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Django Design

This page is a stub for collecting ideas and proposals for design-related changes to Django, specifically in the admin interface. Whenever possible, try to explain the practical benefits or a real-world use case for any proposals.

Quick Hits

Small, focused changes that require some design work, but can be implemented within the existing admin design.

Collapse filters in changelist sidebar

Filter options take of a lot of vertical space in the changelist sidebar. This makes it difficult to use fields with lots of options as filters, or to use more than a few fields as filters. This could be solved by adding an option to display filters with more than a specified number of options as a select element instead of in a list. (WM)

Clarify the "select all" button in the batch change changelist UI

Currently, when you check the "select all" checkbox in a changelist view, it only selects all items on that page, not all instances of the model in question. This is very confusing, and also results in there being no possible way to apply an admin action to ALL model instances in one fell-swoop. At the very least, we need to make it clear that this doesn't do what you think it does, and I'd assert we should actually make it do what you think it does. (JC) Fixed in r12298 (jezdez)

Big Ideas

Larger proposals that would require major changes to the current admin design, but could be considered for integration in an overall redesign.

Better UI for relationships

When selecting or creating related objects in the admin UI, you're often forced to open new windows, and if you need to create successive new items, you can quickly have four or five windows open at once. I know we can all agree this is a poor experience. I'm not proposing any solutions at this time, but there's definitely an issue, here. (JC)

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