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    33''I think it does make sense to put a date. Maybe we could sort this list in alphabetical order, too ?'' -- Etienne Robillard
     5'' Yes I too agree with Etienne, better to add the names in in alphabetical order. But last updated won't highlight weather the developer is available or not. Better if we can use validity date for the job posted by the Develper. The developer should specify the validity date of the posting, i.e. when he wish to re-update the job posting. This will make it mandatory for a Developer to update the validity before it expires and will help the company to know weather the developer is available or not.
     7''I suggest it can be in the following format:'' 
     9||'''Developer Name''' (Arranged in alphabetical order)||'''Valid Uptill'''(This can be assumed to be valid for a month)|| 
     12= Developers for hire =
     13||'''Developer Name''' ||'''Valid Uptill''' || 
     15|| A...|| || 
     17||  * '''Sumit Bohra - Project Lead (Python Django Java J2EE & Web2.0 Projects)''' [[BR]] I’m affianced in the Software Project Management, Systems Analysis, Development, Testing, Software Maintenance, Client Liaison and Documentation Activities. Click [ here] to see my profile at jobster or ask me for my resume at: []||15-Sep-2007||
     19|| Z...|| || 
     21''And I also request everyone listed over here to make things better. If you like the suggestion then please start adding your names above or below my name based on first letter of your names
     23-Sumit Bohra''
    527= Developers for hire =
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