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    1 = Developers for hire =
    3 Looking for work writing Django apps? Post your name below, so savvy companies who are looking for Django developers can get in touch.
    5  * '''Kamil Wdowicz''' Web designer and web developer. Fluent English. Fluent Django. Fluent XHTML+CSS. Currently in Poland but seeking fulltime job in UK. Examples of work on demand. Email: kwdowicz at zenstudio dot pl
    7  * '''Carl Wenrich''' Something new: First I write the code (Django/PostgreSQL), then you decide what it's worth. What a concept! carlwenrich at yahoo dot com.
    9  * '''Leon Harris''' Python Django Plone Zope ASP Rails Flash(actionsctipt)development + High quality web design + hosting + custom skin design for Plone, Django . Based in London UK.   Email: leon at pukkapeople dot com. [ ]
    10  * '''Jonathan Schemoul''' Web application and marketing project manager (and software engineer) in Paris, France. Email: jonathan dot schemoul at gmail dot com. See my [ website].
    12  * '''[ Michael Samoylov]''' Web applications (python), AJAX, SQL. Skilled software engineer from Russian Federation. Email: michael.samoylov at
    14  * '''[ Michael Chiu]''' Software engineer with aerospace (C, C++), US defense (C++, Java), and web application (Python) experience. Email: mikechiu7 at yahoo dot com.
    16  * '''Jason Davies''' Expert Web developer located in Cambridge, UK.  Recently graduated in Computer Science at Cambridge University.  []
    18  * '''Eric Walstad''' Python and database developer located in San Francisco: eric at ericwalstad dot com; []
    20  * '''Vladimir Labath''' Python and database developer located in Toronto.  Contact: vlado at labath dot ca.
    22  * '''Rachel Willmer''' C, Python, database, networking developer located in Edinburgh, Scotland: Contact rachel at hobthross dot com; []
    24  * '''Marco Pantaleoni''' C, C++, Python, DB, networking, linux, embedded systems. Contact panta at elasticworld dot org; []
    26  * '''Leonardo Santagada''' Python and database developer and sys admin.  Contact: santagada at gmail dot com.
    28  * '''Tom Zellman''' Python/Java/C/C++ developer in NE Ohio/ SE Michigan. Contact tzellman at umich dot edu; [ FeedNut].
    30  * '''Jason F. McBrayer''' Python/C developer, web developer, Unix systems administrator, in Columbia, South Carolina.  Contact jmcbray at carcosa dot net; [ ]
    32  * '''[]''' We are a small startup concentrating on django based projects. Contact ian at zilbo dot com;
    34  * '''Owen Griffiths''' Python, C/C++, PHP, and Database Developer specializing in web applications. Located in New York. Contact: owen at idemal dot com.
    36  * '''John Champaign''' Toronto based software engineer with application (Java) and web (Python & Django) development experience. Email: john.champaign at gmail dot com. See my homepage at [ Homepage].  Happy to travel, learn new technologies or mentor junior developers.
    38  * '''[ Pradeep Gowda]''' Bangalore, India based Software engineer. Python,Django,Zope/Plone and Database dev. experience. Contact: pradeep.gowda at gmail dot com
    40  * '''Les Smithson''' Unix/Linux C/C++/Python + Django Zope contract techie developer. London, UK based. cv at [].
    42  * '''Jerry Felix''' Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana (Cincinnati Based) web development.  Python, Django, ASP and other buzzwords.   contact jfelix at eclink. com.
    44  * '''[ Piermont Web Design]''' Rockland County, NY based small firm doing Django-powered web development for non-profits, small businesses, and freelancers. Contact: info at piermontweb dot com.
    46  * '''Malcolm Tredinnick''' Located in Sydney, Australia. Python, Django, most popular databases, web technologies. Available for contracts of any length. Contact: malcolm at pointy-stick dot com. [ Resume available.]
    48  * '''Justin Quick''' Washington, DC., Baltimore, MD. Python-Django and database development, (JS, HTML, CSS, RSS, XML, etc.). Web appilcation development for over 5 years designed for private and non-profit organizations. Available by contract in either area. Contact justquick at gmail dot com
    50  * '''Silvio Di Stefano''' Buenos Aires, Argentina. Python + Django, RoR, MySQL, Postgre, Linux server admin. From PHP to Django, 6 years of experience. Contact sdistefano at gmail dot com
    52  * '''Joe Pellizzer''' Located in Vicenza, Italy. Python-Django and database development, (HTML, CSS, RSS, XML, ZOPE, PLONE, etc.). Web appilcation development for over 6+ years designed for industry. Available by contract in either area. Contact Email [ info at]
    54  * '''[ Francesco Ronzon]:''' Italy.  Python + Django, Zope-Plone, Linux Servers.
    56  * '''Ivan Kozik''': Davis, California. 5 years of Python experience. Will specifically design and code complex image/photo galleries or work on other smaller/medium-sized projects. 8+ years on Linux, can configure production sites. Contact: ivan at ludios dot org
    58  * '''[ EyeFlux Web Design]''': Based on Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experienced group of Web developers and designers. Python, Django, RoR, MySQL, Postgresql, CSS, XML and other Open-source technologies. 10 years in the business; hosting services included.
    60  * '''Maxin B. John''': Python, Django, MySQL, Postgresql, CSS, XML, Ajax and MQ Series developer with experience in Linux/Unix, OS X and Windows located in India: maxinbjohn at
    62  * '''[ Eric Florenzano]''': USA. Looking for Internship (Cheap labour!) Django/Python, Java, C/++ experience, and love of the craft.  Also experience with Linux/Unix, and in setting up LAMP Django servers. Contact: floguy at gmail dot com
    64  * '''[ Matthias Pronk]''': Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Looking for freelance gigs related to Django, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Linux, OS X, BSD.
    66  * '''Lorenzo Bolognini''': Django web-developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. Fluent in English and Italian mother-tongue: lbolognini at gmail dot com.
    68 = Django-powered jobs =
    70 '''Seeking Django developer in NY'''. Looking for Django developer to help run a new high traffic web site.  Need for a full time commitment, though this can be shared by a team.  NYC area.  Contact [].
    72 '''Sr Developers needed in San Francisco, CA'''. Permanent employment (not contract) at our clients young and rapidly growing web services company, developing Django / Python projects. Work with a small group of very talented cutting edge developers in a very dynamic nurturing enviornment. We are looking for an overall minimum of 7 years in full life cycle development with some experience in Diango and Python with some XML and process methodology. Contact Lrubin at ITServicesUSA dot com
    74  * '''[ Estrate] (Delft, The Netherlands)''' is a young and growing webcompany, mainly developing Django powered projects. We are looking for a webdeveloper in the Netherlands. For more information have a look at our Dutch website: [ Estrate jobs].
    76  * '''[ Exoweb] (Beijing, China)''': A fast-growing foreign-owned tech company in China seeks 2 Mid-Level and 1 Senior Software Engineers. We believe in open source, practice agile methodologies, reward based on merit, enjoy our open loft-like office and an informal-but-challenging work environment. Do you too? Are you creative and analytical, have talent and passion for creating excellent code? Do you know at least one of Java, C, C++, Python, or '''Django''' and love to continuously learn? [ Find More Info ][[BR]]You feel qualified and tempted? Please send your resume in English to [].Please also indicate that you've found our job ad on
    78  * '''[ Meetro] (San Francisco, CA, USA):''' Meetro is looking to bring on a few talented Django/Python developers to help us build out our community presence and create more robust and content filled profiles within our client.  Please contact us through our site or chat with us through Meetro itself.
    80  * '''[ Arbor Networks Inc.] (Ann Arbor, MI, USA):''' Arbor Networks seeks to contract with a Django web application developer for follow-on work to an existing Django application already in use. Contractors do '''NOT''' need to be on-site, however, an initial face-to-face meeting is '''required'''. Please e-mail [ django at arbor dot net] for further details.
    82  * '''[ E.W. Scripps Company]( Knoxville, TN, USA):''' Corporate - Northshore (Knoxville, TN)
    83 Newspapers - Newspaper/New Media
    84 Job Number: 5709
    85 Job Title: Software Developer / Analyst
    86 Status: Full Time
    87 Location: Corporate - Northshore (Knoxville, TN)
    89 To be considered a candidate for this position, mail, e-mail your resume, cover letter and salary requirement to the address below. Please refer to job number 5709
    90 Contact:
    92 Email:
    94 Position Requirements:
    96 Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or Mathematics or equivalent work experience.
    99 Minimum of two years experience in full lifecycle software development. Experience with Python & PostgreSQL database preferred. Familiarity with Django web development framework a plus. Knowledge of more than one of the following also helpful: HTML, Java, linux, perl, PL/SQL, SQL, SVN, Unix & XML
    100 Equipment: UNIX/Linux servers and PC’s running Windows and/or Linux operating systems.
    103 Relies on experience and judgement to plan and accomplish goals within a team environment. Utilizes creativity and excellent problem solving skills. Ability to work effectively in a team environment and manage multiple tasks. Must possess proven and effective verbal and written communication skills.
    105 Job Description:
    106 JOB SUMMARY:
    107 Under moderate supervision, develops cost effective information technology solutions by creating new and modifying existing application software that is moderately complex. Analyzes system requirements and existing business processes and information systems. Assists in system planning, scheduling and implementation. Initiates corrective action to stay on schedule. Creates prototypes. Codes, tests, debugs, documents and implements moderately complex software.
    109 JOB DUTIES:
    110 This list of duties is not exhaustive, and may be added, deleted or changed at any time, without notice.
    112 1. Designs, develops, modifies and implements software applications.
    113 2. Develop and assess technical architecture, design, and framework.
    114 3. Contributes to the overall software development lifecycle including requirements gathering/analysis, design, development technologies, release/version control, testing, deployment and support.
    115 4. Develops technical specifications and documentation.
    116 5. Performs application testing of components, modifications, and overall systems.
    117 6. Develop and implement training and documentation for applications.
    118 7. Works independently and as a member of a team.
    119 8. Contributes to team after-hours support duties.
    120 9. Perform other duties as needed and as directed by supervisor.
    122 Date Listed: Mon, November 27, 2006
    125 The E.W. Scripps Company, a diversified media concern with interests in newspaper publishing, broadcast television, national television networks, interactive media and television retailing, is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace.
    127  * '''Eight Media (Netherlands) :''' Eight Media, a creative agency located in Arnhem, the Netherlands, is currenly looking for a Django developer. For more information check here [].
    129  * '''Clear Function:''' Clear Function, a web application development company located in Memphis, TN, is currenly looking for a Web App developer. We may also be in need of contract workers for various projects.  Email info at for more information.
    131  * '''NDN Productions/Naples Daily News:''' NDN Productions/Naples Daily News is looking to hire another Django/Python programmer. [ Read More] or Email: []
    133  * '''[ moblogUK]:''' moblogUK is looking for contract developers based in or around London for projects through the summer of 2006. Email [ ben at]
    135  * '''London based charity''' is looking for a web designer / developer working with Django based in London or Brighton for a project in June/July 2006. Email [mailto:]
    137  * '''[ Pegasus News Inc.] (Dallas, TX USA):'''  Pegasus News and its award-winning demo site [ TexasGigs] need contract Django folks for some basic tweaks to Ellington as well as some general Django apps. Basic CSS skills a plus. Currently on a "work today for a hamburger tomorrow" basis, but should be able to pay contractors and/or fulltimers soon. (You'd be joining one other developer and a core of fifteen volunteer staffers working on the same basis.) Great opportunity to refine/hone skills on an exciting project. Please e-mail [ mikeorren at pegasusnews dot com] for further details.
    139  * '''[ Washington City Paper]:''' The Washington City Paper needs a Web Programmer to helm the technical rebirth of the alt newsweekly on the Web. Your job would be to help rethink and rebuild the site and site architecture, publish newspaper content on the Web weekly, produce Web-based projects daily, and rebuild and update interfaces and backend databases, as needed. Your skills include substantial experience with Python and familiarity with the Django framework, substantial experience with other CMS solutions, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, MySQL, excellent grasp of web development tools and best practices, ability to produce documentation, strong communication and teamwork skills, and attention to detail. We are looking for someone with superlative skills in at least some areas and the curiosity and enthusias to tackle others. We have a lot to do, come make a big difference at a great newspaper. Send resume, salary requirements, and a cover letter to Constance Miller, New Media Director, The Washington City Paper, 2390 Champlain   Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009 or
    141 *'' govtrends is looking to hire python - django developers to help build a new cms for a online newspaper.   please contact ab at ab.emam at gmail dot gov
    143  * '''[ Polimetrix]:''' Polimetrix seeks a junior to mid level Python programmer to work on Django and fuzzy matching systems targeting progressive and democratic groups in their DC office.  Send resume, cover letter, and code samples to []
    145  * '''A NYC-based computer forensics firm''' is seeking a full-time Python coder to assist with large internal-use Django project plus work on other smaller projects utilizing various technologies and languages. If interested, please contact ''jforcier [at] strozllc [dot] com'' for more information.
    148  * '''Globefriends''', a San Francisco based company, is seeking a contract-developer for Python Django, Dojo coding. Your task is to enhance our already existing developer team and help implementing database schemas in PostgreSQL, write business logic and Javascipt modules. Please send your resume, and code samples to [].
    150  * '''[ das modular]''' based in Hattersheim, Germany, is seeking a freelance developer for contract work in Django. Knowledge of Django, CSS, and Javascript Frameworks is imperative. Available projects include web app development with JS/Flash integration. You should be located in Germany, preferrably in the Rhein-Main Area. Contact us with resume and portfolio at [mailto:kr(ÄT) kr(ÄT)].
    152  * '''Wagdogs''' is a wonderful startup in Pennsylvania that is looking for developer gurus.  Knowledge of Django, CSS, and Javascript is required.  If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting position contact us with resume and portfolio at [].
    154  * '''[ Yaco]''' is a spanish company, from Seville. We use Django and Plone for web programming. If you are interested, contact to [] and join us.
    156  * '''[ Parker Wallace]''' is a tech consultancy seeking a full-time Python programmer. Some of our current projects are in Python Webware but we're looking to use Django in future projects. Please contact us through our site.
    158 == Job Sites ==
    159  * [ Gypsy Jobs] is set up to help Django Developers and Companies meet each other as well.
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