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See DjangoJobs if you're looking to see open positions (or list one); this list is for Django developers seeking employment.

Job Sites

Developers for hire

Looking for work writing Django apps? Post your name below, so savvy companies who are looking for Django developers can get in touch.

Note that this list is split into regions for convenience only; a given developer may be willing to work remotely or relocate.


  • Djtango : Based on Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experienced group of Web developers and designers. Python, Java, Oracle, MySql, ROR, Postgresql, CSS, XML, Grails. Great experience in similar succesful developments. Contact: djtangosw at gmail dot com. "A LOT OF EXPERIENCE AT LOW COST"
  • devsAr: Specializes in web application development using Python, Django, MySQL, Performance, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS. Located in La Plata, Argentina.

  • EyeFlux Web Design: Based on Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experienced group of Web developers and designers. Python, Django, RoR, MySQL, Postgresql, CSS, XML and other Open-source technologies. 10 years in the business; hosting services included.
  • Machinalis: Experienced and professional consulting shop based in Córdoba, Argentina. Python, Django, and Plone. Contact via our website or directly by email.
  • Martin Massera: web designer & developer, software engineer, MS in computer science, living in Buenos Aires. I have developed software in lots of different platforms and now I'm especializing in web development with Django. I also have skills in graphic design, creating/working with images and html/css/javascript.
  • Sergio Teves: Located in Buenos Aires. Experienced python/django and java developer (including frameworks like grails). Participating mostly with the openSUSE project. Contact me by clicking on my name.


  • Stephen McDonald Located in Melbourne, Australia (can work in Sydney). Technical lead with over a decade of experience in Microsoft and Open Source technologies - specializing in Django for several years.
  • Malcolm Tredinnick Located in Sydney, Australia. Python, Django, most popular databases, web technologies. Available for contracts of any length. Contact: malcolm at pointy-stick dot com. Resume available.
  • Redskink - Sustainable Business - Consulting firm in Newcastle, NSW. Specialise in business management systems. We use Django and Python to build intranets and back-ends for business. Contact: enquiries at redskink dot com.
  • Michael Egorov Located in Melbourne, Australia. Python, Django, valid tableless CSS/HTML, most popular databases. Resume is here.

  • Ishwor Gurung Located in Sydney. Available for contract software development in Django, Python, Web technologies, Windows/Linux/*BSD platform, Backend interfacing with Java/C++ codebase, Custom software development. Contact: ishwor at gmail dot com.
  • Sean Ashton Located in Brisbane. Freelance developer, available for web, mobile and desktop development. Django, Python, C++, GIS, JavaME. Email: sean.ashton at schimera dot com.
  • Ashley Sands Located in Townsville, QLD. Django/Google App Engine Freelance developer. Available for website/web app development. Contract: ashley.j.sands at gmail dot com.



  • Alexander Abushkevich Located in Minsk. Python, Django, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, web crawlers. Currently freelancing and open to new projects. Willing and able to travel. Contact: a.abushkevich at gmail dot com.
  • Dmitry V. Selitsky Located in Minsk. Python, databases, web technologies. Contact: d.v.selitsky at gmail dot com. Resumé online.
  • VLADVER is specializing in building web applications with Python using the Django web framework. Technologies we use: Python and Django, PostgreSQL, HTML and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. for more information


  • Jeroen Benats Located in Sint-Truiden. Young and driven application developer in Python, Django, PHP, Zend and Java open source frameworks. 4 years in business. Resume available on request (English, French, Dutch). Contact: joekie at gmail dot com.


  • Sergio Hinojosa Django developers located in Cochabamba - Bolivia. Currently looking for outsourcing projects, also we have experience in Rails, Grails, jquery, dojo, prototype,, and we provide front end development and also Web Design. for more information Please do not hesitate to contact us at: info at qosoftware dot com.
  • Jose Maria Zambrana Cochabamba - Bolivia. I am web developer/designer. I develop web sites/apps with simple, elegant and friendly design, under web standars and free (as freedom) but strong technologies. I have been working the past years on web 2.0 related projects using technologies like OAuth, OpenID, Google App Engine, Django, etc.


  • Leandro Severino Porto Alegre-RS/Brazil. Developer with passion. I'm Django developer in love with this powerfull framework and have a good experience in development of business aplications(this is my core competence). Currently, I'm developing a small ERP with Django. mailto: leandro at leandro dot inf dot br. More information
  • Gabriel Falcão Rio de Janeiro-RJ/Brazil. Python/C(Glib) developer. Currently a senior systems analyst at Rio de Janeiro, looking for freelance jobs for any kind of server-side needing. I have special skils with data conversion, parsing, translation and so on... More information
  • Paulo Roberto Macedo Belo Horizonte-MG/Brazil. Python WEB/Unix developer. Experience with frameworks Zope/Django(hack++), Web: CMS Development/JavaScript Debugger/Hacker. UNIX: Management via Remote communication (paramiko/ssh/twisted). Small projects/free lances => proberto.macedo at gmail dot com.


  • Jordan Dimov Web applications development company. Django, Python, PostgreSQL, jQuery. Our focus is on larger corporate / government / infrastructure projects. Django products include SMS Parking platform, SMS Value Added Services platform, eGovernment, eCommerce, Healthcare and Medical Information Systems, web-based GIS front-ends, CRMs, Inventory management, and more. Contact jdimov@….


  • PixBuffer Software Inc. Specialized in transforming business needs into solid and easy to use products. Some of our areas of expertise are Web 2.0 Apps, Software as a Service (Saas) and Content Management Systems (CMS). We work exclusive with Django for our web projects, main technologies are Django/Python, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Apache/Nginx, jQuery/YUI and Amazon Web Services. We require no upfront payment and you only start paying when you see results that you are happy with. Request a free consultation and proposal: You may also contact us.
  • Dimitri Gnidash experienced Python/Django developer/consultant looking to help on your projects. Many high-profile clients and projects. Email at dimitri.gnidash@…. Please see Portfolio and Resume. Based in Toronto, Canada
  • Robert Platek Web developer / Software Engineer from Toronto, Canada specializing in Python+Django development since 2006 on projects ranging from web 2.0+ / db backend design, hardware/software interface systems, etc. Recently working at and (featured site on frontpage of!) Email: robstar at gmail dot com. Please see Portfolio 11/10/2009
  • Evandro Miquelito Software Developer with a great deal of experience in Python, Django, XHTML/CSS, Javascript (+ AJAX and jQuery), databases (strong PostgreSQL), PyGTK and Asterisk (among others). Email: emiquelito at gmail dot com.
  • Dave Sullivan Freelance web developer from Toronto, Canada. Services include Python/Django development, web 2.0 design, server and network setup and maintenance. Email: dave at dave-sullivan dot com. 07/06/2009
  • Myles Braithwaite Django Developer in Toronto, Ontario. Email: myles at monkeyinyoursoul dot com.
  • John Champaign Toronto based software engineer with application (Java) and web (Python & Django) development experience. Email: john.champaign at gmail dot com. See my homepage at Homepage. Happy to travel, learn new technologies or mentor junior developers.
  • Bartek Ciszkowski Primary Django experience in building websites for business - Consumer related, shopping, payment gateways, PayPal, inventory management. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. mailto:bart.ciszk@…
  • Green Tea Hackers Club: Based in Montreal, Quebec. Provides custom web application solutions with the Python language. Specialities includes framework refactoring, CMS development, and web application design. E-mail: erob@…

  • Generic Consulting: Active Open-Source developer based in Ottawa, Ontario. Working with Django since 2006, with experience in system integration and building secure, reliable software.
  • Clearwind Consulting: Experienced consultants offering Django, iPhone, Adobe Air and other development projects → mailto:andy@…
  • Lights On Software Python/Django consulting company. Many high-profile clients and projects. Email at dimitri.gnidash@…. Please see Portfolio. Operating out of Toronto, Canada.
  • Social Wire Inc. Web2.0 Python+Django development shop. High quality work for large media and technology clients. Please Email rob@…. Company Website: Social Wire. Based in Toronto, Canada



  • yaean design Shanghai, China based company producing sites that are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Contact info at yaean dot com or
  • HanMing Soft Python/Django development team in Shaanxi, China. mailto:hanmingsoft@…


  • AxiaCore - Company located in Bogota, Colombia. We create Web Applications using Django, Python, Jquery, Javascript, CSS, HXTML, Symfony, Drupal, PHP. Our process is very agile, good, fast, beautiful and prototype oriented. Email: info@…

Czech Republic

  • Lorenzo Bolognini: Django web developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. Python, PostgreSQL, Ajax/Javascript (jQuery). Fluent in English and Italian mother-tongue: lbolognini at gmail dot com.
  • Tomas Andrle: Freelance Django web developer from Prague, Czech republic. Email: tomovo at gmail dot com.
  • Vlada Macek (in czech): Freelance developer and consultant. E-mail: macek at sandbox dot cz.


  • GMTA ApS: Passionate Django developers based in Copenhagen, who can help with design, development and hosting of Django applications.
  • iola: Small and friendly software company in Denmark mastering Django!


  • Dotner: Practical web applications and usability improvement.
  • Fishpool Creations: Software development services with specialization in telco (OSS and equipment vendors, and mobile operators and ISPs) and web application development in Python (Django), Perl (Catalyst), Java and Tcl. Co-developers of Django-based Scred.


  • Jonathan Schemoul Web application and marketing project manager (and software engineer) in Paris, France. Email: jonathan dot schemoul at gmail dot com. See my website.
  • David Larlet: Freelance developing web apps with passion and enthusiasm, enjoy adding some semantic web technologies if necessary.
  • Ripple Motion: Company developing iPhone apps, Django powers their web backends.
  • Kevin Samuel: Django and RapidSMS freelance with communication and training skills. Often in a plane to code in exotic countries.
  • Patrick Samson: Freelance web consultant. Location: Nantes, France. Contact: maxcom at


  • Will Hardy - Software engineer living and consulting in Berlin, Germany. Python, Django, agile development processes. Contact: django at willhardy dot com dot au
  • Paul Matthews Location: Mainz, Germany - Nationality: British - Languages: English and German - Languages/Technologies: Django, Python, PHP, Web Design, Web Development, HTML/CSS/XML, AJAX/JQuery, SQL/PLSQL/Postgresql/Mysql/Oracle, Usability/Accessibility/Web Standards/Web2, Object Oriented Programming, Model View Controller (MVC), Java, C/C++, JSP/Servlets, Perl, CGI, Linux, Server Admin, Apache2, Bind, Networking & Security, DNS, SSH, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Database Design/UML, Database Implementation, Database Administration, Adobe Photoshop, Photography, WordPress /MU. Contact: videobrit at
  • Andreas Marr Location: Berlin,Germany - spoken Languages: German/English(/French if must be) - Languages+Technologies ;) : Python/PHP/C/Erlang..., (x)HTML/Javascript/CSS (+Ajax), Gentoo/SuSE/Linux general, SQL/PLSQL , Postgresql/Mysql/Oracle - consulting, development,administration. Contact: viadjangojobboard at
  • Tschitschereengreen We are focussing on rapid development of web portals and are a service provider for VC- and Business Angel financed Ventures and StartUps. We are working concurrently with Symfony, Ruby on Rails und Django depending on the requirements. Contact: info AT | Dresden, Germany
  • Wolfram Kriesing all over Europe, based in Munich/Germany, available for consulting and freelancing - Technologies: Django, Dojo, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, and all that is required - hacking, consulting, project management, Contact: wolfram at kriesing dot de
  • Florian Schlachter in Berlin, Germany - spoken languages: German and English, languages + technologies: Python/PHP/C + (X)HTML/JS/Ajax/CSS, Databases: MySQL/PSQL/BDB. Consulting and development. Please contact me: schlachter@…
  • Johannes Bornhold based in Oldenburg, Germany, available for consulting and freelancing, languages spoken: German, English, some French; technologies: Django, Python, Java, XHTML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Linux and webserver know-how; contact: joh AT bo-tech DOT de,


  • Location: mostly Athens, Greece. We build websites, portals, intranets, social networking applications and any information system you may need. Technologies we love to work with: Django, Zope, Plone. Contact: we@…
  • Netbase Location: Athens, Greece. We create web applications exclusively with Django. Spoken languages English, Greek, Turkish. Contact: info@…


  • in Budapest, Hungary. Spoken languages: English and Hungarian. Technologies: Python/C#/Django JQuery/ExtJS valid XHTML/CSS. Consultancy and development. Contact us at: info@…


  • Srijan Technologies We are one of the few companies in India with a skilled Django team, consisting of 5 permanent people and a senior consultant. We have worked on 3 Django projects. The latest one was a 20 person month project - an application for the retail sector with complex SMS based features. Visit our website or write to us at business(at)srijan(dot)in
  • Abilash Raghunandanan, Kerala,Cochin, Python/Django Programmer, Developing Marketing Management(ERP) package in Django, Skills : Python,C, Django, Mysql, .Contact: abilashraghu@…
  • Pradeep Gowda Bangalore, India based Software engineer. Python,Django,Zope/Plone and Database dev. experience. Contact: pradeep.gowda at gmail dot com
  • Vikash Chandra Verma, Bangalore, Experienced Python/Django Programmer, Working on 3rd project, Skills : Python, Django, Mysql, Ajax, Javascript, Web development tools.[Contact:]

  • Vijay Bhaskar Rayudu Bangalore, India based Software engineer. Python,Django,Zope/Plone and Database dev. experience. Contact: vjanu12@…
  • Arun Senthil Chennai, India based Software engineer. Python,Django,PHP,Ajax,Javascript and Database dev experience. Contact : arunsenthi@…
  • Satheesh Chandrasekhar Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software engineer. Python, Django, Ajax, Javascript, CSS, XML experience. Contact: cschand@…
  • Usware Technologies Hyderabad, India. A small company specialising in building webapps with Django and Jquery. We primarily work with the leading Django Web Agencies, all over the world.
  • raj ganesh - python and django. Worked/work with small and medium sized firms(startups), rolling out software as service(saas) products. Currently based out of bangalore, india. contact:raj.emailme@…
  • Dipankar Sarkar - python, django, ruby, rails and PHP. Worked with various startups (development to production) and do consultation work for most web technologies. Co-founder at kwippy. More at Website, Blog, LinkedIn, contact:dipankarsarkar@…
  • Jayapal D Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software Engineer. Skill Set- Python, Django, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Dojo, Asterisk, PostgreSQL, Selenium, Report Generation using Appy framework & Reportlab, CSS, XML experience. Contact: jayapal(dot)d(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Dhanya B. Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software Developer. Expertise - Python, Django, Ajax, Javascript, Dojo, PostgreSQL, Java, J2EE, Asterisk, Report Generation using Appy framework & Reportlab, CSS experience. Contact: dhanyaabalan(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Saju.M. Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software Developer. Expertise - Python, Django, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Mootools, PostgreSQL, CSS. Contact: sajuptpm@…
  • Subhranath Chunder - Kolkata, India based Software Developer. Working on product development in Django/Python for Srijan Technologies, New Delhi since December 2009. Contact: subhranath@…


  • Cubedroute Located in Dublin & Mayo, Ireland. - Skillset: Python/Django, Ajax PHP, CSS, AJAX (YUI, JQUERY) Web design. Name: Johnny Kane , Email: johnny@…
  • Kevin Noonan Located in Dublin, Ireland. - Contract software architect working in Python and Java. Name: Kevin Noonan, Email: django@…
  • Jan Paricka Located in Galway, Ireland. - Python/Django Development Team with Web design, XHTML, CSS, AJAX (Jquery). Name: Jan Paricka, Email: jparicka@…
  • yazzgoth ltd Located in Cork, Ireland. - Python, Django, Twisted development team with C#, JavaScript (jQuery, Unity3D), Java, SQL, CouchDB, AMQP, XMPP, (X)HTML, CSS focusing on networked applications, middlewares, APIs and web appsbart@…


  • Joe Pellizzer Located in Vicenza, Italy. Python-Django and database development, (HTML, CSS, RSS, XML, ZOPE, PLONE, etc.). Web appilcation development for over 6+ years designed for industry. Available by contract in either area. Contact Email info at
  • Odeon Consulting Group - Python/Django Development Team with AJAX, Flex Capabilities. Name: Stefan Talpalaru, Email:…
  • Paolo Pancaldi Located in Trento, Italy. Django & Python developer (beside php,xhtml,css2,jquery,mysql,postgresql). I'm looking for projects/gigs abroad.


  • Jay Liew Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew ()


  • Aflaak We are a small comapny concentrating on django based projects. Contact mohamed at aflaak dot com.


  • Vincent Hillenbrink: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Python developer since 1995 looking for projects involving jQuery, HTML5 Canvas, and of course Django.
  • Yuri van der Meer: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Python/Django developer with strong front-end skills (Ajax, jQuery, XHTML/CSS).
  • Marcel Beumer: Amsterdam area, The Netherlands. Python/Django and front-end developer (JavaScript, CSS, XSLT, Canvas, jQuery).
  • Orne Brocaar: Django and SEO specialist. Looking for freelance jobs related to SEO, Django, Python, jQuery, (x)HTML, CSS. E-mail: info at brocaar dot com
  • Matthias Pronk: Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Looking for freelance gigs related to Django, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Linux, OS X, BSD.
  • B Heesakkers: Tilburg / Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Looking for freelance gigs related to Django, Python, MySQL, Linux, OS X, PHP to Python, CSS, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript etc. E-mail: bjorn at expleo dot nl
  • Angelo Romano: Italian, but currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Looking for jobs with Django, Python, MySQL/PostgreSQL (also experienced with GIS extensions), JavaScript (AJAX/jQuery). Maintainer of spare time project Triplander (coded with Django and jQuery). Email -> angelo(dot)romano[at]gmail(dot)com
  • Rudolph Froger: Delft, The Netherlands. full-time Django developer since 2005 looking for web-projects involving Django and Python.


  • Hameedullah Khan: Django, XHTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, PHP, Turbogears. Specialist in converting PHP apps into Django. Email: hameed-at-hameedkhan-dot-net is developed by Mezino Technologies


  • Aureal Frontend and backend development in Django and/or Python (we also do other stuff, php, javascript, css, xhtml and all that) , *nix deployment (and configuration/administration), Web development, consulting, web standard experts. Located in Lima, Perú. Contact us at info@…


  • Damian Pawlowski Python + Django, PHP, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XHTML, CSS, AJAX. Developer from Poland. Email: profes82 at gmail dot com.
  • Wojciech Sobczak (vbert) Python + Django, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, VB, VBA. Web developer from Poland. Now I build new site of firm in Django. Email: wsobczak at gmail dot com.
  • Leta Korporejszyn: We are small polish company. Our goal is to design aesthetic, beautiful and functional web sites. We use CSS, Flash + Actionscript, Django. leta dot korp at gmail dot com
  • Lukasz Lebiedzinski C++, Java, ASP.NET, MSSQL, MySQL, XHTML, CSS. Database developer experienced in MSSQL. Developer from Poland. Contact: anduin at gazeta dot com.
  • Design Divine - website & webapp development fusing python/django together with creative graphics, use of popular javascript frameworks (eg. jQuery, Prototype) & professional deployment on UX platforms. Visit our portfolio or contact us: office@….
  • Kamil Wdowicz web developer, system administrator. 4+ years in Django. Fluent XHTML+CSS. Python, Ruby, KSH. Email: kwdowicz@… (update: 2010/02/13)
  • Piotr Lewandowski: Python, Django, database designer, sysadmin - piotr.lewandowski@….
  • Jakub Wilk: Python, Django, databases. Contact: ubanus@….
  • Paweł Bielecki: Django - Python development, databases design, web/mail hosting, R&D, Unix sysadmin, Apache, proxy, QoS, (FreeBSD, Debian Linux). Contact: pawciobiel@….
  • Sebastian Bauer (anih): Łódź. Python, Django, databases- PostgreSQL/MySQL, sysadmin, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML+CSS. Contact: admin@….
  • zenzire (Krakow) is leading-edge web development company, specialized in Python technology. We have experience in using the many Python's frameworks and libraries (Django, SciPy, matplotlib, Orange, and many more) in wide variety of industries including Internet Services, Financial & Banking, Marketing, Science and Open Source.


  • José Moreira - Django backend development, unix/linux server management, web solutions


  • Crystal Works: We're a small web development studio focused on creating high-performance DB powered applications using Python & Django or PHP5 & symfony.
  • Adrian Olaru: Web developer.
  • Odeon Consulting Group - Python/Django Development Team with AJAX, Flex Capabilities. Name: Tudor Munteanu, Email:…
  • Elvsoft: Small web development company with seasoned developers that focus on Django, Python, jQuery, PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL; rich and accessible front end interfaces. Email: office |at]


  • Djangoware, St. Petersburg, Russia. Djangoware develops highest-quality Web 2.0 applications. We use the best tools available in the development process. We focus on Internet startup development.
  • Michael Samoylov, St. Petersburg, Russia. I'm an experienced software engineer (since 2002) and sysadmin in background. Email/GTalk: michael.samoylov@…
    • OOP, OOD, design patterns, TDD; Python; Sh, bash, awk; Javascript / Ajax / jQuery; HTML / XML / CSS; SQL; User Interface creation; Django; Linux / FreeBSD / Windows
  • Andrey Pochekutov - my interests is business, e-commerce, software development on Django. Only Test Driven Development and 80%+ test code coverage. My CV on


  • Petar Bukvic, Belgrade, Serbia. Python/Django and JavaScript (jQuery, MooTools) programmer


  • Jay Liew Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew ()
  • Michael Lim Web applications (python), AJAX, Actionscript. Email: mikelim at
  • Odeon Consulting Group - Python/Django Development Team with AJAX, Flex Capabilities. Name: Calvin Cheng, Email:…
  • Steven Django/Python Development, Empowered by AJAX (JQuery). Always looking for projects. Contact at steven [@]


South Africa

  • ISE Technologies: Small software development company with 10 years commercial experience. We focus on web application development and integration using Python and more specifically Django. Our expertise include REST, SOAP, XML-RPC - Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo integration. Contact Gert Steyn at gert@….


  • Adrima: Advanced web developing. Social networks, Facebook applications, E-Commerce, web design, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, AAA accessibility level, semantic markup, javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQUeryTools. Long experience with django and web related technologies. Open source solutions. Recently won the most accessible web award.
  • Digital farm: Freelance web developer loving Django. Also does Python, Java, XHTML, javascript, jQuery, MySQL, CSS, social websites applications, Android applications, audio programming.


  • Anders Petersson Django developer. Does Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. Knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, AppEngine and got good contact with Webdesigners.


  • Proteus Technologies Co. Ltd: ISV based in Bangkok Thailand & Atlanta GA USA. "We help turn your web site into a web BUSINESS." Focus on Django, Agile, & Open Source/Standards development since early 2006. Have developed and deployed mission critical services supporting hundreds of thousands of users scalable to millions.


  • Seyhun Akyürek: Python, Appengine and Django development, xHTML/CSS UI, Javascript, Ajax development
  • Deconstruction House: Based in Istanbul, specialising Interface/Information Architecture and strategy development with open source technologies. We always looking for experienced XHTML/CSS/JavaScript developers with Python-Django knowledge. We currently developing Facebook application projects, E-Commerce projects, Usability/Accessibility testing, Architecture/Wireframe/Blueprint Development, CMS development, SEO strategies, Audio/Video/Flash applications with Open Source technologies and Python-Django.


  • Yann Vallery-Radot Django developer. Specialising in mobile / Trading / Ecommerce and ground breaking projects development. Based in UK/ France but usually on remote working. Inclusive solution provided (Server / Analytics/ Bug Tracking) + 3 years experience of 100% Django custom CMS platform development. Email: yannvr at gmail dot com.
  • Pydev UA Kyiv and Kharkov, Ukraine. High skilled team of developers with primary focus on web applications built with Python and Django.
  • Kyiv, Ukraine. Over 2 years of django developing. Mobile team of professionals, specialized in web-site development, complex solutions for databases and web-based business applications.
  • Alex Isayko Kharkiv, Ukraine. Professional freelance services in development of huge and small websites. Provide a Support and optimization of existing software solutions. Contact me at email or on my website. (6 May 2010)

United Kingdom

  • QueryClick Ltd. - Edinburgh, UK. We deliver Django Websites with SEO baked in, and WYSIWYG editing for page architecture, content editing, image & video upload, etc. Sitemap.xml, News / PR / Blog modules & feeds & multilingual architecture all included as standard. Drop us an email: solutions@… to get in touch.
  • 84labs Ltd. - Manchester, UK. We build business applications with Django. We create nearly anything, from websites to the business systems which glue everything together. Case studies on our website.
  • 2 SINS - James Pacileo - London, UK. Contract & freelance developer. Python & Django are my main development tools. I am a good all-rounder in web design and development. Drop me an email for more information jamespaxi*at*gmail*dot*com or pay 2 Sins a visit.
  • Caffeinehit - London, UK, Small but perfectly formed web development and design agency in Shoreditch, London. Experienced in Python, Django, Javascript and drinking coffee. Check out the website for more information and examples.
  • Nathan Reynolds - Contract & freelance developer, based in Norwich. Produced Django sites for many clients, including Aviva and the RAC. Half-assed microsite at ("the cobbler's kids have no shoes"), can be contacted on 01603 905 120 and nath@…
  • credativ UK - Based in Rugby, UK, credativ UK has the largest dedicated open source support team in Europe, with the capability to offer up to 24x7 coverage for any Django installation. Contact us at or email info@…
  • Dougal Matthews - Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Freelance developer experienced with Django, Python, PHP, JavaScript. Willing to re-locate for contracts.
  • Just Fiona - Fiona Burrows, Freelance developer in Manchester, UK. Experienced in Python (Django), PHP and Javascript. Contact at fiona@….
  • Fez Consulting - Based in Bristol, UK, Fez Consulting provides consultancy and contract development services for new Django builds or integration projects. Fez is also highly experienced with Zope and Plone, and .NET technologies, and with agile development approaches. Contact details are here, or simply email dan@….
  • Frank Malina Web development Manchester Independent contractor for Django applications, E-commerce solutions, XHTML / CSS / AJAX (Jquery) development, SEO consultancy. Email: vizualbod@…
  • Leon Harris Python Django Plone Zope ASP Rails Flash(actionsctipt)development + High quality web design + hosting + custom skin design for Plone, Django . Based in London UK. Email: leon at pukkapeople dot com.
  • Jason Davies: Expert Web developer located in London, UK. Recently graduated in Computer Science at Cambridge University.
  • Rachel Willmer C, Python, database, networking developer located in Edinburgh, Scotland: Contact rachel at hobthross dot com;
  • Staplefish: Isle of Man, UK. Small web development company with big ideas. Experienced with many technologies including Django, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql. We focus on simple, maintainable and cost-effective solutions.
  • Silvio Di Stefano London, UK. Python + Django, RoR, MySQL, Postgres, Linux server admin. From PHP to Django, 6 years of experience. Contact sdistefano at gmail dot com
  • Allan Brisbane London, UK. Specialising in Django development, 8 years web/application development experience. (Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, CSS, XML, web services, etc.). Contact allan dot brisbane at gmail dot com
  • tangerine smash Independent company writing good honest software using C#, Python, .NET, Java and Django.
  • Tom Badran Django (amongst other things) freelance software devloper/contractor. Email tom at badrunner dot net. Homepage
  • Reincubate Virtual technology incubator accelerating growth of start-up and entrepreneurial businesses. Django a big favourite of ours for early-stage work.
  • Luke Plant Bradford, UK. Experience in Python, PHP, C#, C/C++, Linux. Freelance programmer and core Django developer. CV available. Contact L dot plant dot 98 at cantab dot net.
  • Foundry Labs Web development company specialising in Django application development.
  • C&C Design Consultants Full solution web design & development agency based in Sunderland, North East England. All of our development work is done in Django and specialise in being able to deliver jaw dropping aesthetic, smooth workflows & great user experience.
  • Red Robot Studios Experienced and reliable developers with a great track record now available to work on your project.

United States


  • plucas technologies (San Francisco) A Software consulting firm that specializes in building custom django applications for your business. We can manage your team, create your team, or create your full application. Contact us now! info@…, (415) 992-7956.
  • Jay Liew (San Diego) Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew ()
  • CompuJam, Inc (San Diego) Software Marketing Company specializing in creating websites that make money. We first understand your market and create solutions that are profitable. We can provide the full range of services from developing your website, SEO optimizations and PPC campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your site.
  • (Fresno) A multi-locale team that specializes in Python and Django. Clean code, high standards, good results. adam@…
  • Michael Chiu Software engineer in San Francisco with aerospace (C, C++), US defense (C++, Java), and web application (Java, Python/Django) experience. Email: mikechiu7 at yahoo dot com.
  • digital-telepathy We are a San Diego, California based shop that strategizes and develops web apps. Django is our framework of choice, however we build projects with a wide range of tools. Contact: info at digital-telepathy dot com or go to

  • 23solutions is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of California. We have experience in developing and deploying web-apps written using Django, Rails and PHP. Contact us at info at 23solutions dot com or visit to see what we can do for you!
  • DjanSoft (Los Angeles) Agile software consulting company specializing in web applications. Our problem-solving skill set includes Python, Django, Ajax/JavaScript, Jython/Java and cloud computing technologies such as Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services.
  • Infolead Solutions (Los Angeles) Quality Web Development using Django Framework for business and creative firms. Email: info@…
  • Zero Coordinate (Berkeley) We develop awesome sites with Django and are experts at helping you leave php. Email us! info@…
  • Strike Awe (SF Bay Area) Anybody can make a website. I make websites that matter. UI/UX, Creative Design and Brand Strategy. All that plus being a Django ninja? You bet.

Northwest US

  • [Dean Powers -] 5 Person team can do small to large Django, Python, or Zope projects. Specialists in mashup sites and dating mining. Located in Seattle, WA. Contact: dean at zojax dot com
  • [Steve Bailey -] Core back-end Web Development: Django, PHP, Perl. Also have a lot of CSS and Javascript/jQuery experience. Have written Soap/Rest Web Service clients. Located near Seattle, WA. Contact: steveb428 at gmail dot com.
  • [Web Collective -] Web Collective serves sustainability-driven businesses and organizations with professional Internet expertise. We build highly interactive websites with open source software to help you achieve your goals. Python, Django, Plone, ZenCart, WordPress.

Northeast US

  • [Michael Trosen -] Python, Django, Java, PHP, MySQL, Linux experts. Located in Hartford Connecticut. Contact: mrtrosen at lab305 dot com.
  • [Ramin Rakhamimov -] Java, 2d Graphics intensive Swing, JMS, Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, MySQL, Linux, jQuery. Contact: ramin32@….

  • Digital Variant, Inc. Poughkeepsie, NY & New York, NY. Digital Variant builds large scale Django based applications - for Startups, Fortune 500's, and non-profits. Contact: info at digitalvariant dot com.
  • Owen Griffiths Python, C/C++, PHP, and Database Developer specializing in web applications. Located in New York. Contact: owen at idemal dot com.
  • Piermont Web Design Rockland County, NY based small firm doing Django-powered web development for non-profits, small businesses, and freelancers. Contact: info at piermontweb dot com.
  • Adam Nelson New York, NY - Python/Django and PHP. Specialty: All things MySQL (and other databases) and general Linux administration including optimization. I can also setup Amazon Web Services farms in n-tier Django/Database configurations. I am working on my own project right now so there is only time for fixit and optimization projects where the user experience has already been thought out or is live. Contact: adam at varud dot com.
  • Charles Dietrich Python/Django, Java, Javascript, Facebook API and other web APIs, HCI design, compilers. Located in Ithaca, NY. Past Django work includes Google App Engine as well as RDBMS-backed sites. See website for list of projects and more information. Contact: charles.m.dietrich at gmail dot com. Available to travel to meet with clients especially to Boston and NYC.
  • livemade: specializes in web application design and development using Python/Django, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS, Flash, html/css.

Midwest US

  • Imaginary Landscape, LLC (Chicago, IL) - Established in 1995, Imaginary Landscape is a Python/Django Web development company. We address the full spectrum of Web development, including planning, design, usability, layout, interface, database, systems, hosting and, of course, custom programming. Each aspect of our services is modular so we can adapt to your particular needs.
  • Dekko Studios LLC (Detroit, MI) - We are a team of web developers based out of Detroit, Michigan, that extensively use Django and specialize in social Web 2.0 applications, custom blogs, and CMS solutions. All of the sites we design use valid XHTML/CSS code which complies with Section 508/WCAG accessibility guidelines. We are also experienced with developing custom Facebook applications and iPhone applications.
  • Eric Tremper Python (emphasis on urllib2-based crawling/scraping, image manipulation with PIL); Django 1.0/1.1 (emphasis on custom management commands, multitagging/searching and associated database optimization, custom middleware); Gentoo and Debian systems administration (particularly using Amazon EC2). Currently freelancing and open to new projects, locally (Minneapolis, MN) or telecommuting. I am kungphu on google's ubiquitous email service.
  • Tom Zellman Python/Java/C/C++ developer in NE Ohio/ SE Michigan. Contact tzellman at umich dot edu; FeedNut.
  • Comfy Chair Consulting We are a Python web development firm. We specialize in Django and App Engine development. Comfy Chair is a verastile team of expert Python web developers. We deliver high quality, test driven and scalable solutions.
  • Matt Westerburg Python/Django/C/C++/Ruby, I am a freelance software developer in the twin cities with 3.5 years of django experience. I have experience utilizing cloud services on EC2, Slicehost and Rackspace. My email address is westymatt at gmail dot com
  • Doug Van Horn St. Louis, MO, USA I have 10+ years building web applications in shops big and small. Java+J2EE, Oracle, Python+Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript+AJAX, HTML, CSS, ... The usual suspects. I'm available for contracts of any length. My email address is doug at maydigital dot com. Or visit my website at
  • Jerry Felix Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana (Cincinnati Based) web development. Python, Django, ASP and other buzzwords. contact jfelix at eclink. com.
  • Creative Quadrant (Chicago, IL) - We specialize in Django and offer a full range of design and development services from branding to dynamic website development and print. 10/01/2007
  • OddBird / Carl Meyer - Because brilliant solutions are often odd. Django shop always on the lookout for interesting, unique and challenging projects. We'll make your website sing.
  • Steamboat Media Group (Steamboat Springs, CO) - We offer Django development services along with a full range of design and development services from branding to dynamic website development, print, and film/video production.
  • Fairview Computing LLC (SE Michigan) - Web development with Django and Satchmo; custom applications with Python or Java; UNIX system administration. Experience in financial, pharmaceutical, biotech, wholesale distribution industries.
  • Revolution Systems (Lawrence,KS) - Django consulting and support services. We specialize in code reviews, architecture and performance consulting. We also offer monthly and yearly Django support contracts. Augment your staff with our expertise!
  • Interactek (Geneva, IL) - We specialize in web development with Django and offer a full arsenal of graphic design and internet marketing services.

Southeast US

  • Eric. Brown Python/Django developer in Tampa, FL with medical development experience, looking for contract/part time (also know XUL, JS, HTML, CSS, design, etc). pytechd /àţ\ (2007-08-07)
  • Jason F. McBrayer Python/C developer, web developer, Unix systems administrator, in Columbia, South Carolina. Contact jmcbray at carcosa dot net;
  • Igor Guerrero Miami/Florida: Linux(Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, Fedora), Django, Ajax, XML, SQL(PostgreSQL and MySQL), C#(Mono Platform), GTK#, Gecko#. Contact: igfgt1 at gmail dot com
  • Proteus Technologies Co. Ltd: ISV based in Bangkok Thailand & Atlanta GA USA. "We help turn your web site into a web BUSINESS." Focus on Django, Agile, & Open Source/Standards development since early 2006. Have developed and deployed mission critical services supporting hundreds of thousands of users scalable to millions.
  • Justin Quick Washington, DC., Baltimore, MD. Python-Django and database development, (JS, HTML, CSS, RSS, XML, etc.). Web appilcation development for over 5 years designed for private and non-profit organizations. Available by contract in either area. Contact justquick at gmail dot com
  • ifPeople Experienced web software company based in Atlanta, GA with a track record of great client service and quality software delivered in our distributed, Agile team. We focus on working with mission-driven enterprises (non-profit and for-profit) who are trying to make the world a better place. Working with Python, Django, Plone/Zope and PHP. Contact us via our web site.
  • Ryan J. O'Neil Washington, DC-based Python/Perl/Java/C/AMPL developer for remote weekend and evening jobs. Experience in Django, grid computing, and operations research. email: ryanjoneil at gmail dot com
  • Joshua Gourneau Knoxville, TN (Willing to relocate for full time position). Recently created custom Django CMS for a large corporate client. Linux-sysadmin (RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu), SEO, Python, Perl, VB.NET, C#, AJAX, Apache, Git, Javascript, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, Data visualization, Data acquisition, GIS, Mobile applications (Windows Mobile, Android), and mobile friendly sites.
  • Level Eleven Solutions, LLC Clemson, SC. Python and C++ development specialized for the graphic communications and print industries. Strong background in color science (at the mathematical level), workflow automation, MIS, and JDF.
  • Jay Wineinger Python/Django developer in Tampa, FL. Recent work includes ground-up creation and support of a warehouse management system for a mail-order/e-commerce retail company. Linux sysadmin (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS), Database administrator (MySQL, PostgreSQL). jay.wineinger at


  • '"Erdos Miller"' Houston, Texas. Erdos Miller (EM) is a contract electronics and software design firm. Over the years we've built quite a few web and in-house django apps.


  • Aflaak We are a small company concentrating on django based projects. Contact mohamed at aflaak dot com.
  • Carl Wenrich Something new: First I write the code (Django/PostgreSQL), then you decide what it's worth. What a concept! carlwenrich at yahoo dot com.
  • Marco Pantaleoni C, C++, Python, DB, networking, linux, embedded systems. Contact panta at elasticworld dot org;
  • Leonardo Santagada Python and database developer and sys admin. Contact: santagada at gmail dot com.
  • We are a small startup concentrating on django based projects. Contact ian at zilbo dot com;
  • Massimo Scamarcia: Python and Django, xHTML/CSS editing, Javascript and AJAX, Server setup and administration (Apache, MySQL). Contact: massimo dot scamarcia at gmail dot com
  • Lincoln Loop is an agile open source studio specifically focused on Django. We offer a number of services including, development, UX, project planning, consulting, training and support.
  • Caktus Consulting Group, LLC - Seasoned web development team specializes in agile Django development. If you have an idea for a web app, we can bring it to life.

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