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    9999||[ ChimeHost VPS Hosting  ]|| OpenVZ,Xen|| Self-managed VPS that can run any scripting language including Python and Django. Our Servers are located in Los Angeles, California. USA. || 512MB VPS Prices starting at $20.95/month||
    100100||[ Copahost]||OpenVZ|| Europe based servers, full root access and basic management. || €90||
    101 ||[ eApps Hosting]||VPS, Virtuozzo||Managed VPS hosting with 24/7 phone support from Django experts. Control panel, up-to-date versions of Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails & more. ||$9.90||
     101||[ eApps Hosting]||64 bit Xen VM & Dedicated||Xen 64 bit Virtual Machines on “true cloud” platform. Create-a-Cloud TM  technology allows for  the rapid creation of Virtual Machines with customized CPU, RAM, disk and other resources needed. The Virtual Machine will be immediately created and provisioned in a high performance, self healing cloud.  A full library of application services is available, including the latest versions of PHP, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat (JSP/Servlets), GlassFish (EE5), JBoss (EJB/J2EE), MySQL, and PostgreSQL, OpenVPN and more. All services include “Best of Class” 24x7 Technical Support  by phone, email, and chat. ||$11.62||
    102102||[ Elvsoft] ||Virtuozzo, dedicated||Django, Romania based hosting company. Django-friendly tech support. [ IntoDNS] is hosted here.||€135||
    103103||[ FrameworkCloud]|| OpenVZ ||Framework Cloud provides low cost, high quality, and well supported virtual private servers with pre-created OS templates optimized for the scalable deployment of today's most popular web application frameworks|| $14.95/month||
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