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    6969 * '''[ Washington City Paper]:''' The Washington City Paper needs a Web Programmer to helm the technical rebirth of the alt newsweekly on the Web. Your job would be to help rethink and rebuild the site and site architecture, publish newspaper content on the Web weekly, produce Web-based projects daily, and rebuild and update interfaces and backend databases, as needed. Your skills include substantial experience with Python and familiarity with the Django framework, substantial experience with other CMS solutions, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, excellent grasp of web development tools and best practices, ability to produce documentation, strong communication and teamwork skills, and attention to detail. We are looking for someone with superlative skills in at least some areas and the curiosity and enthusias to tackle others. We have a lot to do, come make a big difference at a great newspaper. Send resume, salary requirements, and a cover letter to Constance Miller, New Media Director, The Washington City Paper, 2390 Champlain   Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009 or
     71 * '''[ Polimetrix]:''' Polimetrix seeks a junior to mid level Python programmer to work on Django and fuzzy matching systems targeting progressive and democratic groups in their DC office.  Send resume, cover letter, and code samples to []
    7173== Job Sites ==
    7274 * [ Gypsy Jobs] is set up to help Django Developers and Companies meet each other as well.
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