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#django DjangoBot

The #django IRC channel has bot that aides everyone with some pretty basic tasks. It takes the identify of the nickname DjangoBot. It is currently written using the Twisted networking library and can be found at It is written and maintained by Brian Rosner.


The help command

There is now a help command that gives you help. You can pass in the name of other commands to get their help.

/msg DjangoBot help who
<DjangoBot> who <nickname> [<nickname> ...]
<DjangoBot> Sends back the real name, location and URL for the nickname if the person is registered on

Trac Ticket/Changeset Linking

It is very common for someone to reference a ticket or changeset in the IRC room. The DjangoBot will handle the linking for you if you follow the basic syntax it requires. To reference a ticket simply use the Trac syntax #13. The same applies to changesets, r530. The DjangoBot does not work with the square bracket notation due to IRC nickname collisions for those who use square brackets around their numbered name.

There are two commands ticket and changeset that when sent to the bot in a private message will result in returning a link. Here is an example:

/msg DjangoBot ticket 13 2070

/msg DjangoBot changeset 530

DjangoPeople Integration

The excellent website created by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe is integrated with the bot. If you send a privmsg to the bot you can find out a bit more information about the peers you talk with in #django. Simply do:

/msg DjangoBot who brosner

The bot will then go out and fetch information about brosner. This works with any IRC handle that is associated to a profile on DjangoPeople. The who command also accepts multiple nicknames separated by spaces. You can also do:

/msg DjangoBot who brosner empty

Multiple Channel Support

The bot has the ability to live in more than one channel. This will be useful during sprints when #django and #django-sprint channels are in use.

Future Features

Dpaste Channel Notification

There is the possibility of doing some form of integration with the official Django pastebin, There is no word on what the integration will look like, but a good future feature.

Reporting Bugs

If you happen to come across a bug with the bot, please head over to and check if it has already been issued, if not please create a new issue!

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