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    4444Larger proposals that would require major changes to the current admin design, but could be considered for integration in an overall redesign.
     46=== Consistent typography, sane CSS definitions ===
     48From a designer's point of view, the admin interface does not present information in the most clear and streamlined (and thus beautiful) way. This is mostly due to a lack of consistency: There are many different font sizes/weights, various different margins and line heights. Many elements are not aligned or (worse) almost aligned with the surrounding elements. The whole design could really use some cleaning up.
     50Morever, the current stylesheets are quite messy. Font-families and especially font-sizes are redefined over and over, in many different files and using many different CSS selectors. Apart from being at least partially redundant, this violates the DRY principle and makes customization of the admin interface (for instance, setting a different base font size) almost impossible.
     54Instead of redefining font-sizes for many special elements (e.g. “dd tags have font size 11px”), there needs the be a basic set of font styles with clear hierarchy.
     55Instead of scattering the definitin of margins and paddings wherever they are needed, there needs to be a baseline grid that is strictly adhered to. 
     56Instead of explicitly defining specific styles for special elements (e.g. “changelist filter has a bottom border”), there needs to be a clear set of generic module classes.
    4658=== Better UI for relationships ===
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