71.88||
    16 ||[ SliceHost]||your choice||Xen powerd VPS. Run any version of Django you want to. Checkout the [ List of Django Setup Guides] or visit the [ SliceHost chat room].||$240||
    17 ||[ UnicHost VPS] ||Any||Django, India/UK/US based fully managed servers. Django-friendly Free Phone Support. ||$348||
    1813||[ DjangoDomain]||mod_python||Running on trunk. Option to run 0.95 or 0.96. Demo site included for a faster start. All ready to go.||$54||
    1914||[]||lighttpd with FastCGI||Django Hosting in Europe, One-Click Django Installer, 30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee, Debian, MySQL, PostgreSQL ||€54||
    2015||[]||lighttpd with FastCGI||Affordable Django webhosting coming with a one-click Django installer and a web interface written entirely using Django. ||€48 ||
    21 ||[ ServQC Hosting] ||super fast nginx with uwsgi||Canadian based hosting, 100 Mbps port, 24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee with geographical failover, Demo site included. Packages starting at ... ||$11.95||
    22 ||[ Kutoken]|| VDS with Apache/mod_wsgi || Django-oriented Virtual Dedicated Server, apt-get-able ||£144||
    23 ||[]||Apache with wsgi||Ukraine, start january, 15, 2010 ||€48 ||
    2416||[ RX-HOST]||Apache with mod_wsgi, mod_python||Ukraine hosting for Django || $29.26 ||
    2619= Django-friendly Web hosts (non-VPS/dedicated) =
    3124||[ A2 Hosting]||FastCGI||Developer friendly [ Django Hosting]. 24/7 Support. Free CDN. Cloudlinux OS. Free Server Rewind Backups|| $50.04 (as of 7/2011)
    3225||[ Stackable]||Apache with mod_wsgi||Scalable Django hosting with a unique system that provides unique development and testing environments for Django sites.|| Free 1 month trial, $420/year
    33 ||[ (Empowering Media)]||FCGI||Host up to 10 Django-powered websites for $10 per month at, or order managed servers pre-configured with Django from Empowering Media. Request Django when you order a hosting package and we will pre-install it for you.||$84||
    3426||[ alwaysdata]||FCGI||France-based, [ good documentation (in French)] about how to configure Django and hosts. Databases are MySQL or PostgreSQL. Loads of niceties: svn, bzr, git, rsync. Option to run 0.90, 0.91, 0.95, 0.96, 1.0 or trunk. ||Free for 10MB, packs starting at about €50.00||
    3527||[ AmbitiousLemon]||mod_python||Non-profit web host offering high quality hosting for non-profits, the arts, education, and the open source community. Potential members must submit a formal request that must be approved by our review board.  ||Free (Site No Longer accepting applications as of Dec 2010)||
    4840||[ Hosting Rails]||Any||Can scale a ten-cents-per-day plan up to a multi-server environment ||$36.00||
    4941||[ Hostsharing eG]|| fastCGI,nginx,wscgi || German registered co-operative, ssh access || Starting at 4,00 EURO ||
    50 ||[ High Speed Rails]||Any way you like it. :)||root access, pgsql8, any python, mod_python3, lighttpd...||$408||
    5142||[ hub-hub]||mod_python||Preinstalled and customized upon your requirements, starting at $10/month. Te atendemos también en español.||$108||
    5243||[]||mod_python||Dutch colocation and hosting provider. You'll have to install and setup Django yourself. ||
    5445||[ MegiTeam]||Nginx with FastCGI||Polish hosting provider (Django, RoR, TG, Pylons, Catalyst, plain CGI), MySQL and PostgreSQL included, as well as full shell access. No PHP. Pricing based on requested number of FastCGI processes.||150PLN (~$50)||
    5546||[]||mod_python||mod_python/Python 2.4.3, 2 Free Domains, PHP5, MySQL5, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows or Linux platform, cPanel or Plesk||$59 USD||
    56 ||[ Modulix]||mod_python||Ask for it, you've got it (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite... backend is up to you)||
    5747||[ Netbits]||mod_python, fcgi on demand||LAMP++, Postgres available.  Willing to expand service offerings based on your needs.  SSH/SFTP access is not a problem.||$110 USD||
    5848||[ NEXCESS.NET]||FCGI, mod_python||Upon request, Django can be setup via FCGI on our shared hosting servers, or we can assist with setup (mod_python or fcgi) on your own VPS server.  30-day money back guarantee!||$83.40||
    6151||[]||mod_wsgi||German web hosters. We officially support Python/Django and offer a multitude of services and support to help you with your setup  ||€6.00/month, €72.00/year||
    6252||[ PythonAnywhere]||uWSGI||Free, one-click Django setup. PythonAnywhere is a full cloud-based development environment, so as well as hosting your Django app, you can edit your code, run scripts, schedule tasks and manage your database, all through our browser-based tools. No need to install anything locally. No need to edit Apache / Nginx config files.||$0||
    63 ||[ Pythonicity]||mod_wsgi||Python centric hosting.  SSH/scp/sftp access.  RAID 1 with daily backups to remote disk.  No overselling.  We set it up so you can get coding.  Django/Zope/Plone.||£180||
    6453||[]||mod_python||(Dutch) We will setup Django for you, or help you with the setup.||€180||
    6554||[ RailsPlayground]||lighttpd with FastCGI|| Our developer hosting plans fully support Django and includes an easy to use SVN and Trac control panel.||$60||
    7059||[ TeHospedo]||FCGI or mod_python|| We support Django on all of our Linux hosting plans, and we are happy to provide technical support when you run into trouble. Brazilian hosting Provider TeHospedo.||R$130,8(~$72,6)||
    7160||[ TextDrive]||FCGI||See [ these detailed instructions].||$99||
    72 ||[ ThinkHost]||FCGI||ThinkhostSetup describes how to set it up.||$179.40||
    7361||[]||mod_python or fcgi||Ukrainian hosting provider. We host ruby and python projects. You can use mod_python or FastCGI as you like. Our support is familiar with Django.|| ||
    7462||[ Unbit]||uwsgi||Django supported on all packages|| ||
    75 ||[ Nail Technician Kit]||uwsgi|||| ||
    7663||[ UnicHost WebHosting] ||Any||Django, India based hosting company. Django-friendly Free Phone Support. ||$48||
    7764||[ Valcato Hosting]||FCGID||Django is officially supported, and we're even re-implementing our own web site with Django at the moment.||US$35||
    8471||[ Komtet]||fastcgi||Professional python hosting. 24/7 round-the-clock support. Free 14 days test. Профессиональный Python-хостинг. Круглосуточная техническая поддержка. Бесплатный тест на 14 дней||1693RUR (~$55)||
    8572||[ ADIT Systems]||mod_wsgi||German webhoster with python support on shared hosting, django-ready||€47,88 (~$68)||
    86 ||[ Hosting on Demand]||mod_wsgi or mod_python||Dutch shared Webhosting, django-ready ||€55 ||
    87 ||[ PerfoHost]||lighttpd with wsgi||We offer [ special hosting packages for developers] with support of various frameworks. ||$75.55||
    8873||[]||nginx with wsgi||Professional hosting for Django, RoR and PHP developers. Supports MongoDB and lots of other contemporary technologies. Very friendly support is glad to install any software you need ||$30||
    8974||[]||apache, mod_wsgi, uwsgi||Czech python hosting provider for all sites written in Python, especially in Django. . ||~$40||
    10085||[ Beyond Hosting  ]|| OpenVZ,Xen,Xen-HVM|| We provide cost effective VPS where you can run any scripting language you wish.  In Business over 4 years and BBB Accredited! Servers are located in Chicago IL. USA. Accept major CC, PayPal, Google Checkout ||384MB VPS Prices starting at $19.99/month||
    10186||[ BitNami on Amazon Cloud]||AWS||BitNami provides cloud images and a hosting service that allows you to run pre-configured Django servers in the Amazon Cloud. They include Python, Django, Apache with mod_wsgi, MySQL and PostgreSQL.||Free micro instance. Plans starting at $24.||
    102 ||[ Bodhost - Dedicated Servers][[BR]][ Bodhost - UK Dedicated Servers] || dedicated||Django, US based Managed Dedicated Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access,4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,6 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee||$79.00 / £64.00||
     87||[ Bodhost - Dedicated Servers] || dedicated||Django, US based Managed Dedicated Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access,4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,6 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee||$79.00 / £64.00||
    10388||[ BudgetDedicated]||Xen & Dedicated||Configure your own server ''exactly'' as you like it! Powerful Gigabit Xen VDS. [ Free trial available...] ||€110.22||
    10489||[ ChimeHost VPS Hosting  ]|| OpenVZ,Xen|| Self-managed VPS that can run any scripting language including Python and Django. Our Servers are located in Los Angeles, California. USA. ||512MB VPS Prices starting at $20.95/month||
    10691||[ eApps Hosting]||64 bit Xen VM & Dedicated||Xen 64 bit Virtual Machines on “true cloud” platform. Create-a-Cloud TM  technology allows for the rapid creation of Virtual Machines with customized CPU, RAM, disk and other resources needed. The Virtual Machine will be immediately created and provisioned in a high performance, self healing cloud. A full library of click installable applications is available, including, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, Tomcat (JSP/Servlets), GlassFish (EE5), JBoss (EJB/J2EE), MySQL, and PostgreSQL, OpenVPN and more. All services include “Best of Class” 24x7 Technical Support  by phone, email, chat and VOIP. ||$11.49/month on annual payments||
    10792||[ Elvsoft] ||Virtuozzo, dedicated||Django, Romania based hosting company. Django-friendly tech support. [ IntoDNS] is hosted here.||€135||
    108 ||[ FrameworkCloud]|| OpenVZ ||Framework Cloud provides low cost, high quality, and well supported virtual private servers with pre-created OS templates optimized for the scalable deployment of today's most popular web application frameworks||$14.95/month||
    10993||[ GigaTux]||Xen||UK-based VPS provider, including automatic reinstalls of the Django Turnkey Linux appliance.  Turnkey Linux builds for the DTC control panel are packaged by us.||From £4.99/month with coupon (£9.99/month standard rate)||
    11094||[ Infrenion Networks] ||mod_python||Best US and UK Data Centers, FFMPEG ready servers.||||
    127111||[ OneXenVPS]|| Xen || Django VPS with 128MB.||$5/month||
    128112||[ OpenHosting, Inc.]||KVM or VServer||Company started by author of mod_python. Great Support. Use promo code MODPYTHON and get $15 credit||$239.40||
    129 ||[ PerfoHost]|| KVM ||KVM VPS: Dedicated RAM, Dedicated filesystem, Full VPN support, Unlimited sokets and processes, Full guest OS support, Custom kernel and kernel modules. See our [ KVM VPS vs OpenVZ/Virtuozzo vs Xen comparison].||$25.55/month, $255.55/year||
    130113||[ Quantact]||OpenVZ, Xen||OpenVZ and Xen based VPS hosting.  Owner Tim is very helpful and usually available on IRC||$119.88||
     114||[ RackSpace]||your choice||Xen powerd VPS. Run any version of Django you want to.||$16/month||
    131115||[ RASVPS]||Xen||Xen-based VPS hosting in China||$397.80||
    132116||[ RimuHosting VPS]||Xen, dedicated||Mention when ordering. (VPS allows do-it-yourself installation, so FCGI/Lighttpd also possible)||$239.40||
    133117||[ Run Map Global]||Xen, OpenVZ||Level - 3 managed dedicated servers, 100% Network uptime, 24x7 Customer Support||$89.00||
    134118||[ Server Axis]||Xen, dedicated||Xen-based VPS hosting||$360||
    135 ||[ Server Evolution]||Xen|| High powered Xen based VPS pre-installed with Django 1.0, Apache 2.2, mod_python, Subversion and Mysql. ||$300||
    136 ||[ Slicehost]||Xen|| Xen VPS hosting, Built for Developers, starting at 256MB RAM||$240||
     119||[ ServQC Hosting] ||super fast nginx with uwsgi||Canadian based hosting, 100 Mbps port, 24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee with geographical failover, Demo site included. Packages starting at ... ||$11.95||
    137120||[ UnicHost Servers] ||Virtuozzo, Dedicated||Django, India based hosting company. Django-friendly Free Phone Support. ||$29||
    138121||[ Valcato Hosting]||Managed/Dedicated||We'll gladly set up Django on any server if requested||US$1,668 (US$139/month)||
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