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10/15/2010 07:08:03 AM (8 years ago)
Bjørn Michelsen

Fixed alphabetization in the VPS list


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    8787||[ 6sync]||Xen||High performance Xen virtual environments that can scale with your applications. Enterprise-class hardware, optimized Tier-1 network connectivity. Django configuration from development to production.||$240||
    8888||[ A2 Hosting] || Xen & OpenVZ virtualization platforms (VPS)|| Self-managed VPS allowing you to install the latest versions of Python and Django. Manage your setup however you see fit! ||Starting US$14.95/Month (Jan2009)||
     89||[]|| Xen || Xen VPS hosting for geeks. Servers located in Nuremberg, Germany. || $300 ||
    8990||[ Beyond Hosting  ]|| OpenVZ,Xen,Xen-HVM|| We provide cost effective VPS where you can run any scripting language you wish.  In Business over 4 years and BBB Accredited! Servers are located in Chicago IL. USA. Accept major CC, PayPal, Google Checkout || 384MB VPS Prices starting at $19.99/month||
    90 ||[]|| Xen || Xen VPS hosting for geeks. Servers located in Nuremberg, Germany. || $300 ||
    9191||[ Bodhost - Dedicated Servers][[BR]][ Bodhost - UK Dedicated Servers] || dedicated||Django, US based Managed Dedicated Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access,4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,6 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee||$79.00 / £64.00 ||
    9292||[ BudgetDedicated]||Xen & Dedicated||Configure your own server ''exactly'' as you like it! Powerful Gigabit Xen VDS. [ Free trial available...] ||€110.22||
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