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    164164 * '''[ Django People]''' - Located in the Colombian North Coast (Barranquilla). We are a Django community making projects arround the world: Spain, EEUU, Italy, Japan, are some of our providers. Email: []
     166== Cuba ==
     168* '''[ Dairon Medina]''' - Django developer based on Cuba. Experience with python, Django, scrapy, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Jquery, OpenERP, Git and UX design with HTML5/CSS3. I have worked with great clients arround latin America and Europe with excellent results. Im focused on python for Management and Corporative software, as well as data minning. Contact at: []
    166170== Czech Republic ==
    630634 * '''[ plucas technologies]''' (San Francisco) A Software consulting firm that specializes in building custom django applications for your business. We can manage your team, create your team, or create your full application. Contact us now!, (415) 992-7956.
    632  * '''[ Jay Liew]''' (Silicon Valley / San Francisco) Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew ()
    634  * '''[ CompuJam, Inc]''' (San Diego) Software Marketing Company specializing in creating websites that make money. We first understand your market and create solutions that are profitable. We can provide the full range of services from developing your website, SEO optimizations and PPC campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your site.
    636  * '''[]''' (Fresno)  A multi-locale team that specializes in Python and Django. Clean code, high standards, [ $35-$39/hr]. Each developer is thoroughly tested and prepared to work in a dedicated manner on your project if necessary. See some of our members in action at []. Contact Adam at []
    638  * '''Michael Chiu''' Software engineer in San Francisco with aerospace (C, C++), US defense (C++, Java), and web application (Java, Python/Django) experience. Projects: [ Prrice], [ Gutata]. Email: mikechiu7 at yahoo dot com.
    640  * '''[ Eric Walstad Associates, LLC]''' Python developers located in San Francisco.  Email: eric_at_ericwalstad_dot_com
    642  * '''[ Command IT Services, Inc.]''' Python, Django, Plone, Zope, Web CMS developers located in Berkeley.  Email: mbartlett at commandcms dot com
    644  * '''[ digital-telepathy]''' We are a San Diego, California based shop that strategizes and develops web apps.  Django is our framework of choice, however we build projects with a wide range of tools. Contact: info at digital-telepathy dot com or go to []
    646  * '''[ 23solutions]''' is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills of California. We have experience in developing and deploying web-apps written using Django, Rails and PHP. Contact us at info at 23solutions dot com or visit [] to see what we can do for you!
    648  * '''[ DjanSoft]''' (San Francisco) Agile software consulting company specializing in web applications. Our problem-solving skill set includes Python, Django, Ajax/JavaScript, Jython/Java  and cloud computing technologies such as Google App Engine  and Amazon Web Services.
    650  * '''[ Infolead Solutions]''' (Los Angeles) Quality Web Development using Django Framework for business and creative firms. Email:
    652  * '''[ Zero Coordinate]''' (Berkeley) We develop awesome sites with Django and are experts at helping you leave php. Email us!
    654  * '''[ Strike Awe]''' (SF Bay Area) Anybody can make a website. I make websites that matter. UI/UX, Creative Design and Brand Strategy. All that plus being a Django ninja? You bet.
    656  * '''[ Nitty Gritty Software]''' (SF Bay Area) We develop nitty gritty web applications and websites using Django.
    658 === Northwest US ===
    660  * [] 11 years company with strong track records, specialized in Django and Mobile Application in Appcelerator Titanium. Located in beautiful Portland Oregon. Contact
    662  * '''[Dean Powers -]''' 5 Person team can do small to large Django, Python, or Zope projects. Specialists in mashup sites and dating mining.   Located in  Seattle, WA. Contact: dean at zojax dot com
    664  * '''[Steve Bailey -]''' Core back-end Web Development: Django, PHP, Perl. Also have a lot of CSS and Javascript/jQuery experience. Have written Soap/Rest Web Service clients.   Located near Seattle, WA. Contact: steveb428 at gmail dot com.
    666  * '''[Web Collective -]''' Web Collective serves sustainability-driven businesses and organizations with professional Internet expertise.  We build highly interactive websites with open source software to help you achieve your goals. Python, Django, Plone, ZenCart, WordPress.
    668 === Northeast US ===
    669  * '''[William Schimmel -]''' Python, Django, MySQL, Data modeling. Developer for teacher scholarship applicant tracking. Contact: wschimmel at abcte dot org.
    671  * '''[Michael Trosen -]''' Python, Django, Java, PHP, MySQL, Linux experts. Located in the Boston / Newton MA area. Contact: mrtrosen at lab305 dot com.
    673  * '''[Ramin Rakhamimov -]''' Java, 2d Graphics intensive Swing, JMS, Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, MySQL, Linux, jQuery. Contact:
    675  * '''[ Setaris Corporation]''' Based in New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Small firm doing Django-powered web development for a variety of applications. Contact: info at setaris dot com.
    677 * '''[ Digital Variant, Inc.]''' Poughkeepsie, NY & New York, NY. Digital Variant builds large scale Django based applications - for Startups, Fortune 500's, and non-profits. Contact: info at digitalvariant dot com.
    679  * '''Owen Griffiths''' Python, C/C++, PHP, and Database Developer specializing in web applications. Located in New York. Contact: owen at idemal dot com.
    681  * '''[ Piermont Web Design]''' Rockland County, NY based small firm doing Django-powered web development for non-profits, small businesses, and freelancers. Contact: info at piermontweb dot com.
    683  * '''[ Charles Dietrich]''' Python/Django, Java, Javascript, Facebook API and other web APIs, HCI design, data visualization. Located in Cambridge, MA. Past Django work includes Google App Engine as well as RDBMS-backed sites. See '''[ website]''' for list of projects and more information. Contact: charles.m.dietrich at gmail dot com.
    685  * '''[ studio livemade:]''' specializes in web application design and development using Python/Django, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS, Flash, html/css.
    687  * '''[ 3atmospheres, LLC]''' (New York) We specialize in Django web development and consulting.  Led by Jonathan Chu.  For more information, go to [].  Contact us at 
    689 * '''Thomas Graft []''' - New York, NY - Django and Frontend Development contractor.  Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.  Experienced with mobile and many third party APIs.
    691 * '''Kevin Riggle ([])''' (Boston, MA) - I build webapps in Django and Python.  Can I build one for you?
    693 === Midwest US ===
    695  * '''[ Comfy Chair Consulting]''' (Minneapolis, MN) - We LOVE Django Web Development. Django is our Passion. With Automated server deployments ([ Fabric]), E-Commerce ([ Satchmo]), Content Management System([ Django-CMS]) or a custom Django solution, we've got you covered! Form is essential function. Our design team works along side our developers ensuring your project's code & appearance is second to none.
    697  * '''[ AceDevs, Inc.]''' We're a Django shop based in the USA, specializing in eCommerce using both [ Satchmo] and [] as well as content management via [ Django-CMS].  We also build custom solutions using Django from 1.1 to 1.3.  We have excellent design resources and plenty of Linux sysadmin experience, and are native iOS- and Android-capable.  Check out our site to see what AJAX and serious design talent can do for Django!
    699  * '''[ Eric Tremper]''' As a Python developer working with Django 1.3, I love building both rock-solid sites on open-source components as well as fluid custom work for clients who know what they want and where they're going.  I also have plenty of experience providing guidance for young businesses, thanks to years spent working with and building successful startups.  Drop me a line to see how I can help your business succeed!
    701  * '''Andrew Rowls''' Python/Django and CSS/HTML/JS/jQuery freelance developer based in Indianapolis, IN.  Also experienced in ubuntu and arch linux system administration.  Contact at [].
    703  * '''[ Imaginary Landscape, LLC]''' (Chicago, IL) - Established in 1995, Imaginary Landscape is a Python/Django Web development company.  We address the full spectrum of Web development, including planning, design, usability, layout, interface, database, systems, hosting and, of course, custom programming.  Each aspect of our services is modular so we can adapt to your particular needs. 
    705  * '''[ Dekko Studios LLC]''' (Detroit, MI) - We are a team of web developers based out of Detroit, Michigan, that extensively use Django and specialize in social Web 2.0 applications, custom blogs, and CMS solutions. All of the sites we design use valid XHTML/CSS code which complies with Section 508/WCAG accessibility guidelines. We are also experienced with developing custom Facebook applications and iPhone applications.
    707  * '''Tom Zellman''' Python/Java/C/C++ developer in NE Ohio/ SE Michigan. Contact tzellman at umich dot edu; [ FeedNut].
    709  * '''Matt Westerburg''' Python/Django/C/C++/Ruby, I am a freelance software developer in the twin cities with 3.5 years of django experience.  I have experience utilizing cloud services on EC2, Slicehost and Rackspace. My email address is westymatt at gmail dot com
    711  * '''Doug Van Horn''' ''St. Louis, MO, USA''  I have 10+ years building web applications in shops big and small.  Java+J2EE, Oracle, Python+Django, PostgreSQL, !JavaScript+AJAX, HTML, CSS, ...  The usual suspects.  I'm available for contracts of any length.  My email address is doug at maydigital dot com.  Or visit my website at [].
    713  * '''Jerry Felix''' Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana (Cincinnati Based) web development.  Python, Django, ASP and other buzzwords.   contact jfelix at eclink. com.
    715  * [ Creative Quadrant] (Chicago, IL) - We specialize in Django and offer a full range of design and development services from branding to dynamic website development and print.  ''10/01/2007''
    717  * [ OddBird] / [ Carl Meyer] - Because brilliant solutions are often odd. Django shop always on the lookout for interesting, unique and challenging projects. We'll make your website sing.
    719  * [ Steamboat Media Group] (Steamboat Springs, CO) - We offer Django development services along with a full range of design and development services from branding to dynamic website development, print, and film/video production.
    721  * '''[ Fairview Computing LLC]''' (SE Michigan) - Web development with Django and Satchmo; custom applications with Python or Java; UNIX system administration. Experience in financial, pharmaceutical, biotech, wholesale distribution industries.
    723  * '''[ Revolution Systems]''' (Lawrence,KS) - Django consulting and support services.  We specialize in code reviews, architecture and performance consulting.  We also offer monthly and yearly Django support contracts.  Augment your staff with our expertise!
    725  * '''[ Interactek]''' (Geneva, IL) - We specialize in web development with Django and offer a full arsenal of graphic design and internet marketing services.
    727  * '''[ Kriti Godey]''' (Oberlin, OH) - Skills: Python, Django, CSS, XML, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, git, Java, Scheme. Have worked on multiple Django projects. Contact: []
    729 * '''[ Jeremy Yunis]''' (Minneapolis, MN) - I am a freelance web developer with a PHP background, now developing almost exclusively with Python and Django.  I help clients with most any step in the process of application development, from writing custom application code to setting up a server and data infrastructure.  I'm interested in any challenging project, either implementing existing framework technology or building something cool from the ground up.
    731 === Southeast US ===
    733  * '''Opinbera LLC''' Web and Mobile Developers, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, in Knoxville, TN.  Contact team at opinbera dot com; [ ]
    735  * '''Eric. Brown''' Python/Django developer in Tampa, FL with medical development experience, looking for contract/part time (also know XUL, JS, HTML, CSS, design, etc). pytechd /à ţ\ (2007-08-07)
    737  * '''Jason F. !McBrayer''' Python/C developer, web developer, Unix systems administrator, in Columbia, South Carolina.  Contact jmcbray at carcosa dot net; [ ]
    739  * '''[ Igor Guerrero]''' Miami/Florida: Linux(Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, Fedora), Django, Ajax, XML, SQL(PostgreSQL and MySQL), C#(Mono Platform), GTK#, Gecko#. Contact: igfgt1 at gmail dot com
    741  * '''[ django developers]''' Jupiter/Florida: Django, Python, JSON, (X)HTML, CSS, Ajax, XML.
    743  * '''[ Proteus Technologies Co. Ltd]''': ISV based in Bangkok Thailand & Atlanta GA USA. "We help turn your web site into a web BUSINESS." Focus on Django, Agile, & Open Source/Standards development since early 2006. Have developed and deployed mission critical services supporting hundreds of thousands of users scalable to millions.
    745  * '''Justin Quick''' Washington, DC., Baltimore, MD. Python-Django and database development, (JS, HTML, CSS, RSS, XML, etc.). Web appilcation development for over 5 years designed for private and non-profit organizations. Available by contract in either area. Contact justquick at gmail dot com
    747  * '''[ ifPeople]''' Experienced web software company based in Atlanta, GA with a track record of great client service and quality software delivered in our distributed, Agile team. We focus on working with mission-driven enterprises (non-profit and for-profit) who are trying to make the world a better place. Working with Python, Django, Plone/Zope and PHP. [ Contact us via our web site].
    749  * '''Ryan J. O'Neil''' Washington, DC-based Python/Perl/Java/C/AMPL developer for remote weekend and evening jobs.  Experience in Django, grid computing, and operations research.  email: ryanjoneil at gmail dot com
    751  * '''Matt Caldwell''' Washington, DC.  Python/Django/Java/J2EE/C/JS/CSS/REST/etc.  More than 6 years experience developing enterprise-level, scalable, professional software.  Available by contract.  Contact matt.caldwell at gmail dot com.
    753  * '''[ Joshua Gourneau]''' Knoxville, TN (Willing to relocate for full time position). Recently created custom Django CMS for a large corporate client. Linux-sysadmin (RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu), SEO, Python, Perl, VB.NET, C#, AJAX, Apache, Git, Javascript, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, Data visualization, Data acquisition, GIS, Mobile applications (Windows Mobile, Android), and mobile friendly sites.
    755  * '''[ Level Eleven Solutions, LLC]''' Clemson, SC. Python and C++ development specialized for the graphic communications and print industries. Strong background in color science (at the mathematical level), workflow automation, MIS, and JDF.
    757  * '''[ Matt Culbreth]''' Atlanta, GA. Python and Django software developer and team leader. I've been leading Django projects for 2 years, and previously worked with Pylons. Feel free to  '''[ email me]'''.
    759 === Texas ===
    760  * '"[ Erdos Miller]"' Houston, Texas. Erdos Miller (EM) is a contract electronics and software design firm. Over the years we've built quite a few web and in-house django apps.
    762 == Uruguay ==
    764  * '''[ Tryolabs]''' - Agile web application development with Python/Django/Ajax. Specialized in applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, web/text mining, web crawling and innovative user interfaces.
    766 == Unspecified ==
    768  * '''[ EwaDev]''' Effective Web Application Development.
    770  * '''[ Aflaak]''' We are a small company concentrating on django based projects. Contact mohamed at aflaak dot com.
    772  * '''Carl Wenrich''' Something new: First I write the code (Django/PostgreSQL), then you decide what it's worth. What a concept! carlwenrich at yahoo dot com.
    774  * '''Marco Pantaleoni''' C, C++, Python, DB, networking, linux, embedded systems. Contact panta at elasticworld dot org; []
    776  * '''Leonardo Santagada''' Python and database developer and sys admin.  Contact: santagada at gmail dot com.
    778  * '''[]''' We are a small startup concentrating on django based projects. Contact ian at zilbo dot com;
    780  * '''[ Massimo Scamarcia]''': Python and Django, xHTML/CSS editing, Javascript and AJAX, Server setup and administration (Apache, MySQL). Contact: massimo dot scamarcia at gmail dot com
    782  * '''[ Lincoln Loop]''' is an agile open source studio specifically focused on Django. We offer a number of services including, development, UX, project planning, consulting, training and support.
    784  * '''[ Caktus Consulting Group, LLC]''' - Seasoned web development team specializes in agile Django development.  If you have an idea for a web app, we can bring it to life.
    786  * '''[ ]''' - Specializing in Security Risk Management and Django web development team serving Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metropolitan area.  We are a small company located in Bristow, VA. We love dealing with small to mid-size businesses. Contact us at
    788 == Vietnam ==
    790  * '''[ Studio Moon9 ]''' - We are an agile team with many skilled developers and designers. We are building amazing web apps for ourselves using Django framework. The studio is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but has worked with clients and partners around the world. Please contact at contact[at]
    792 * '''[ Vietnam Developer Network ]''' - This is a network of talented pro-lance developer from Vietnam. If you have any idea to build a web apps, this should be a good place to meet good Django developers.
     636 * '''[ Jay Liew]''' (Silicon Valley / San Francisco) Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew () jayliew.c
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