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    6161 * '''[ Pegasus News Inc.] (Dallas, TX USA):'''  Pegasus News and its award-winning demo site [ TexasGigs] need contract Django folks for some basic tweaks to Ellington as well as some general Django apps. Basic CSS skills a plus. Currently on a "work today for a hamburger tomorrow" basis, but should be able to pay contractors and/or fulltimers soon. (You'd be joining one other developer and a core of fifteen volunteer staffers working on the same basis.) Great opportunity to refine/hone skills on an exciting project. Please e-mail [ mikeorren at pegasusnews dot com] for further details.
     63 * '''[ Blue Flavor]:''' Blue Flavor is looking for a solid Django developer to help us with a very cool project. We are looking for a Django pro that is active and has contributed back to the Django community, who can imagine and create kick-ass apps from scratch, blogging about the discoveries along the way. You don't have to be in Seattle, nor does it have to be full-time, but expect to work at a pretty quick rate. Contract pay will be between $2,000-3,000 a month depending on experience. Email [ info at]
    6365== Job Sites ==
    6466* [ Gypsy Jobs] is set up to help Django Developers and Companies meet each other as well.
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