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    4848||[]||mod_python||(Dutch) We will setup Django for you, or help you with the setup.||€180||
    4949||[ RailsPlayground]||lighttpd with FastCGI|| Our developer hosting plans fully support Django and includes an easy to use SVN and Trac control panel.||$60||
    50 ||[ Reseller Hosting]||mod_python or FastCGI||Unlimited MySQL Databases,Unlimited POP3 / SMTP Accounts, 30 days Money-back Guarantee, 99.96% Guarantee Uptime, No Setup Fee and Many More.||$95.88||
    5150||[ SGD Networks]||any||Offers quality web hosting from india||$20||
    5251||[ Site5]||FCGI||Offers good shared hosting solution with outstanding customer supports. See [ "How to set up Django"].||$95.64||
    7069||[ Aplus.Net Dedicated server hosting]||Dedicated||Full root access and free managed services.||$588||
    7170||[ Atarack VPS]||Xen||We can help you setup mod_python, or, you can do it yourself (With a VPS, you have full root access)||$150.66||
    72 ||[ Dedicated Hosting], [ UK Dedicated Hosting], [ VPS Hosting] ||OpenVZ, dedicated||Django, US / UK based Managed Dedicated Severs, OpenVZ,fastcgi,Full Root access,3000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,5 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee||$169.00 / £69.00||
     71||[ Dedicated Server Hosting] || dedicated||Django, US based Managed Dedicated Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access,4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth,100 Mbps Dedicated Network,6 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24/7 Server Monitoring,24/7 Customer Support,99.96% Uptime Guarantee||$109.00 ||
    7372||[ Elvsoft] ||Virtuozzo, dedicated||Django, Romania based hosting company. Django-friendly tech support. [ IntoDNS] is hosted here.||€135||
    7473||[ BudgetDedicated Virtual Dedicated Servers]||Xen||Configure your own server ''exactly'' as you like it! Powerful Xen VDS. [ Free trial available...] ||€120.24||
    8786||[ Valcato Hosting]||Managed/Dedicated||We'll gladly set up Django on any server if requested||US$1,668 (US$139/month)||
    8887||[ VPSLink]||Xen, OpenVZ||VPS provider hosted in Seattle. Nice prices, but you have to be experienced in using low-memory environments, if you want to pay less||$79.44 USD||
     88||[ VPS Web Hosting] || Virtuozzo, VPS||Django, Managed Virtual Private Severs, fastcgi,Full Root access, 100 Mbps Dedicated Network,2 Dedicated IPs,Free Sofware Updates,24x7 Server Monitoring,24x7 Customer Support,99.99% Uptime Guarantee||$29.99USD Per Month ||
    8989||[ Vqwest Hosting]||(unclear)|| *Configure your own virtual or dedicated servers  *Register Domains *Custom Webmail *SSL Certificates ||$419.40||
    9090||[ WEBster Computing Services]||Virtuozzo||VPS servers managed and unmanaged with customized setup available specifically for django on request||$1068||
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