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    1 [[PageOutline]]
    3 '''See DjangoJobs if you're looking to see open positions (or list one); this list is for Django developers seeking employment.'''
    5 = Job Sites =
    7 * '''[ DjangoJobs.Net]''' %100 Satisfaction Guaranteed **Premium** Django Job Listing Board, Find Best Django Python Developer in '''6000 Twitter Developers Followers'''.
    9  * '''[ The Django Jobs Board]''': A leading jobs portal, The Django Jobs Board was built by members of the Django community ''for'' the Django community. Provides a one-stop-shop for Django jobs from companies all over the world. Developers can also sign up to feature their profile to prospective employers, and to receive a digest of top Django job opportunities.
    11 * '''[ Django Jobs]''' Board for talented django hackers.
    13 * '''[ Django Gigs]''' Django job site where both jobs and developers can be added.
    15 = Developers for hire =
    17 Looking for work writing Django apps? Post your name below, so savvy companies who are looking for Django developers can get in touch.
    19 Note that this list is split into regions for convenience only; a given developer may be willing to work remotely or relocate.
    21 == World Wide ==
    22  * '''[ SkyGate - web product development company]''' We are SkyGate - a software house & a design agency with passion for startups. We offer full scope of web services – ux/ui, dedicated applications, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, as well as design, branding, photo, movie, marketing, public relations, social media & business strategy. Everything start-up needs under one roof! Meet your new design and software team. We are based in three cities in Poland. You can also find us in London, UK.
    24  * '''[ - BizFlight Softwares]''' We are BizFlight - a lean web product development company. We specialize in Python/Django and MEAN Internet applications with robust software architecture.We also design and architecture REST APIs and write custom python scripts for cloud based python applications. We help startups grow their business by handling their full tech division. Give your business a flight through our technical expertise.
    25  * '''[ Lights On Software]''' Python/Django consulting company. Outstanding software craftsmen developers that deeply care about delivering value and writing maintainable software solutions. Email at []. Please see [ Portfolio].
    26  * '''[ AnvilEight LLP]''' settled in Ukraine, Kharkov. Experienced in backend, frontend and mobile development. 5 years on the market. Email me at
    27  * '''[ Extensibl]''' Quality software development, consulting, training, support. Non-trivial, real-time, niche applications development. Company based in New Zealand.
    28  * '''[ Aptivate]''': We build websites and web applications for NGOs and charities, mainly in International Development, mainly using Django and Django-CMS, specialising in low bandwidth and mobile-friendly design. Check out our [ portfolio].
    29  * '''[ Xavier Antoviaque]''': Freelance Django / Python Developer. Full stack, including front-end Javascript/jQuery/Backbone/Meteor. 
    30  * '''[ 42 Coffee Cups]''' - The answer to web development using Python.
    31  * '''[ Golem Technologies]''' - Professional Django and JavaScript developers who focus on improving business results first. We focus on long term application support and business value, let me help you grow your small or medium sized business.
    32  * '''[ WebRiders]''' - We are Django contractors with 8+ years experience in web-development and 3+ in Django. We are improving the World Wide Web by [ best solutions] for our customers, own [ open-source projects] and participating the community. [ Contact us].
    33  * '''[ Infinite Code]''' Outsourced software development firm based in Malaysia. We do Python-based projects. We have experience using Django, Celery, AngularJS, HTML5 and PostgreSQL. We also do Android and iOS mobile apps. Contact cheeming at
    34 * '''[ Pragmatic Coders]''' - We are Pragmatic Coders - partner in your business. Software Development Services and Developers Leasing (recruiting, training and coaching developers).
    35 * '''[ Vinta Software Studio]''' - We are a Software Studio from Brazil ready to develop and give maintenance on Django products. We focus on quality in all levels, from UX to backend. Experienced in modern Django apps, with Django REST Framework on backend and AngularJS or React on frontend. Contact us at contact at
    36 * '''[ Mark Steadman]''' - Full-stack developer specialising in Django, working remotely from Birmingham, UK
    37 * '''[ Sunscrapers - Python Dev Shop]''' We partner with startups, companies and brands helping them solve business problems with technology. Our approach combines business savvy, software craftsmanship and agile project management to deliver state-of-the-art applications rapidly and efficiently.
    40 == Algeria ==
    42  * '''[ Tarik Zakaria Benmerar]''' : CEO and Founder of Acigna Inc. A Cloud and Web US Company. We are outsourcing senior developers and software engineers specialized in Python/Django/Google App Engine, PHP/CodeIgniter, CSS, HTML, Javascript/JQuery. We are performing good on  [ Odesk] where you can contact us. You can also contact us via email :
    44  * Cherif KAOUA :  Experienced full-stack developer specialising in Django.  Based on Algiers, Algeria. Work remotely. Contact me by email : kaouacherif at gmail dot com.
    47 == Argentina ==
    48  * Djtango :  Based on Buenos Aires, Argentina. Experienced group of Web developers and designers. Python, Java, Oracle, MySql, ROR, Postgresql, CSS, XML, Grails. Great experience in similar succesful developments. Contact: djtangosw at gmail dot com. "A LOT OF EXPERIENCE AT LOW COST"
    50  * '''[ Anue]''': We are fans of open standards, python, the web and beautiful code. We provide software solutions that scale and are simple to maintain. All of this with Django of course. You can contact us via [ our website] or directly by [ email].
    52  * '''[ devsAr]''': Specializes in web application development using Python, Django, MySQL, Performance, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS. Located in La Plata, Argentina.
    54  * '''[ Der Derian]''': Integrated and Clean Django based Web Development: Over 4 years of Experience in Remote Django Development, with a distributed team of Developers across Latin America.
    56  * '''[ Machinalis]''': Experienced and professional consulting shop based in Cordoba, Argentina. Python, Django and Plone among other services such as Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. Contact via [ our website] or directly by [ email].
    58  * '''[mailto:martinmassera(AT)gmail(DOT)com Martin Massera]''': web designer & developer, software engineer, MS in computer science, living in Buenos Aires. I have developed software in lots of different platforms and now I'm especializing in web development with Django. I also have skills in graphic design, creating/working with images and html/css/javascript.
    60  * '''[ Nicolas Mendoza]''': '''(Buenos Aires Ciudad, Argentina)'''. Experienced Python/Django developer,  Skillset: django/geoDjango, postgreSQL + postgis, oracle, mySQL, django rest framework, sQLite, mSSQL, haystack, redis, celery, rabbitMQ, amazon webservices, microsoft azure, HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, etc. Website []
    62  * '''[ Sergio Teves]''': Located in Buenos Aires. Experienced python/django and java developer (including frameworks like grails). Participating mostly with the openSUSE project. Contact me by clicking on my name.
    64  * '''[ Joaquin Quintas]''': Experienced python/django developer, solid knowledge of CSS/HTML, JS frameworks like JQuery, database systems like Mysql, Postgresql, sqlite3, Oracle, Db2.
    66  * '''Tomas Neme''': Located in Buenos Aires. Experienced games programmer moving over to the web industry. Python lover, fast learner, good practices, teamworker. Looking for django gigs. contact: tomasneme [at] gmail [dot] com
    68 * '''[mailto:patriciomolina(AT)gmail(DOT)com Patricio Molina]''': Software analysis, design and development using Django and related technologies (jQuery, MySQL/PostgreSQL, etcetera). Linux/Mac OS X, LAMP, Git, Scrum. Oral and written proficiency. US visa available. More info:
    70 * '''[ Devecoop]''' Located in Buenos Aires. We are focused on delivering amazing Django applications. We build frontends on top of technologies like AngularJS, Backbone HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, and django-rest-framework. At Devecoop we are commited to quality code and infrastrcuture, that is why we use tools like Docker, Git, databases such as Mysql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and cloud services like Aws and Heroku.  If you want to start a new project or hire a team of proficient Python and Javascript developers, please Contact us  via e-mail at [] or check our website [ website]
    72 * '''[ devartis]''' Devartis develops high quality software in Django for companies outsourcing software of any industry in need of enterprise solutions or software products. Offering a small teams of experienced developers devartis asures an agile process of collaboration and high quality results. Contact us at [].
    75 == Australia ==
    77 * '''[ Common Code]''' '''(Melbourne, Australia)''' - Common Code is a collective of application developers specialising in Django & Python along with a complimentary ecosystem of technologies and languages.  Contact us at []
    80 * '''[ Zenobius Jiricek]''' '''(Adelaide, Australia)''' - Django Developer, specialising in RESTful apis. Many deployments of Django projects with ansible and fabric to Amazone EC2. Uses Zurb Foundation, Sass, AngularJs, RatchetJs and Ubuntu Linux. Leave a message on my [ contact form], or check out the [ resume] or my [ github profile].
    82 * '''[ Piran Digital]''' '''(Sydney, Australia)''' - Piran Digital specialises in Django; Rich Atkinson is the technical lead and has 15 years experience of web development including hundreds of web applications, websites and ecommerce websites. We love to talk so please email (hello at or call rich on 0425 261 410 or drop into our Haymarket studio for a chat.
    84  * '''[ Colin Gourlay]''' - Web developer experienced in Django and front-end programming (amongst other things).  Contact me at [] or email []
    86  * '''[ Stephen McDonald]''' Located in Melbourne, Australia (can work in Sydney). Technical lead with over a decade of experience in Microsoft and Open Source technologies - specializing in Django for several years.
    88  * '''[ the Interaction Consortium]''' a Django development agency which specialises in building sites for working with rich content. Originators of the [ GLAMkit] app toolkit for building sites for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.
    90  * '''[ Redskink - Sustainable Business]''' - Consulting firm in Newcastle, NSW. Specialise in business management systems. We use Django and Python to build intranets and back-ends for business. Contact: enquiries at redskink dot com.
    92  * '''Ishwor Gurung''' Located in Sydney. Available for contract software development in Django, Python, Web technologies, Windows/Linux/*BSD platform,  Backend interfacing with Java/C++ codebase, Custom software development. Contact: ishwor at gmail dot com.
    94  * '''Sean Ashton''' Located in Brisbane. Freelance developer, available for web, mobile and desktop development. Django, Python, C++, GIS, JavaME. Email: sean.ashton at schimera dot com.
    96  * '''[ Ashley Sands]''' Located in Townsville, QLD. Django/Google App Engine Freelance developer. Available for website/web app development. Contract: ashley.j.sands at gmail dot com.
    98  * '''[ Ivan Teoh]''' Located in Sydney, Australia. Love to explore more on Django framework by involving any project related to Django / Python.
    100 * '''[ Tangent Snowball Australia]''' '''(Melbourne, Australia)''' - The Australian Office for the team behind '''[ Oscar Commerce]''' . We are located in Melbourne and specialise in eCommerce sites and consultancy.   Contact us at [] or ideas at
    102 == Austria ==
    104  * ''[ Herbert Poul]'' - Located in Vienna, Austria. [ Software development in Django, Python, Java, Perl]. Email: herbert.poul at gmail dot com. CV:
    106 * '''[ Stephan Pötschner]''' (Vienna, Austria / Wien, Österreich) – Loves creating web applications. Lots of Django know-how, extensive front-end (jQuery/HTML/CSS) skills and great understanding of web technology and new trends. See my latest projects: [ Immovate], [ Staatsoper Live], [ SummitLynx] and [ red|guide].
    108 * [ Submitcore]We have to re-design our website Submitcore and migrate it from wordpress to drupal. Please send your resume at our email address
    110 == Belarus ==
    112  * '''Dmitry V. Selitsky''' Located in Minsk. Python, databases, web technologies. Contact: d.v.selitsky at gmail dot com. [ Resumé online.]
    113  * '''VLADVER''' is specializing in building web applications with Python using the Django web framework. Technologies we use: Python and Django, PostgreSQL, HTML and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. [ for more information]
    115 == Belgium ==
    117  * '''code-on''' Located in Aalst. We are a team of python/django developers doing large and smaller projects. More then 4 years experience. [ for our website]
    119  * '''Jeroen Benats''' Located in Sint-Truiden. Young and driven application developer in Python, Django, PHP, Zend and Java open source frameworks. 4 years in business. Resume available on request (English, French, Dutch). Contact: joekie at gmail dot com.
    121  * '''Jochen Maes''' Located in Ghent Area, Experienced Python/Django developer with a strong affinity towards system development. Has been working for open source projects since 2000. Resume available on [ his website].
    123 * '''Koen De Wit''' Full-stack web developer (Django, HTML/CSS, jQuery) in Ghent. Focus on easy-to-use web-applications, from concept to operation. Master Degree in Computer Engineering. Experience with Google App Engine. [].
    125 * '''Nicolas Noé''' Freelancer based in Namur / Brussels area. Experienced web developer (Ruby on Rails, GIS, PHP, Wordpress, ...) that recently fell in love with Django and want to use it as much as possible. Resume and contact information on [].
    127 == Bolivia ==
    129  * '''Sergio Hinojosa''' Django developers located in Cochabamba - Bolivia. Currently looking for outsourcing projects, also we have experience in Rails, Grails, jquery, dojo, prototype,, and we provide front end development and also Web Design. [ for more information] Please do not hesitate to contact us at: info at qosoftware dot com.
    131  *  '''[ Jose Maria Zambrana]''' Cochabamba - Bolivia. I am web developer/designer. I develop web sites/apps with simple, elegant and friendly design, under web standars and free (as freedom) but strong technologies. I have been working the past years on web 2.0 related projects using technologies like OAuth, OpenID, Google App Engine, Django, etc. []
    133 == Brazil ==
    135 * '''[ Felipe Pavão]''' - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. Python developer able to solve many challenges with Django, Flask and Scrapy. Feel free to send a message with your problem. [ More information]
    137 * '''[ Duda Nogueira]''' - Minas Gerais / Brazil. Full Stack experience with Python and Django. Agile Methods and Project Management. Let me know how can I help you: If I am not the right person for the job, I certainly know the one and will be happy to help!
    139  * '''[ Centri]''' Tecnosinos São Leopoldo-RS/Brazil. Experience in development with Django, Python, Html4 and 5 and Google Appengine for mobile apps, integration softwares and custom systems.
    141  * '''Leandro Severino''' Porto Alegre-RS/Brazil. Developer with passion. I'm Django developer in love with this powerfull framework and have a good experience in development of business aplications(this is my core competence). Currently, I'm developing a small ERP with Django. mailto: leandro at leandro dot inf dot br. [ More information]
    143  * '''Gabriel Falcão''' Rio de Janeiro-RJ/Brazil. Python/C(Glib) developer. Currently a senior systems analyst at Rio de Janeiro, looking for freelance jobs for any kind of server-side needing. I have special skils with data conversion, parsing, translation and so on... [ More information]
    145  * '''Paulo Roberto Macedo''' Belo Horizonte-MG/Brazil. Python WEB/Unix developer. Experience with frameworks Zope/Django(hack++), Web: CMS Development/JavaScript Debugger/Hacker. UNIX: Management via Remote communication (paramiko/ssh/twisted). Small projects/free lances => proberto.macedo at gmail dot com.
    147  * '''Guilherme Gondim (semente)''' Brazil. See my online resumé on Linkedin:
    149  * '''Agência Livre''' Curitiba-PR/Brazil. Experience with django for all kind of applications and unix.
    151  * '''Marinho Brandão''' Goiânia-GO/Brazil. Consultancy, trainning and development on Django, Python, NoSQL dbs and HTML5.
    153  * '''Rogerio Hilbert Lima''' Belo Horizonte - MG. Over the last 7 years, I have been working with websites development using xHTML, DTML, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, MochiKit, Python, Django, Plone, Zope, Joomla (PHP), MySQL, Postgres, sqlite including sites for small business, government and university portals, e-commerce, web interface for more complex systems. I have also worked with Server/Client applications including an application that manages heterogeneous systems (using Python libraries abstracting SSH protocol) and an educational software that integrates teachers and students in a learning system (an owner protocol implemented in C++ and the software GUI used was Qt library). My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development or any other project that uses Qt or web graphic interface, always based on tests techniques to keep the correctness. => rogerhil at gmail dot com.
    155  * '''Thales Santos''' São Paulo-SP/Brazil. Experienced web developer who wants to create really useful applications and websites. Python, Django, xHTML (web standards/tableless). thales.web [aat] gmail [doot]com
    157  * '''Cristian L. Stroparo''' Curitiba-PR/Brazil. Experienced django developer that employs web semantic principles as well as readable and easily maintainable source code. Tries to achieve the use of patterns where they are truly effective and appropriate. Linkedin: - Email: cstropz at gmail dot com
    159  * '''ZNC Sistemas''' Sao Jose dos Campos-SP/Brazil. Experience with Python, [Geo]Django, Plone, GIS, Postgres.
    161  * '''Sergio Oliveira''' Ribeirão Preto-SP/Brazil. Passionate developer and Python lover.
    163  * '''[ Moreno Cunha]''' Vila Velha-ES. I'm creative Brazilian Django web developer (since Sept 2010) and front-end jQuery enthusiastic.
    165  * '''[ Gilson Filho]''' Brasília-DF. Work with web development for 5 years, and has worked with Java and ASP. Currently working with Django for 1 year and a half.
    167  * '''[ Fernando Rocha]''' Recife-PE. Is a passionate developer with interests in Python, Web development and Infrastructure, works with Django since 2010. Contact: fernandogrd {at} gmail {dot} com
    169  * ''' Labcodes''' Recife-PE. Labcodes is a software development studio that helps customers to solve their problems through technology.
    171 == Bulgaria ==
    173  * '''[ Magic Solutions Ltd.]''' Magic Solutions is one of the most successful web design companies in Bulgaria with the largest Django development team in Central and Eastern Europe. Extensive knowledge in Pyton/Django, HTML5, JavaScript (Mainly jQuery), Satchmo, Django-CMS, Mezzanine, Comet, web services, etc. Contact us at office at
    175  * '''[ Jordan Dimov]''' Web applications development with Python, Django, Indivo, GeoDjango, PostgreSQL, jQuery, mobile platforms. Everything from large corporate / government / infrastructure projects to business software to web portals, e-Commerce and community websites.  Successful Django products include SMS Parking platform,  SMS Value Added Services platform, e-Government, e-Commerce, Healthcare and Medical Information Systems, web-based GIS front-ends, CRMs, Inventory management, and more.  Contact [ jdimov at]. 
    177  * '''[ Computational Systems AD]''' - web application development team, using Django, HTML/CSS, PostreSQL, Javascript, jQuery. Currently have interest and capacity to take on new projects. We have worked in the areas of eInvoicing, eCommerce, eHealthcare and insurance business systems (health and life), document management systems. We also have expertise in C, C++ and Java. Resumes available on request. Latest project: []. Contact us at []
    179 == Canada ==
    180 * '''[ GiantByte Software]''' '''(Edmonton, Canada)''' GiantByte Software provides consulting and custom software development, from conception to execution, including life-cycle management. Frequent release & review cycles, integration with third-party systems Website: []
    182 * '''[ Lights On Software]''' Specializing in complex web application work with Python/Django and Javascript. We work with Fortune 500 and startups. Please see [ Portfolio]. Operating out of Toronto, Canada.
    184 * '''[ Emergence by Design]''' '''(Edmonton, Canada)''' Emergence by Design develops custom Django applications. Through consultation we look for opportunities which make critical improvements so that projects can pay for themselves in under 2 years. Website: []
    186  * '''[ Decode Technology]''' '''(Toronto, Canada)''' Provides software development services for web platforms, analytics, and rich experiences. Please see [ Portfolio].
    188 * '''[]''' '''(Montreal, Canada)''' has more than 30 years in development. Specialized in python + django development to develop Web 2.0 apps and CMS.  Has a lot of experience to configure  Nginx and Postgresql. Please email info at codefitters dot com for a quote.  See our portfolio on our Company Website: []
    190 * '''[ Nixa]''' '''(Montreal, Canada)''' Web development firm specialized in Django/Python web development.
    192 * '''[ Search Engine Optimization and Web Design]''' by Danols Web Engineering. Professional web design services and Search Engine Optimization done right. 'Awesome' powered solutions tailored to your business' unique needs. Office located in picturesque Kingston, Ontario, Canada; call 613-816-6833 or visit our site further information.
    194  * '''[ Custom Web Development]''' by KL Insight in Kingston, Ontario. Our developers create custom websites using Django as our preferred platform.  We are always looking for business to business relationships if you are a web designer and need a developer.  Please contact us at 613-344-2116 or visit us online at []. 
    196  * '''[ Norcode Inc.] (London,Ontario)''' is a django centric development company that specializes in django powered mobile applications. Email to [].  Operating out of London, Ontario.
    198  * '''[ FluidSurveys] (Ottawa, Canada)''' is an online survey application that is used to create beautiful dynamic forms, collect data & analyze the results. Looking for a rockstar '''Django / Python''' Developer that lives and breathes internet applications and loves smart + clean code - see the link for more information. Please send an email with your resume to [].
    200  * '''[ Social Wire Inc.]''' Web2.0 Python+Django development shop. High quality work for large media and technology clients. Software as a Service (Saas) and Content Management Systems (CMS) experts. '''Latest Project: []''' Please Email [] for a quote. Company Website: [ Social Wire]. Based in Toronto, Canada
    202  * '''[ PixBuffer Software Inc.]''' Specialized in transforming business needs into solid and easy to use products. Some of our areas of expertise are Web 2.0 Apps, Software as a Service (Saas) and Content Management Systems (CMS). We work exclusive with Django for our web projects, main technologies are Django/Python, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Apache/Nginx, jQuery/YUI and Amazon Web Services. We require '''no upfront payment''' and you only start paying when you see results that you are happy with. Request a free consultation and proposal: []. You may also [ contact us].
    204  * '''Python/Django developer with 20 years experience (7 years w/ Django)''' Expertise in modelling data for retrieval, administration and analytics. Clients: [, Textcook], [, Uptime Software], [ Toronto Life], [ Weddingbells], [ Fashion Magazine], [ Canadian Family], [ FoodTV Canada], [ HGTV], [ Showcase], [ National Geographic Canada], [ Excite Canada], [ Quicken Canada] and [ Advisor]. Contact John Carstens at johncarstens at or [, LinkedIn]. Located in Toronto, Canada.
    206  * '''[ Dimitri Gnidash]''' experienced Python/Django developer/consultant looking to help on your projects. Many high-profile clients and projects. Email at []. Please see [ Portfolio] and [ Resume]. Based in Toronto, Canada
    208  * '''[ Robert Platek]''' Web developer / Software Engineer from Toronto, Canada specializing in Python+Django development since 2006 on projects ranging from web 2.0+ / db backend design, hardware/software interface systems, etc. Recently working at [] and [] (featured site on frontpage of!) Email: robstar at gmail dot com. Please see [ Portfolio] ''11/10/2009''
    210  * '''[ Evandro Miquelito]''' Django/Python expert. Main areas of expertise: requirement analysis, implementation and deployment of modern web 2.0 applications that can scale to a very large size as well as optimizing web applications for best performance. Implementation and deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Email: evandro at miquelox dot com.
    212  * '''Dave Sullivan''' Freelance web developer from Toronto, Canada. Services include Python/Django development, web 2.0 design, server and network setup and maintenance. Email: dave at dave-sullivan dot com. ''07/06/2009''
    214  * '''Myles Braithwaite''' Django Developer in Toronto, Ontario. Email: myles at monkeyinyoursoul dot com.
    216  * '''John Champaign''' Toronto based software engineer with application (Java) and web (Python & Django) development experience. Email: john.champaign at gmail dot com. See my homepage at [ Homepage].  Happy to travel, learn new technologies or mentor junior developers.
    218  * '''Bartek Ciszkowski''' Primary Django experience in building websites for business - Consumer related, shopping, payment gateways, PayPal, inventory management. Living in Waterloo, Ontario.
    220  * '''[ Chayim Kirshen]''' Experienced Python (since 2000)/Django (since 2008) consultant with a passion for architecting, and developing applications that scale. Actively engaged in DevOps and the Django universe. Email at chayim at lyricalsoftware dot com.
    222  * '''[ Isotope Software]''': Provides custom web application solutions with the Python language. Specialities includes framework refactoring, Django, Django-hotsauce, and consumer-oriented web development. [ Contact us] to check availability!]
    224  * '''[ Generic Consulting]''': Active Open-Source developer based in Ottawa, Ontario.  Working with Django since 2006, with experience in system integration and building secure, reliable software.
    226  * '''[ Jeff Marshall.]''' Freelance Web Application Development with Django. Email []. Website: []. Based in Toronto, Canada
    228 * '''[ X Plus Z Online]''' Development studio focus on building backend for games and mobile applications. Clients include EA, LucasArts, Storypanda etc. Offices in Vancouver, BC and Suzhou, China. Pairing local architects with lower-cost remote developers. Email at [].
    230 * '''[ Sprymix Inc.]''' is a team of experienced Python developers in Toronto, specializing in custom system and web development, integration, and related services. Particular areas of expertise include backend and frontend Web development (Django, Flask, custom systems), data processing and modeling, code analysis.
    232 * '''[ Neekware Inc.]'''  specializes in custom-built Django-based, data-driven web development services. Portfolio includes [],  [] and [].  Email at ( info [@] ).
    234 * '''[ Skyveri Corp.]''' builds high quality web sites and applications for clients in North America and around the world. Contact [ Skyveri] for a consultation -- a few minutes of your time with the right consultant could save you a lot of headache down the road! Competitive rates. Available for hire. Based in Toronto, Canada.
    236 * '''[ Litiks]''' '''(Burlington, Canada)''' We build web applications using django, starting at $75/hr. Based in Burlington, Canada.
    238 * '''[ CREDIL]''' '''(Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada)'''  We use open source software to help sponsors with their IT needs, including but not limited to Django development.
    240 * '''[ Radtek Inc]''' '''(Toronto, Canada)''' Building web applications using Django, Python, MongoDB, starting at $70/hr. Full stack development & hosting. Based in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, Ontario, Canada.
    242  * '''Dan Cochran''' '''(Toronto, Canada)''' Fullstack Python/Django developer. 14years development experience, 7 years using Django. Also well versed in CSS, Javascript, AngularJS. dantcochran at gmail dot com.
    244 == Chile ==
    245 * '''[ Cloudshuffle]''' - A django development studio. We have a history of building awesome webapps, mobile apps. We work with a lot of awesome well known companies like Compete, Hubspot. Check out our portfolio. It speaks for itself. Based in London, New Delhi, Copiapo.
    247 * '''[ AREAweb]''' Full service Django web dev shop. 4 year track record, dozens of Django sites in production.
    249  * '''[ Mario Gonzalez]''' Django Developer in Concepción, Chile, South america. Email: gonzalemario at gmail dot com. CV:
    251 == China ==
    253  * '''[ yaean design]''' Shanghai, China based company producing sites that are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Contact info at yaean dot com or []
    255  * '''[ HanMing Soft]''' Python/Django development team in Shaanxi, China.
    257 == Colombia ==
    259  * '''[ AxiaCore]''' - The best Django developers at Bogota, Colombia. We create Web Applications using Django, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Symfony, Drupal, Codeigniter PHP and working over GIT. Our process is very agile, secure, and incremental, also we are a very happy team. Email: []
    261  * '''[ Django People]''' - Located in the Colombian North Coast (Barranquilla). We are a Django community making projects arround the world: Spain, EEUU, Italy, Japan, are some of our providers. Email: []
    263  * '''[ Guillermo Alvarez]''' - Located in Cali/Colombia. Web Developer with 9+ years of experience using Python and 6+ years of experience using Django, with knowledge in algorithms, databases, OOP, data structures, constraint programming and formal methods. []
    265 == Costa Rica ==
    267 * '''[ Jess Johnson]''' - Each new project is an opportunity to create beautiful code and to find simple solutions to complex problems. For you, this translates into a product that is well-crafted and robust. I'm a US expat with a transparent coding process. Have a look at my [ portfolio] or [ get in touch].
    269 * '''[ Solvo]'''   offers to design and develop software based on your specific needs and problems, according to the distinctive characteristics of your company or organization.  Our software will allow you to optimize the processes that consume more time and resources in your organization to take advantage of the web accessible systems. []
    271 * '''[ 4Geeks]'''   is a custom & outsourcing software company, who love to make cool things with cool technologies. Our model is '''English language, same U.S. time-zone, partner-centric, distributed Agile, immediately available engineering resources, economical and quality engineering'''. We are currently accepting new business, just send us an email. [] 
    273 == Croatia ==
    275  * '''[ Franjo Stipanovic fritzfs]''' - Senior web developer based in Zagreb, Croatia. Happy to work on new projects and apply new technologies.
    277 == Cuba ==
    279 * '''[ Dairon Medina]''' - Django developer based on Cuba. Experience with python, Django, scrapy, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Jquery, OpenERP, Git and UX design with HTML5/CSS3. I have worked with great clients arround latin America and Europe with excellent results. Im focused on python for Management and Corporative software, as well as data minning. Contact at: []
    281 == Czech Republic ==
    283  * '''[ Lorenzo Bolognini]''': Django web developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. Python, PostgreSQL, Ajax/Javascript (jQuery). Fluent in English and Italian mother-tongue: lbolognini at gmail dot com.
    284  * '''[ Vlada Macek]''' (LinkedIn profile): Freelance developer and consultant. E-mail: macek at sandbox dot cz.
    285  * '''[ Jakub Musil]''':  Experienced python/django freelance web developer, with solid knowledge of CSS/HTML, JS frameworks like JQuery, database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3.
    286  * '''[ Nico den Boer]''': Freelance Django web developer based near Prague, Czech Republic. Programmer with 17 years experience, and knowledge about business economics. Looking for Django gigs! Contact me through website or nicodenboer at yahoo dot com.
    287  * '''[ Vincent den Boer]''': Freelance Django web developer and C++ programmer based near Prague, Czech Republic. For email adddres, see '''[ website]'''
    288 * '''[ BBBart] & [ Tomas Bilek]''': Freelance Django/PHP Internet and Intranet application developer/consultant with aim to creative and boundary breaking solutions. Able to work Worldwide. More about my experiences on  '''[ Tomas Bilek LinkedIn profile]'''.
    289 * '''[ CodeScale Czech Republic]''' provides custom software development and consulting built on open source platform. We deliver full service support including everything from planning and analysis to end-user training. Because we take quality seriously right across the board, you’ll enjoy working with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.
    291 == Denmark ==
    293  * '''[ GMTA ApS]''': Passionate Django developers based in Copenhagen, who can help with design, development and hosting of Django applications.
    294  * '''[ iola]''': Small and friendly software company in Denmark mastering Django!
    295  * '''[ // Jakob Dalsgaard]''': IT consultant, keen on Django development and application management. Great on integration and security; Apache2 or Nginx.
    296  * '''[ Adora v/Thomas Damgaard]''': Freelance Python developer and IT consultant, who can help with everything from design, development, deployment as well as continuous maintenance of your applications.
    298 == Estonia ==
    300  * '''[ Thorgate]''': Experienced Python/Django team based in Tallinn. '''[ Seedcamp]''' winners. We can help you with design and development of Django applications.
    302 == Egypt ==
    304 * '''[ CubeSolutions]''': Talented and Experienced Django/Python team based in Egypt.
    306 == Finland ==
    308  * '''[ Pohdinto Oy]''': Practical web 2.0 applications and usability improvement.
    309  * '''[ Fishpool Creations]''': Software development services with specialization in telco (OSS and equipment vendors, and mobile operators and ISPs) and web application development in Python (Django), Perl (Catalyst), Java and Tcl. Co-developers of Django-based [ Scred].
    310  * '''[ Syneus Solutions]''': We build systems you want to use.
    312 == France ==
    314  * '''Jonathan Schemoul''' Web application and marketing project manager (and software engineer) in Paris, France. Email: jonathan dot schemoul at gmail dot com. See my [ website].
    315  * '''[ David Larlet]''': Freelance developing web apps with passion and enthusiasm, enjoy adding some semantic web technologies if necessary.
    316  * '''[ Ripple Motion]''': Company developing iPhone apps, Django powers their web backends.
    317  * '''[ Kevin Samuel]''': Django freelance with communication and training skills. Accept missions all around the world, including trainings via '''[ Formations Python]'''
    318  * '''Patrick Samson''': Freelance web consultant. Location: Nantes, France. Contact: maxcom at[[BR]]
    319  Author of the reusable app [ Django-Robot-Locale] to let your site be indexed under multiple languages.[[BR]]
    320  See [ Minipoll] and [ Miniquiz][[BR]]
    321  Author of the reusable app [ Django-Postman], an internal/external messaging system with moderation, filters, thread management capabilities.
    322  * '''[ Platypus Creation]''': Passionate Web Developers, with lots of experience. We can build you custom web sites / web apps from scratch, with beautiful UI, neat Javascript, and clean Python / Django backend.
    323  * '''[ Thomas Wajs]''': Enthusiast freelance web developper, expert in Python/Django and web technologies. Will work in great environment and with the sense of humour.
    324  * '''[ Mathieu Agopian]''': curious and passionate freelance developer, striving to find simple solutions to complex problems.
    325  * '''[ Naeka]''': Creative web agency based in Grenoble and Lyon (in the heart of the Alps) that specializes in the development of complete websites (in Python, Django, Emberjs and AngularJS). Our objective is simple, to make the internet ever more accessible. We want to offer an alternative to conventional web agencies: an agency that combines internet expertise with graphic know-how. [ GitHub] [ Tech Blog] [ Website]
    326  * '''[ NetSach]''': Custom Cloud Services. At NetSach, we develop custom web applications for our customers. We have specific offers for small businesses such as startups looking for proof of concept. We also offer consulting services to address the most complex issues (automation of processes - embedded django application in small devices - internet of things).
    327 * '''Raphaël Braud''' Django/Python Freelance. Full stack developper. Author of GrapheekDB (Pure Python open sourced Graph Database) See [ Nidus website] for projects and skills.
    329 == Georgia, Republic of ==
    331  * '''[ Alex Pogosian]''': Located in Tbilisi. Python/Django developer. PostgreSQL/MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery. Linux sysadmin, apache, nginx. See  [ my website] for details.
    333 == Germany ==
    335  * '''[ Sebastian Henschel]''' - Software engineer currently living in Wellington, New Zealand, but also based in Berlin, Germany. See '''[ projects on]''' and '''[ resume]'''. Contact: shensche at kodeaffe dot de.
    337  * '''[ Will Hardy]''' - Software engineer living and consulting in Berlin, Germany. Python, Django, agile development processes. Contact: django at willhardy dot com dot au
    339  * '''[ Paul Matthews]''' Location: Mainz, Germany - Nationality: British - Languages: English and German -  Languages/Technologies: Django, Python, PHP, Web Design, Web Development, HTML/CSS/XML, AJAX/JQuery, SQL/PLSQL/Postgresql/Mysql/Oracle, Usability/Accessibility/Web Standards/Web2, Object Oriented Programming, Model View Controller (MVC), Java, C/C++, JSP/Servlets, Perl, CGI, Linux, Server Admin, Apache2, Bind, Networking & Security, DNS, SSH, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Database Design/UML, Database Implementation, Database Administration, Adobe Photoshop, Photography, WordPress /MU. '''[]''' Contact: videobrit at
    341  * '''[ Andreas Marr]''' Location: Berlin,Germany - spoken Languages: German/English(/French if must be) -  Languages+Technologies ;) : Python/PHP/C/Erlang..., (x)HTML/Javascript/CSS (+Ajax), Gentoo/SuSE/Linux general, SQL/PLSQL , Postgresql/Mysql/Oracle - consulting, development,administration. Contact: viadjangojobboard at
    343  * '''[ Tschitschereengreen]''' We are focussing on rapid development of web portals and are a service provider for VC- and Business Angel financed Ventures and !StartUps. We are working concurrently with Symfony, Ruby on Rails und Django depending on the requirements. Contact: info AT | Dresden, Germany
    345  * '''[ Wolfram Kriesing]''' all over Europe, based in Munich/Germany, available for consulting and freelancing - Technologies: Django, Dojo, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, and all that is required - hacking, consulting, project management, Contact: wolfram at kriesing dot de
    347  * '''[ Florian Schlachter]''' in Berlin, Germany - spoken languages: German and English, languages + technologies: Python/PHP/C + (X)HTML/JS/Ajax/CSS, Databases: MySQL/PSQL/BDB. Consulting and development. Please contact me:
    349  * '''[ Johannes Bornhold]''' based in Oldenburg, Germany, available for consulting and freelancing, languages spoken: German, English, some French; technologies: Django, Python, Java, XHTML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Linux and webserver know-how; contact: joh AT bo-tech DOT de,
    351  * '''[ Hubert Berezowski]'''\\
    352    Webdesign & Development\\
    353    Location: Hannover - spoken Languages: German / English / (Polish)\\
    354    Contact: kontakt at
    356  * '''[ Ivan Tomic]''' available for freelancing/work\\
    357    frontend/backend web development\\
    358    Expert in: python, php5, javascript/nodejs, html5, css, mysql, SQLite, solr, linux administration, nodewebkit
    359    Location: Hannover
    360    Languages: English\\
    361    Contact: info [at] ivantomic [dot] com
    363  * '''[ mobileapart]''' We are focussing on rapid development of web portals and are a service provider for VC- and Business Angel financed Ventures and !StartUps. Contact: info AT | Cologne, Germany
    365 * '''[]''' is a frankfurt-based digital marketing agency. we’re all about creating digital experiences that make sense for our clients and keep their audiences coming back for more. we deliver exceptional mobile & web solutions for top brands, and we have a great time doing it. beautiful. powerful. functional. django.\\spoken languages: german / english \\contact: info at | frankfurt am main, germany
    367  * '''[ TESOBE]''' - We're a small funky team of designers and software engineers (based in Berlin) using Django, Python, Postgres, NoSQL, Scala and Linux. Using Django since 0.96, we've worked on a large and diverse range of Django applications. Contact: contact at tesobe dot com
    369  * '''[ thi.guten]''' - We're based in Schondorf, near Ammersee, Munich Area, and have implemented lots of Django based web apps since 2008. Our focus is on quick, effective and reliable development, close to our customers and their needs.
    371 * '''[]''' - Django developers based in Stuttgart ('''[ schnapptack]''') and Passau ('''[ ADIT Systems]''') specialized in '''[ feature-oriented programming with django]''', javascript frontends, and application hosting.
    373 * '''[ Andreas Dopfer]''' - Freelance Software Developer in Duisburg, Germany. I'm specialized in building custom e-commerce and business apps (full-stack web and desktop). Get in touch '''[ here]'''.
    375  * '''[ M. Bauer Web development]''' - Python, Django, JavaScript Freelancer with nine years experience, also REST API and JavaScript MVCs. Hire me for full stack web development, unix server administration or coaching. Available for contract and international relocation. Based in Germany but with work experience in Vietnam, Singapore and Australia. See '''[]'''. Contact: info at beluga dot me
    377 == Greece ==
    379  * '''[ Stochastic Technologies]''' Location: Greece.  We develop web applications with Python and love Django, AppEngine and microframeworks. Contact:
    382  * '''[]''' Location: mostly Athens, Greece.  We build websites, portals, intranets, social networking applications and any information system you may need. Technologies we love to work with: Django, Zope, Plone. Contact:
    384  * '''[ Netbase]''' Location: Athens, Greece.  We create web applications exclusively with Django. Spoken languages English, Greek, Turkish. Contact:
    386  * '''[ Yawd]''' Location: Athens, Greece. We are a team of creative Django developers with more than 7 years of co-experience in web-based technologies. Contact:
    388 == Hungary ==
    389  * '''[]''' in Budapest, Hungary. Spoken languages: English and Hungarian. Technologies: Python/C#/Django  JQuery/ExtJS  valid XHTML/CSS. Consultancy and development. Contact us at:
    390 * '''[mailto:laszlo.ratsko(AT)gmail(DOT)com László Ratskó]''': Backend Django / PHP developer. 8 years development experience, 1 year using Django. Working knowledge in MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Experience in Linux management. Strong knowledge of git and automated testing.
    392 == Iceland ==
    393 * '''[ Guðmundur Bjarni]''' Location: Reykjavík, Iceland. Speak & write: Icelandic, English and Danish. Education: MSc. Software Engineer from [ DTU] and Certified Scrum Master. Technologies: Python/Java, CSS3, Html5, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, etc. Contact via homepage.
    395 == India ==
    397 * '''[ Sayone Technologies (P) LTD]''' Cochin Kerala,India based Django Development company having around 4+ years of experience in Python/Django ,Google app engine,Android,iPhone.We have a team of 13 python developers and work with resource sharing, hourly and fixed budget developments.Contact me at  []. 
    399 * '''[ Palansh Agarwal]''' -  I am a full stack developer that specializes in web technologies. I have prior hands-on consulting experiences in Web/Mobile(REST APIs) backend development in Python/Django and NodeJs for various startups. I have experience in workflow design for web backend and REST API design for mobile backend. I have frontend development experience in AngularJS.More at [ Website]. I also run a web development company called [ BizFlight] We work with awesome national and international startups. We handle full tech division of our clients. Give your business a flight through our technical expertise.
    401 * '''[ Siddharth Mitra]''' -  I am a full stack engineer that specializes in Python/Django. I've built a number of successful apps, a number of which have been acquired or featured on TechCrunch. I have experience front-end frameworks(like Backbone, Knockout and most recently ReactJS). I've also worked on devop positions with Ansible, Vagrant, Fabric, AWS etc. I also have a data science background from my masters. I've worked with R, Python(scikit-learn, numpy, pandas), Hadoop, and Spark recently. More at [ Website]. I also run a django development studio called [ Cloudshuffle] We work with a lot of awesome international startups, check out our portfolio. It speaks for itself.
    403 * '''[ Ajaikumar K]''' - Full stack Python/Django developer with over 3 years of experience.
    405 * '''[ Abin Abraham]''' I am an experienced Python Django Developer with a proven track record of delivering successfully, multiple, concurrent projects using Agile and Waterfall methodologies.  write to us at I am adept at building and leading high performance teams that focus on delivering superior customer and business outcomes. I am skilled in stakeholder management at all levels and has experience working on projects in North America, Middle East and Asia. * '''[ LinkedIn]''
    407  * '''[]''' I've been into Django for 4 months now (this is December 2015). Need more experience. Will work for food. Will work remotely.  Write to me at [ b.illumandal(at)gmail(dot)com]
    409  * '''[ MicroPyramid]''' We are Django and Python focused web development company with TDD and CI at priority. We are specialists in application development, testing and server management. We are a team of 15 ever testing our limits in django web development.
    411  * '''[ Quixom Technology]''' We are a company having high level of competency in Django and Python. We provide high quality custom solutions for various businesses and applications.  [ Visit our website] or write to us at [ info(at)quixom(dot)com]
    413  * '''[ Python-Development]''' We are an India based company having a pool of python developers and are experts in python and its web frameworks for both mobile and web app development.  [ Visit our website] or write to us at [ info(at)]
    415 * '''Abhishek Lal''' -Python Django Developer. Shoot a mail to to hire a django Genius.
    417 * '''weyoibru''' -Python Rockstars drop a mail at for a full time job opportunity at awesome startups.
    420 * '''[ Sparksupport Infotech Pvt. Ltd.]''' A company with a strong team of dynamic django/Python Engineers. We are skilled in building scalable, highly available SaaS based application using Django. We have already proved our skillset, professionalism, communication and commitment in each project, and thereby we can provide references from our US customers. Some of our skills API coding, Amazon s3 integration, Migration tool(South), Pluggable application, Celery(Asynchronous),Social Authentication(Facebook, Twitter) etc. Please contact us at shijil[at]
    422 * '''[ WireddIn Interactive Pvt. Ltd.]''' Mumbai,India based Software Development company. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for Web and Mobile applications. We use Django to create robust backends, including RESTful web services to be consumed by Mobile apps and web apps written in js frameworks like Angularjs, Backbonejs, etc.
    424 * '''Saad Bin Akhlaq''' - Pune, India based web developer Skill Set- Python, Django, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery,NoSql-Mongo, Backbone.js, Node.js, CoffeeScript SystemAdmin for linode(Ubuntu 12.04). Check out my blog []
    427 * '''[ GOF Consulting Pvt. Ltd.]''' New Delhi,India based Software Development company having 10+ years of experience in various technologies. Contact us at [info at]. 
    430 * '''[ Tom Joy]''' Kochi, Kerala,India Django developer, Python developer.Skill Set- Python, Django,ASP.NET,C#, Ajax,JQuery,MySQL,XML,css frameworks. Experience in developing Social networking sites,Cloud hosting service sites,financial domain projects like security litigation settlements.Contact: [mailto:tomjoy002(at)gmail(dot)com].PS: Only interested in Python & Django. with interesting projects welcome.
    432 * '''[ iKraft Software (P) LTD]''', Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir(IN). We are a young, small and agile team of 12. We possess in-depth expertize in building web applications with Python, Django and related technologies. We are firm believers in '''!DevOps''' and most of our team members are capable of provision and maintaining a Linux machine and various tools/servers including '''Nginx''', '''PostgreSQL''', '''Redis''', '''MongoDB'''. We also possess an expertize in building search solutions on top of '''Apache Solr''' and integrating it with Django apps. Unlike most small web development companies/agencies, we have our own '''full time QA staff'''. We also possess very good '''graphics desgin''' capabilities.
    434 * '''Subhranath Chunder''' - Open source Architect and Software Developer. Experienced Django and Python developer, with good experience in web application development using the Django as the underlying backbone. Have done numerous projects in this, and my entire work experience is also build around it. [ GitHub] [ Tech Blog] [ Website] Contact: []
    436 * '''2Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd''', Mumbai, India. We are providing services to Indian as well as international market with web designing, software application development, custom software application development, Joomla, Magento, Wordpress customization, Payment getaway integration, search engine optimization, search media optimization etc.
    438  '''Jibin John K.J''' Cochin, Kerala, India based Django developer/hobbyist.Skill Set- Linux, Python, Django, PHP, OpenERP, PostgreSQL, MySQL. Experience in financial domain projects like security litigation settlements.Contact: [ jibin_u(at)hotmail(dot)com].PS: Only interested in Python based projects.Startups with interesting projects welcome.
    440  '''Arjun Komath''' · Django developer · Kerala, India · Web & Mobile App Developer · Contact: [ arjunkomath(at)gmail(dot)com].
    442 * '''Arun Prabhakar''' - Bangalore,India based Django programmer expert in CSS, JS-JQuery, HTML and experience in Django/Python with MySQL. Contact me at [].
    444 * '''Renjith Raj''' - Cochin Kerala,India based Django programmer having around 2+ years of experience in Python/Django,Google app engine,Android,iPhone.We have a team of 13 python developers and work with resource sharing, hourly and fixed budget developments.Contact me at [].
    446 * '''Narendra Kamma''': Hyderabad, India based DJango programmer having around 2+ years of experience in Python/DJango and 6+ in .Net and other Microsoft technologies. Good at web and windows application development. Contact: narendra.kamma at
    448  * '''Amith V''': Experienced Django programmer having experience in working with enterprise Cloud Computing application using Django. Please contact me at to hire me.
    450  * '''[ agYeY solutions]''' - Experts in Python/Django based product development.
    452  * '''[ Srijan Technologies]''' We are one of the few companies in India with a skilled Django team, consisting of 5 permanent people and a senior consultant. We have worked on 3 Django projects. The latest one was a 20 person month project - an application for the retail sector with complex SMS based features. [ Visit our website] or write to us at [ business(at)srijan(dot)com]
    454  * '''Abilash Raghunandanan''', Kerala,Cochin,  Python/Django Programmer, Developing Marketing Management(ERP) package in Django, Skills : Python,C, Django, Mysql, .Contact:
    456  * '''Chaitanya Daphal''' Pune, India based Software engineer. Experts in Python & Django, PHP based product development. Contact: [ chaitanya(dot)daphal85(at)gmail(dot)com]
    458  * '''Vikash Chandra Verma''', Bangalore, Experienced Python/Django Programmer, Working on 3rd project, Skills : Python, Django, Mysql, Ajax, Javascript, Web development tools.[Contact:]
    461  * '''Vijay Bhaskar Rayudu''' Bangalore, India based Software engineer. Python,Django,Zope/Plone and Database dev. experience. Contact:
    464  * ''' Arun Senthil ''' Chennai, India based Software engineer. Python,Django,PHP,Ajax,Javascript and Database dev experience. Contact :
    467  * '''[ Thanga Vignesh Raja T]''' Chennai, India based Software Engineer. Having Experience in Web Based SaaS Applcation using Python, Django, MySql, MongoDB. Contact:
    470  * '''[ Sridhar Ratnakumar]''' Chennai, India based computer hacker. Python, Django,, Twisted, Nevow, Lisp and extremely good at design and algorithms. Resume: []
    472  * '''Satheesh Chandrasekhar''' Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software engineer. Python, Django, Ajax, Javascript, CSS, XML experience. Contact: []
    474  * '''[ Agiliq]''' Hyderabad, India. A small company specialising in building webapps with Django and Jquery. We primarily work with the leading Django Web Agencies, all over the world.
    476  * '''raj ganesh''' - python and django. Worked/work with small and medium sized firms(startups), rolling out software as service(saas) products. Currently based out of bangalore, india. contact:[]
    478  * '''Jayapal D''' Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software Engineer. Skill Set- Python, Django, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Dojo, Asterisk, PostgreSQL, Selenium, Report Generation using Appy framework & Reportlab, CSS, XML experience. Contact: [ jaypal(dot)d(at)gmail(dot)com]
    480  * '''Dhanya B.''' Trivandrum, Kerala, India based Software Developer. Expertise - Python, Django, Ajax, Javascript, Dojo, PostgreSQL, Java, J2EE, Asterisk, Report Generation using Appy framework & Reportlab, CSS experience. Contact: [ dhanyaabalan(at)gmail(dot)com]
    482  '''[ Saju.Madhavan]''' Bangalore, India based Software Developer. Expertise - '''Python''', '''OpenStack''', '''Django''', OpenContrail, '''Flask''', SQLAlchemy, Shell script, Boto, ExtJS, CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, '''Linux'''. Contact: '''sajuptpm(at)''' Phone: '''+91 9535134654''' Skype: sajuptpm '''Linkedin''':
    484  * '''Ravi K.''' - New Delhi, India based developer. Skill Sets: (Core Dev) - Python, Django, GAE, Linux (Web) - xHTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, (Team) SVN, CVS, Mercurial, Git, Perforce. (Others/Not-highly-specialized) Java, MySQL, MongoDB, FTS. Contact: []
    486  * '''[ Praveen Krishna R]''' - Kochi, Kerala, India based developer(Currently in Kuwait). Skills: Python, Django, jQuery, CSS, MySQL, Linux, Contact: [mailto:rpraveenkrishna@gmail.c0m]
    488  * '''EcommIT Labs Pvt Ltd Kochi, India'''- Web development company from India specialized in Python,Django, Google app engine, OpenERP Developments.  We have a team of 13 python developers and work with resource sharing, hourly and fixed budget developments. Visit [] or write to []
    490  * '''Alok Tiwari''' - Ajmer,Rajasthan,India based Django programmer expert in CSS, JS-JQuery, HTML5 and experience in Django/Python with MySQL/Postgre. Connect me at linkedin [] Drop me mail at []
    492  * '''drake01''' - New Delhi, India based web developer, Django programmer, having working knowledge of CSS, JQuery, HTML5 and experience in Django/Python with MySQL/Postgre. Website: . Drop me mail at []
    494 * '''Sagar Shirsath''': Pune , The Django developer .have worked on various social sites. Contact: sagar.shirsath2010 at
    496 * '''Dipankar Sarkar''' - Start up guy, have started multiple projects on Django/Python like kwippy, mosambe, etc. Work with all kind of frameworks and completely solutions oriented. Website - [] Email - [].
    498 * ''' Ankur SN Sinha ''' -Senior Software developer at Hewlett Packard Bangalore.I am having 3 years of experience in python and Django application development.I had worked with C-DAC Research and Development and developed Geospatial Solutions for the indian govt.
    500 * '''[ Vishal Sodani]''' - 3 years of experience in Django, launched and in 2013, full-time freelancer based in Mumbai. Total 8+ years of experience
    502 * '''Vijay Balkrishna Konduskar''' - Over 8+ Years if Experience in IT Industry, Prev worked as programmer, manager, business analyst, team mentor , chief technical head , business conveyor etc In Windows+Java Development ,Recently started Building app in ROR as well as in Python(14 month Exp) ,As an Software Engineer I never forget from where I started to learn so keeping myself updated every day and also making application for windows8 pc …Who know which kind of requirement comes to you So "I AM Prepared For Anything.any service which make my customer happy and stress free,Well I am looking for fresher Opportunity in Python Django to get started from Base Again , thanks for reading.Profile - []
    504 * '''Virendra Rajput''' - Located in Pune, India, based Django programmer expert in Web programming (full stack development), along with good amount of experience in Django/Python. Contact me - [].
    506 * "Vinit Kumar" - Experienced Python/Django developer with 4+ years of experience building scalable, performant backend systems in Django/Go/Node.js. Contact me here - []
    510 == Indonesia ==
    511 * '''Panjianom Adipratomo''' - A web developer & web/UI designer, located in Bogor-Indonesia. Works remotely with Python, Django, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, & Twitter Bootstrap. Contact me through our email: panjul76[at] or our skype ID: pije76 for hiring & check out our portfolio at our website "[]".
    513 == Japan ==
    514 * '''Alexis Tabary''' Located in Kansai. Works remotely with Python, Django, Jenkins and more, with a strong background in mathematics, data-mining and machine learning. I also co-founded Shining Panda '''[]''', a cloud based company specialized in Python QA. Contact: '''[]'''
    516 == Kuwait ==
    517 * "Mo Mughrabi" A professional web developer working with django 1.x & flask for over a year. Located in Kuwait and you can contact me through my website "[]" for hiring.
    519 == Iran ==
    520  * '''[ Rubako روباکو]''': Pioneer in Iran agile community and scrum trainings & also developer of elegant custom Python/Django solutions for enterprises. Based in Iran, Tehran. - Skillset: Python & Django , JVM platform (Java/JEE/Grails) and mobile development. Email: '''[]'''.
    522 * '''[ iBrogrammer]''': Contractor, java wizard & python hacker who strongly believes in 'Joie de vivre', himself and putting a dent in universe by creating remarkable software. Email: '''[]'''.
    524 == Ireland ==
    525  * '''Cubedroute''' Located in Dublin & Mayo, Ireland. '''[]''' - Skillset: Python/Django, Ajax PHP, CSS, AJAX (YUI, JQUERY) Web design. Name: Johnny Kane , Email: '''[]'''
    527  * '''Kevin Noonan''' Located in Dublin, Ireland. '''[]''' - Contract software architect working in Python and Java. Name: Kevin Noonan, Email: django AT knoonan DOT rushpost DOT com
    529  * '''Jan Paricka''' Located in Galway, Ireland. '''[]''' - Python/Django Development Team with Web design, XHTML, CSS, AJAX (Jquery). Name: Jan Paricka, Email: '''[]'''
    531  * '''yazzgoth ltd''' Located in Cork, Ireland. '''[]''' - Python, Django, Twisted development team with C#, JavaScript (jQuery, Unity3D), Java, SQL, CouchDB, AMQP, XMPP, (X)HTML, CSS focusing on networked applications, middlewares, APIs and web apps'''[]'''
    533 == Israel ==
    534  * '''Purple Bit Ltd.''' Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Purple Bit is a boutique Software Dev Shop which uses Python and Django extensively. We've worked on several large-scale end-to-end projects, with Django at their core. We have years of experience with both Mobile and Web technologies, our team leaders have 10+ years of Professional Software experience. Contact us at: contact(AT) Website: '''[]'''
    535  * '''Moshi Binyamini''' Located in Holon, Israel. - Python, Django, AJAX (jQuery), PHP, CSS, SQL (Oracle, MySQL, sqlite), C++. Sysadmin for Linux (RHEL) and Windows environments and an Oracle DBA. Familiar with Linux-HA (Heartbeat), clustered storage, apache, VMWare ESX administration, and a whole lot more. Will work pro bono. Contact ultraspidey (AT) gmail
    536  * '''Ram Rachum (Chipmunk Development)''' Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, works remotely for companies around the world. Works with Python, Django, git, Postgres and more; More info and contact details here: [ Django developer].
    537  * '''Sven Hoffmann''' Tel Aviv, Israel, experienced software engineer with excellent design skills! 10y+ experience, 4y django. Django&Python, Flex&Flash, jquery, mysql.pgsql.MSSQL, .net MVC, recently iPhone. startup experience as co-founder and freelancer. Contact: sven.hoffmann(AT)vectorpixels(DOTCOM)
    538  * '''22seeds''' Tel Aviv, Israel, a small and talented web and mobile app development company. Python, Django, iOS, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery. Capable of providing end-to-end solutions, including client and backend. We also provide a wide range of services in app marketing, including website, PR, promo videos, social media, and more. Very experienced in managing large projects (~50 engineers). Contact: hello(AT)22seeds(DOT)com. Website: '''[]'''
    539 * '''Uri Even-Chen''' Based in Herzliya, Israel, works remotely for companies around the world, or on-site for companies near Tel-Aviv. Works with Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery and more. You can find my CV on [ LinkedIn]. Email uri <at>
    541 == Italy ==
    542  * '''Antonino Stefano Borgia''' Located in Padua, Italy. Python developer 7+ years experience, 4y Django. Works for TIM. Academic Research background (INFN) Available for remote jobs. Contact Email stefano.borgia at
    543  * '''Joe Pellizzer''' Located in Vicenza, Italy. Python-Django and database development, (HTML, CSS, RSS, XML, ZOPE, PLONE, etc.). Web appilcation development for over 6+ years designed for industry. Available by contract in either area. Contact Email [ info at]
    544  * '''[ Odeon Consulting Group]''' - Python/Django Development Team with AJAX, Flex Capabilities. Name: Stefan Talpalaru, Email: '''[]'''
    545  * '''[ Paolo Pancaldi]''' Located in Trento, Italy. Django & Python developer (beside php,xhtml,css2,jquery,mysql,postgresql). I'm looking for projects/gigs abroad.
    546  * '''[ PuzzleDev]''' Located in Ravenna, Italy. A modern and dynamic web agency developing ad hoc web solutions. For information: '''[]'''.
    548 * '''[ Integra di S.Dimartina]''' - Django / Python WebDesign with c++/pascal/mysql backgrouds. Name: Sebastiano Dimartina, Email: '''[]'''
    549 * '''[ Philipp Zedler]''' - Django Backend development for a network of frontend people. Scientific background. Particular interest in music and online-newspapers. Based in Berlin, Germany, and Bruneck, Italy. Email: info at bruneck-berlin dot de
    551 == Lithuania ==
    552 * '''[ Michael Samoylov]''' has a decade of experience with Django. A full-stack Python/Django and Javascript/React developer. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania.
    553 * '''[ Monmar]''' is a team of experts offering Django and JavaScript software development, consulting, training and commercial support services. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Email us: hello at monmar dot tech
    555 == Malaysia ==
    557  * '''[ Jay Liew]''' Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew ()
    559  * '''[ Pytech Resources]''' is a company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Established in 2006, it specializes in software development using Python and the Django web application framework. Its founder, P.C. Boey, is also the leading trainer and consultant for Python programming and Django in Malaysia. Contact : pcboey at yahoo dot com
    561  * '''[ Chew Chee Ming]''' is a Python developer based in Malaysia. Has experience working on Django, Twisted, Celery, JavaScript and PostgreSQL. Also runs an oursourced software development company [ Infinite Code]. Contact: cheeming at gmail dot com.
    564 == Mali ==
    566  * '''[ Renaud Gaudin]''' French freelance Django dev with a working experience in all West Africa, with governments and international NGO.
    568 == Mexico ==
    569  * '''[ Damian Perez]''' Django developer. Experience with Python, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Apache, PIP, Virtualenv, Debian, Ubuntu, SVN, Git, HTML5, CSS, Jquery, Contact: dperez at desarrolloinfo dot com.
    570  * '''[ Uakami Studio]''' Software Development Agency. We love Python and Django and use it to create awesome applications. Our customers always end loving Django as well. Contact Us at
    572 == Morocco ==
    573  * '''[ Aflaak]''' We are a small comapny concentrating on django based projects. Contact mohamed at aflaak dot com.
    574  * '''[ Amine Zyad]''' Very skilled freelancer Django dev with a wide background in IT (sysadmin, APIs, e-commerce) and Digital Marketing. Contact: amizya at gmail dot com
    576 == Netherlands ==
    578  * '''[ Goeie Jongens]''': Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Full-service web development in Django, with over 20 years of combined experience. Comes with a network of Django-compatible freelance professionals. Specialists in mobile apps, Ajax-driven user interfaces, social media, multilingual content management, cloud-based hosting and Django performance optimization.
    580  * '''[ Eyo Interactive]''': Helmond, The Netherlands. Full-service web development with 6+ years experience in Django, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive Design. A keen focus on Social Media and intergration. Also develops for the Mobile Web and Native iOS Apps.
    582  * '''[ Yuri van der Meer]''': Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Allround web developer specialised in Python/Django, HTML5, !JavaScript/!CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, CSS, jQuery and RequireJS. An experienced and versatile web professional with a feeling for architecture and an eye for detail.
    584  * '''[ Maykin Media] (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)''': Full service, Django only, web development agency that has shifted its focus to developing mission critical infrastructure technologies for companies in both the travel and publishing industry. We develop high performance, high availability and scalable web services and are well connected with the Dutch Django community, participate in Django code sprints and are conference chair for Djangocon 2011 in Amsterdam.
    586  * '''[ Dynora]''': Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. '''Four-headed Django Dragon! ''' Besides extensive experience in Django every team member has a special front or back end web development skill. Since 1999 we deliver specialized both ends technology for businesses and design agencies; HTML5, CSS3, !JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, Canvas, Django, Python, XSLT, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, SEO, Semantic Web, Mobile Web.
    588  * '''[ Marcel Beumer]''': Amsterdam area, The Netherlands. Python/Django and front-end developer (!JavaScript, CSS, XSLT, Canvas, jQuery).
    590  * '''[ Orne Brocaar]''': Django and SEO specialist. Looking for freelance jobs related to SEO, Django, Python, jQuery, (x)HTML, CSS. E-mail: info at brocaar dot com
    592  * '''[ Matthias Pronk]''': Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Looking for freelance gigs related to Django, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Linux, OS X, BSD.
    594  * '''[ OSSO B.V.]''': Groningen, The Netherlands. Experience with Django since before 1.0. We practice agile development techniques. Knowledgeable in everything Open Source.
    596  * '''B Heesakkers''': Tilburg / Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Looking for freelance gigs related to Django, Python, MySQL, Linux, OS X, PHP to Python, CSS, HTML, AJAX, !JavaScript etc. E-mail: bjorn at expleo dot nl
    598  * '''Angelo Romano''': Italian, but currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Looking for jobs with Django, Python, MySQL/PostgreSQL (also experienced with GIS extensions), !JavaScript (AJAX/jQuery). Maintainer of spare time project [ Triplander] (coded with Django and jQuery). Email -> angelo(dot)romano[at]gmail(dot)com
    600  * '''[ Rudolph Froger]''': Delft, The Netherlands. full-time Django developer since 2005 looking for web-projects involving Django and Python.
    602  * '''[ Pythonheads]''': Groningen, The Netherlands. Full-time+experienced+motivated Python / Django developers! Email: info at pythonheads dot nl
    604  * '''[ Nico den Boer]''': Strijen, The Netherlands. Free lance programmer with 17 years experience and knowledge about business economics. Looking for Django gigs! Contact me through website or nicodenboer at yahoo dot com.
    606 * '''[ Intellimedia]''': Leiden & Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are a small professional group of Django webdevelopers with lots of experience. Django, HTML5, CSS (responsive design), AJAX, Javascript and much more... Check our website for details!
    608  * '''Daniel Klasson''': The Hague, The Netherlands. Python & Django developer with 2 years experience (7 years PHP). dan dot klasson at gmail  dot com.
    610  * '''[ Top Notch Development]''': Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With 4+ years of Django/Python development experience, using the latest technologies we create cutting-edge custom webapps to suit your exact needs.
    612  * '''[ m3r consultancy]''': Amsterdam, The Netherlands (but willing to travel for short contracts). Extensive track record of Django and Python CMS and Web app projects. Over 15 years of experience with python.
    614  * '''[ Ivo van der Wijk]''': Freelance python developer. Experienced with Django since 2009 and familiar with many other Python frameworks. Also experienced with jQuery, Android, bootstrap, SQL, noSQL, GAE and migration projects.
    616  * '''[ SolidFlux]''': Small Django/Node.js shop from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Full-service and flexible web development working '''with''' medium to large clients on API's, high traffic websites and everything else web.
    618 * '''[ Innokoda]''': Eindhoven area, The Netherlands. Utilizing Django, Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch.
    620 * '''[ Rolf van Dam]''': Amsterdam area, The Netherlands. Freelance full-stack web developer (Django since 2009, JQuery, bootstrap)
    622 == New Zealand ==
    624  * '''[ Sebastian Henschel]''' - Software engineer currently living in Wellington, New Zealand, but also based in Berlin, Germany. See '''[ projects on]''' and '''[ resume]'''. Contact: shensche at kodeaffe dot de.
    626  * '''[ Kevin Sparks]''' - Web developer in Auckland, New Zealand. Freelance / Contract development for Python/Django web apps. Contact me via '''[ website]''' or kevin at just-digital dot net.
    628  * '''Tomas Ehrlich''' Python/Django developer from Czech Republic living in Hastings. For more info please contact tomas dot ehrlich at gmail dot com.
    630 == Pakistan ==
    631  * '''[ Adnan Siddiqi]''': Over 12 years of experience working on various technology stacks like LAMP, J2EE,J2SE,Python,Django, Ruby and Rails, Mobile apps. I can help to turn your idea into reality. Being an entrepreneur and interest in related things I can not only help you in coding but also help to devise strategy that can help to increase your online presence and bring business. Email me at kadnan @
    633  * '''[ BiteSource (Pvt) Ltd]''' consists of team that provides services such as Django, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Jquey, XML, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, Unix, Python, PHP, CakePHP and etc. For details please [ our site] or [ service page directly]. You can also reach us at [ Contact Page] or by sending an email to [mailto:info(at)bitesource(dot)com]
    635  * '''[ ESketchers]''' is a team of professional django developers. ESketchers provides services in Web Development, Mobile Application Development and Web Marketing. ESketchers provide E2E solutions and help you not only build great products but also in the marketing of that product. [ Visit our website] or write to us at [mailto:info(at)esketchers(dot)com]
    637  * '''[ Hameedullah Khan]''': Django, XHTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, PHP, Turbogears. Specialist in converting PHP apps into Django. Email: hameed-at-hameedkhan-dot-net
    639  * '''[ Mezino Technologies]''' is a team of django developers. Mezino Technologies provides E2E solutions, from initial project design to completion of the project including complete project management and quality assurance. [ Visit our website] or write to us at [mailto:django(at)mezino(dot)com]
    641  * '''[]''' is developed by Mezino Technologies
    643 == Perú ==
    645  * '''[ Quimera Labs]''' Quimera Labs are professionals in Python Web Application development with the Django Framework, databases management, reports, web design, integration with social networks, content management systems, GIS, mobile compatible websites, etc. We work only with Open Source Technologies to ensure an Affordable Cost.
    647  * '''[ Aureal]''' Frontend and backend development in Django and/or Python (we also do other stuff, php, javascript, css, xhtml and all that) , *nix deployment (and configuration/administration), Web development, consulting, web standard experts. Located in Lima, Perú. We have experience in developing great sites like [ Neoauto], [ Aptitus] and [ Mistura 2010]. Contact us at [mailto:breno(at)aureal(dot)pe]
    649 == Philippines ==
    651  * '''[ A-Team Solution]''' Speciality: Python and Django development. We also do graphic design, project management, Server Administration, css+xhtml, jquery, node.js, ajax, PHP. We use the most modern tools; DVCS, virtualenvs. Competitve Rates, first class service and skill. American Managed. We pride ourselves on our value and responsiveness Try us []
    653 == Poland ==
    655  * '''[ SkyGate - design and software house]''' We are SkyGate - a software house & a design agency with passion for startups. We offer full scope of IT services – dedicated applications, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, as well as design, branding, photo, movie, marketing, public relations, social media & business strategy. Everything start-up needs under one roof! Meet your new design and software team. We are based in three cities in Poland. You can also find us in London, UK.
    657  * '''[ - - we do our job OK!]''' company has a professional team of IT specialists & designers which done more than 70 projects to-date. We specialize in web & mobile applications and offer a full-service client service and project management with support in English, Polish and Russian languages. DOOK served for international wide-known brands and created several startups. ''Specialties:'' Django (since 0.9), Python, HTML/CSS/JS (node.js, jQuery, Angular, bb), MySQL/noSQL/PostgreSQL, mongoDB, API's/SDK (FB, AWS, Google, and more). Feel free to send your brief to contact at We are based in Wroclaw, Poland so flights to UK/NL or drive to DE is not a problem if remote is not enough.
    659  * '''[ Clearcode - Technology with passion]'''  Clearcode has been steadily growing and attracting exceptional talent since 2009. Our team has more than 50 specialists - designers, frontend & backend developers, sysadmins and project managers working from our office in Wrocław, Poland. We have an extensive track record of building web applications using Django framework and is looking for new challenges.
    661  * '''[ Idego Group - Delivering software. Making things great]''' We are Python Developers from Poland. With our clients we are working to develop and design great custom software for Web and Mobile. Delivering software. Making things great. We love to use Python/Django, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL and few other technologies. Contact: []
    663  * '''[ Koliber Services - Krystian Cybulski]''' Experienced, professional, native-English speaking Python/Django, Java and PHP developer based in Warsaw, Poland. Developing web sites and online applications for US companies and clients professionally since 2000. US Citizen, W9.
    665  * '''[ Tomasz Zieliński @]''' - Experienced full-stack web developer excelling at Django.
    667  * '''Wojciech Sobczak''' (vbert) Python + Django, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, VB, VBA. Web developer from Poland. Now I build new site of firm in Django. Email: wsobczak at gmail dot com.
    669  * '''[ Leta Korporejszyn]''': We are small polish company. Our goal is to design aesthetic, beautiful and functional web sites. We use CSS, Flash + Actionscript, Django.  leta  dot  korp  at  gmail  dot  com
    671  * '''Lukasz Lebiedzinski''' C++, Java, ASP.NET, MSSQL, MySQL, XHTML, CSS. Database developer experienced in MSSQL. Developer from Poland. Contact: anduin at gazeta dot com.
    673  * '''[ Design Divine]''' - website & webapp development fusing python/django together with creative graphics,  use of popular javascript frameworks (eg. jQuery, Prototype) & professional deployment on U**X platforms.  Visit our portfolio or contact us: [].
    675  * '''Kamil Wdowicz''' web developer, system administrator. 4+ years in Django. Fluent XHTML+CSS. Python, Ruby, KSH. Email: (update: 2010/02/13)
    677  * '''Jakub Wilk''': Python, Django, databases. Contact: [].
    679  * '''Sebastian Bauer''' (anih): Łódź. Python, Django, databases- PostgreSQL/MySQL, sysadmin, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML+CSS. Contact: [].
    681  * '''[ SolutionCode]''' Team of Django addicted developers. We build SaaS applications and apps that are tailored to a custom needs of our clients. We are located in Cracow.
    683  * '''Łukasz Dziedzia''': Software engineer specialized in Python/Django. My portfolio covers applications and websites for various demanding clients. Contact: [], skype: lukasz.dziedzia.
    685  * '''[]''' We are a small, agile and goal oriented, distributed Python/Django developers team operating out of Poland. In our daily work we strongly belive in KISS and DRY principles. While designing and writing our code we follow TDD/BDD approach. Check us out.
    687  * '''[ Web Apps]''' We are a small, but strong Python/Django Team. We create Web apps designed with the thought of tomorrow! dedicated, adjusted to your needs displaying accurately on every mobile devices.
    689  * '''[ Bernard Kobos]''' Python + Django, Google App Engine, XHTML, CSS, 10+ yrs of software development. Always in pursuit of challenging tasks and creating clever solutions with well-crafted code.
    691 * '''[]''' - Backend and frontend development, scientific apps. Several years of experience working for startups, business customers and large companies in United States and Europe.
    693 * '''[ SIZEOF.PL - Web & Apps, Python Fanatics]''' - We provide services, outsourcing, backend and frontend development based on Python, Django, Amazon AWS, [ ...see more]. Contact Us: [], skype:
    695 * '''[ Sunscrapers - Python Dev Shop]''' We partner with startups, companies and brands helping them solve business problems with technology. Our approach combines business savvy, software craftsmanship and agile project management to deliver state-of-the-art applications rapidly and efficiently.
    697 == Portugal ==
    699  * '''[ José Moreira]''' - Django Backend (+Celery) / Frontend (Templating) development; Javascript (Dojo, JQuery, Sizzle, Google Closure); Devops (EC2, Linode,  Openshift, Heroku, [Github resume]
    701  * '''[ Nelson Monteiro]''' - Experienced django, html, css, javascript, sql developer. Windows, mac and linux system administrator. Visit my website and view my resume.
    703  * '''[ André Tavares]''' - Built several Django applications in the last 5 years. Developed a [ micro framework] for building RESTful APIs in Django. Full-stack developer, experienced using Angular.js and React.js in the front-end.
    705 == Romania ==
    707  * '''[ Crystal Works]''': We're a small web development studio focused on creating high-performance DB powered applications using Python & Django or PHP5 & symfony.
    708  * '''[ Vuzum]''': We're Vuzum, a boutique digital studio focused on delivering great experiences. We are a team of eight developers and digital artists spread across two offices, in Spain and Romania.
    709  * '''[ Adrian Olaru]''': Web developer.
    710  * '''[ Odeon Consulting Group]''' - Python/Django Development Team with AJAX, Flex Capabilities. Name: Tudor Munteanu, Email: '''[]'''
    711  * '''[ Elvsoft]''': Small web development company with seasoned developers that focus on Django, Python, jQuery, PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL; rich and accessible front end interfaces. Email: office |at]
    712  * '''[ Vertical Software]''': Software development team, working with Django, PHP, Flash, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Servoy, .NET, Java, Flex, Silverlight. Email: office [at]
    713  * '''[ Florentin Sardan]''': I am offering my services of building reliable web applications on Python/Django, PHP or Ruby.
    714 * '''[ Viorel Stirbu]''': Python/JS developer specialized in Bitcoin.
    716 == Russia ==
    717  * '''[ Kamo Petrosyan]''', Omsk, Russia. I am web developer since 2004 and I'm Python developer since 2009. I have good knowledge in Python (Django/Flask), MySQL/PostgreSQL, Object Oriented Design, MVC architecture, Linux (gentoo/centos/ubuntu/etc.). Extensive experience with: HTML/CSS/JS, JQuery. Additional skills: C++, PHP, Java, Pascal/Delphi.
    718  * '''[ Nikolay Baluk]''',  Russia, Remote. Python/Django full stack developer and former Linux administrator. Last project is a SaaS platform on GAE.
    719  * '''[ Vitaliy Shishorin]''', Voronezh, Russia. I'm Python developer with 10+ years of experience. I have good knowledge in Python (Django/Flask), MySQL/MongoDB, REST (design), Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns, MVC architecture, Linux (centos admin). Frontend: HTML/CSS/JS, AngularJS, Backbone, Socket.IO. Tools: osx, vim, git, bash, jira. Additional skills: development for google glass, industrial plc: wiring and programming, node, golang.
    720  * '''[ Semeyon Svetliy]''', Omsk, Russia. My experience in Python is more than 7 years. And I have good knowledge in Python(Django, Pyramid, Celery, Flask, Scrapy etc), JavaScript (jQuery, Mootools)/CoffeeScript, xHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, DB(PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo etc), Search Engines(Sphinx,Elasticsearch) many technical service and external APIs(Facebook, Twitter, AWS, PayPal etc). For more information please follow the link on my profile!
    721  * '''[ Kirill Kanakhin]''', Omsk, Russia. I am Python developer with 5+ years of experience.
    722   And I have good knowledge in Python (Django, Tornado, Flask, Celery,Scrapy etc), JavaScript (jQuery, nodeJS), xHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3,DB(PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server  etc), Search Engines(Sphinx,Elasticsearch,Apache Solr), many technical service and external APIs(Facebook, Twitter, AWS, PayPal etc). Please visit my profile for more information!
    723  * '''[ Sergey Kurmaev]''', Omsk, Russia. I’m Python Developer with 3+ years of experience. My knowlenge in backend-technologies - Python(Django, Flask, Celery,Scrapy etc),DB(PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc), many technical service and external APIs(Facebook, Twitter,  Stripe, AWS, PayPal etc). Frontend - JavaScript (jQuery, nodeJS), xHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3. Need more info? Please contact with me!
    724  * '''[ Alexandr Kosarevskiy]''', Omsk, Russia.Python developer is more than 2 years. And I have good knowledge in Python(Django, Celery,Scrapy,Tonado etc), JavaScript (jQuery), xHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, DB(PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc), many technical service and external APIs(Facebook, Twitter, AWS, PayPal etc). Contact with me for details!
    725 * '''[ Andrey Pochekutov]''' - my interests is business, e-commerce, software development on Django. Only Test Driven Development and 80%+ test code coverage. My CV on
    726  * '''[ Marsel Taipov]''', Moscow, Russia. I work as WEB-developer (Python/Django, !JavaScript/jQuery). I used to work in Brazil. My [ CV] My [ homesite] Email:
    727  * '''Evgeniy Chernishov''', Russia, Tomsk. Django developer, Mysql, Postgresql, jQuery, FreeBSD SA. CV Email:
    728  * '''Sholomitcky Sergei''', Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. Django developer, Postgresql, jQuery, Linux, CSS3/HTML5, WebGL. More than 10 years experience in web application development. sholomitcky AT gmail DOT com
    729  * '''[ Appeggio]''', Moscow, Russia, Worldwide. At Appeggio we develop quality web applications. Among tools we use are Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, Postgresql, Celery and many others. Contact us at and let's get the job done!
    730 * '''[ 05Bit]''', Moscow, Russia, Worldwide. We develop web-services using Python & Django, basically focused on innovative services and start-ups. If you have such project or an idea for one, contact us!
    731 * '''[ Zavod-It Startups]''', Yekaterinburg, Russia, Worldwide. We develop websites, backend, services using Python & Django, Silicon Valley startups experience.More than 7 years experience.
    733 == Senegal ==
    734  * '''[ Ousmane Wilane]''', Located in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Python, Django, web technologies. Available for contracts. Contact: ousmane at wilane dot net. [ Resume available.]
    736 == Serbia ==
    738  * '''[ Petar Bukvic]''', Belgrade, Serbia. Python/Django and !JavaScript (jQuery, !MooTools) programmer
    739  * '''[ Janoš Guljaš]''' Python/Django and HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery freelance developer based in Belgrade, Serbia. Also experienced in Debian and CentOS Linux system administration.
    740  * '''Robert Kolozsi / robert.kolozsi at gmail dot com''', Subotica, Serbia. Python/Django, C, JavaScript junior programmer. 5 years of experience in GNU/Linux OS (Debian).
    742 == Singapore ==
    744  * '''[ Jay Liew]''' Small software engineering firm, people with background in product management, computer science with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile smartphone apps. Drop me an email anyway - for a friendly chat: jayliew ()
    745  * '''[ Michael Lim]''' Web applications (python), AJAX, Actionscript. Email: mikelim at
    746  * '''[ Odeon Consulting Group]''' - Python/Django Development Team with AJAX, Flex Capabilities. Name: Calvin Cheng, Email: '''[]'''
    747  * '''[ Steven]''' Django/Python Development, Empowered by AJAX (JQuery). Always looking for projects. Contact at steven [@]
    748  * '''[ Kenny Shen]''' Django & Python, dash of Javascript and NoSQL. Caffeine is also welcomed. Buzz me - kenny [at]
    749  * '''[ Hudarsono]''' Django, Python, AppEngine Developer. [ Sample Code] Email : hudarsono [at]
    751 == Slovakia ==
    753  * '''[ CodeScale]''' provides custom software development and consulting built on open source platform. We deliver full service support including everything from planning and analysis to end-user training. Because we take quality seriously right across the board, you’ll enjoy working with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.
    755 == South Africa ==
    757  * '''[ Byte Orbit]''': Cape Town based team specializing in open source application development, with a focus on Python and Django.
    758  * '''[ Symfony Digital Solutions]''': We are perfectly positioned within the market to meet the constantly growing demand for new and specialized web applications which will further enhance your online experience and productivity. With a range of high-end services offered, we are well-equipped to provide an all-encompassing solution from conception through to execution.
    760  * '''[ ISE Technologies]''': Small software development company with 10 years commercial experience. We focus on web application development and integration using Python and more specifically Django. Our expertise include REST, SOAP, XML-RPC - Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo integration. Contact Gert Steyn at '''[]'''.
    761 * '''[ Codiez]''': Johannesburg based Python and Django based developers, concentrating on Mobile, Web and Back End Development and REST API development with python. We have built production apps for Startups and MVP's in various technology stacks. Read our '[ Programming Blog]
    762 * '''[ Nerd Corp]''': Think of us as those kids from Captain Planet, all grown up – we are each the master of our individual craft, but with our powers combined we become an all-singing, all-dancing Cape Town web application development machine that gets you what you want, how you want it, the first time around. Be it web design, web development, SEO copywriting, search engine marketing, hosting or Google Adwords campaigns. We cover all assets.
    764 == Spain ==
    766  * '''[ Nomadblue]''': Python/Django/jQuery/SEO freelance developer originally from Barcelona, Spain. I've been in the Internet industry since 1999 and developing Django applications since 2007, involved in all kind of projects (social networks, CMS, e-commerce, microsites...). Regularly I open source django apps (some examples can be found [ here] or [ here].
    767  * '''[ Adrima]''': Advanced web developing. Social networks, Facebook applications, E-Commerce, web design, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, AAA accessibility level, semantic markup, javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQUeryTools. Long experience with django and web related technologies. Open source solutions. Recently won the most accessible web award.
    768  * '''[ Digital farm]''': Freelance web developer loving Django. Also does Python, Java, XHTML, javascript, jQuery, MySQL, CSS, social websites applications, Android applications, audio programming.
    769 * '''[ Vuzum]''': We're Vuzum, a boutique digital studio focused on delivering great experiences. We are a team of eight developers and digital artists spread across two offices, in Spain and Romania.
    771 == Sweden ==
    772  * '''[ Anders Petersson]''' Django developer. Does Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. Knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, AppEngine and got good contact with Webdesigners.
    773  * '''[ Arno Smit]''' Django developer. Python, Django, RubyOnRails, XHTML, CSS2/3, jQuery. LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL) Deploy Django apps.
    774  * '''[ Knut Nesheim]''' Web developer with focus on usability.
    775  * '''[ Pawel Suwala]''' Django developer. Skills: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. Knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many more.
    776  * '''[ Daniel Karlsson]''' Assembling the World Wide Web.
    777  * '''[ Daniel Eriksson]''' Web and software developer. Django, PHP, ASP.NET, C#, C++, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS. 17 years of professional developer experience in various industries.
    779  == Switzerland ==
    780   * '''[ Beyond the Wall - Gregory Favre]''': Django developer located in Geneva region. I've been using Django since 2008. I use Python, Django, AngularJS, jQuery and Sass in most of my projects. [ CV available]. [ Contact me]
    781   * '''[ Divio - Christian Bertschy]''': Divio, a web agency located in Zürich, builds web applications and is specialised in the areas of design and development. For the production Divio uses the modern Webframework Django and is heavily involved in the development of the successful open source projects [ django CMS] and [ django SHOP].
    782   * '''[ taywa - Yves Serrano]''': Located in Zurich. We do cutting edge web development. Skills: Python - Django, Zope, Silva; Javascript - jQuery, Raphaël; Objective-J - Cappuccino (RIA); Databases - couchdb, mysql, postgres; HTML5; CSS2/3; Webaccessibility WCAG 2.0;  [ Contact us]
    785 == Thailand ==
    786  * '''[ Proteus Technologies Co. Ltd]''': ISV based in Bangkok Thailand & Atlanta GA USA. "We help turn your web site into a web BUSINESS." Focus on Django, Agile, & Open Source/Standards development since early 2006. Have developed and deployed mission critical services supporting hundreds of thousands of users scalable to millions.
    788 == Turkey ==
    789  * '''[ Serra Yazılım]''': Professional Python Django Web Development.
    792 == Ukraine ==
    794  * '''[ Quintagroup]''' is  IT solutions company with over 11 years of experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of web development and design, web application and portal development, Plone Content Management. Combining our  technical expertise in open-source technologies, including Python, '''[ Django]''', Pyramid and profound knowledge of latest trends we offer cutting-edge web solutions that deliver clear benefits for our clients. Contact us for more information via Email: support+contact at quintagroup dot com.
    796  * '''[ Pekelny Ilya]''' Python / Django web developer. Sites and web apps development.
    798  * '''[ Fresh2L web studio]''' Able to work with any english speaking cients. Our location: Ukraine, Donetsk. We have well experienced staff in Django development. Contact us "fresh.tool" at "gmail" dot "com"
    800  * '''Yann Vallery-Radot''' Django developer. Specialising in mobile / Trading / Ecommerce and ground breaking projects development. Based in UK/ France but usually on remote working. Inclusive solution provided (Server / Analytics/ Bug Tracking) + 3 years experience of 100% Django custom CMS platform development.   Email: yannvr at gmail dot com. [ ]
    802  * '''[ Pydev UA]''' Kyiv and Kharkov, Ukraine. High skilled team of developers with primary focus on web applications built with Python and Django.
    804  * '''[ Andrey Khavryuchenko]'''  Kyiv, Ukraine.  Delivering django apps starting from 0.91.  Contact at akhavr at gmail dot com or at [ my blog] (15 Sep 2007)
    806  * '''[]''' Kyiv, Ukraine. Over 2 years of django developing. Mobile team of professionals, specialized in web-site development, complex solutions for databases and web-based business applications.
    808  * '''[ ★ Django Stars]''' We provide full-stack services in the areas of web development.
    810  * '''[ Alex Isayko]'''  Kharkiv, Ukraine. Professional freelance services in development of huge and small websites. Provide a Support and optimization of existing software solutions. Contact me at [ email] or on [ my website]. (6 May 2010)
    812  * '''Platon Korzh''' Web developer. Python/Django, Javascript/jQuery/Backbone. skype id - korzhplaton, email - platon.korzh at gmail dot com
    814  * '''[ 7WebPages]''' Team of python/django developers. Expertise: travel, data aggregation, prototypes for startups, marketplaces.
    816 == United Arab Emirates ==
    818  * '''[ A115 Dubai]''' - 10+ years experience with large-scale business IT projects. Team of 20+ senior Django developers (incl. native Arabic). Only large-scale projects, please. Services: requirements analysis, project management, agile development, localization, quality assurance, documentation, training, portals, healthcare, e-government, GIS, e-commerce, mobile, payments. Technologies: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Oracle, GeoDjango, Indivo X, jQuery, Open Calais, etc.  [ contact at]
    820 == United Kingdom ==
    821 * '''[ Cloudshuffle]''' - A django development studio. We have a history of building awesome webapps, mobile apps. We work with a lot of awesome well known companies like Compete, Hubspot. Check out our portfolio. It speaks for itself. Based in London, New Delhi
    823  * '''[ Thorgate]''': Experienced Python/Django team based in London, UK. '''[ Seedcamp]''' winners. We can help you with design and development of Django applications.
    825 * '''[ Edvinas Jurevicius]''' - Birmingham UK based professional developer specialising in Python, Django, web applications development with 6+ years large experience across multiple operating systems, platforms, frameworks and languages.
    827 * '''[ Aeguana - London - Python/Django Development Studio]''' Aeguana's Python/Django development team are based in the City of London and specialise in high-performance web applications. We frequently work on Minimum Viable Products for tech startups, and love challenging projects - a friendly team who will work with you to make your project a success.
    829 * '''[ Dan Atkinson]''' - Freelance Web developer based in the UK focusing on Django. Check my [ portfolio] to see some of my Django sites and go here to [ get in contact ].
    831 * '''[ Matt Stevens]''' - Based in Birmingham, UK. A freelance web developer with significant experience in most of the stack, specializing in Django development. Check out my website  at [] to see my portfolio.
    833 * '''[ Innoware]''' - Web based software development company located in Bromsgrove, near Birmingham. We have a great team of professionals who just get things done. We'll build the right solution for you then we'll be there every step of the way as you grow your online business.
    835  * '''[ Andrew McGregor]''' - Freelance developer with a keen interest in startups.  Seed funder for [].  Developer for [ Zoopla!], [ Nestoria] and [ NET-A-PORTER]. []
    837  * '''[ QueryClick Ltd.]''' - Edinburgh, UK. We deliver Django Websites with SEO baked in, and WYSIWYG editing for page architecture, content editing, image & video upload, etc. Sitemap.xml, News / PR / Blog modules & feeds & multilingual architecture all included as standard. Drop us an email: [] to get in touch.
    839  * '''[ Testled Ltd.]''' - Fleet, UK. We build business applications with Django. We create nearly anything, from websites to the business systems which glue everything together. Case studies on our website.
    841  * '''[ Stochastic Technologies]''' Cornwall, UK.  We develop web applications with Python and love Django, AppEngine and microframeworks. Contact:
    843  * '''[ Marco Fucci]''' - freelance web developer located in London with over 4 years of experience. Take a look at my website at [] for more information.
    845  * '''[ credativ UK]''' - Based in Rugby, UK, credativ UK has the largest dedicated open source support team in Europe, with the capability to offer up to 24x7 coverage for any Django installation.  Contact us at [] or email []
    847  * '''Rachel Willmer''' C, Python, database, networking developer located in Edinburgh, Scotland: Contact rachel at hobthross dot com; []
    849  * '''Unai Zalakain''': Experienced Python and Django developer located in Glasgow, Scotland. Contact unai at gisa-elkartea dot org.
    850  * '''[ Staplefish]''': Isle of Man, UK.  Small web development company with big ideas.  Experienced with many technologies including Django, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql.  We focus on simple, maintainable and cost-effective solutions.
    852  * '''[ Silvio Di Stefano]''': London, UK. IT consultancy services, specializing in Django and GIS. [ Portfolio]
    854  * '''Allan Brisbane''' London, UK. Specialising in Django development, 8 years web/application development experience. (Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, CSS, XML, web services, etc.). Contact allan dot brisbane at gmail dot com
    856  * '''[ Les Smithson]''' Python, Django, Satchmo, C/C++, Linux contract developer. London, UK based. cv at [].
    858  * '''[ tangerine smash]''' Independent company writing good honest software using C#, Python, .NET, Java and Django.
    860  * '''[ Reincubate]''' Virtual technology incubator accelerating growth of start-up and entrepreneurial businesses. Django a big favourite of ours for early-stage work.
    862  * '''[ Luke Plant]''' Bradford, UK.  Experience in Python, PHP, C#, C/C++, Linux.  Freelance programmer and core Django developer.  [ CV available].  Contact '''L dot plant dot 98 at cantab dot net'''.
    864  * '''[ Peter Braden]''' Edinburgh, UK (UK & US Work permits, can relocate for contracts).  Experience in Python, Javascript, Java, C, PHP, MySQL etc.  Freelance web developer.  [ Resume available]. [ Contact me].
    866  * '''[ Zen Codeworks]''' - Django development company. Lots of experience working with large and small Django applications. Cloud and scaling work.
    868  * '''[ C&C Design Consultants]''' Full solution web design & development agency based in Sunderland, North East England. All of our development work is done in Django and specialise in being able to deliver jaw dropping aesthetic, smooth workflows & great user experience.
    870  * '''[ Red Robot Studios]''' Experienced and reliable developers with a great track record now available to work on your project.
    872  * '''[ Ben Eliott]'''  3yrs django and deploying on linux (usually amazon or rackspace cloud) with relevant applications (apache, nginx, wsgi, mail server, memcached etc). Also javascript, jquery preferred, html/css. Currently working on, available for contract work.  Edinburgh based.
    874  * '''[ Jorjun Technical Services Limited]''' - Strictly Django, heaps of experience and know-how. Looking to assist studio creatives with a technical marketing solution.  [ email us]
    876  * '''[ Ian George]''' - Experienced freelance Django / developer based in Manchester. Get in touch to find out how I can take your web project to the next level.
    878  * '''[ Steve Jalim]''' - Malvern, UK. Senior Django developer with heaps of experience of full-stack development, excellent project management skills, a love of complex business processes and a strong work ethic. Generally works remotely, but open to on-site work in Oxford, Birmingham and Bristol. Happy to attent client meetings in London. [ LinkedIn]
    880  * '''[ Tridan IT]''' - Norwich, UK. We are an IT development company based in Norwich, Norfolk, specialising in Internet services including Web Design and Web Development. Our focus is always on our client and their business needs. We’re very flexible with our working arrangements, and are always happy to work with agencies or IT departments providing some or all of our services to their end customers.
    882  * '''[ Wildfish]''' - London, UK. Django web development experts based in London Bridge.  Have been building sites and apps for big and small clients for over 10 years.  Please see our site for more details [].
    884  * '''[]''' - Nationwide, UK. Ethical experts creating web sites that empower our clients.
    886 * '''[ Alfredo Aguirre]''' All-rounded senior web developer based in London, UK. I have experience working with creative agencies and start-ups creating scalable, high-performant, cross-browser, multilingual, social-network integrated online applications, for high profile clients. [ LinkedIn]
    888 * '''[ Lyndon Garvey]''' Experienced freelance django and php "back-end" developer based in Manchester. Used to working both for new media agencies and direct clients, and with a large amount of experience developing e-commerce based solutions.
    890 * '''[ Chris Lamb]''': Full-stack web developer with Django specialisation, official Debian Developer, countless open source contributions. Working with Django since 2008. [ Projects]. [ Portfolio]. [ GitHub profile]. Email: chris [at] chris-lamb [dot] co [dot] uk
    892 * '''[ Graphic Designer]''' Freelance web and graphic designer with nearly 15 years experience in the design industry, I will create intelligent solutions to put your communications on the right track, make your advertising work and strategically implement the right integrated marketing mix to put you, your products or services where they need to be.
    894 * '''[ Darian Moody]''' London based front & back-end developer with ops skills; I've worked with Django commercially since the 0.97 days and have experience with both client and agency side development, along with having worked with a couple of startups. I'm available for on-site contract work and also happy to hear about any side/remote projects. [ LinkedIn] [ Github]
    896  * '''[ Howie Weiner]''' -An experienced freelance web developer based in Manchester specialising in Django, PHP and Java Web Applications.
    898  * '''[ Paul Bielecki]''': London based Python and Django developer - R&D, databases design, web/mail hosting, Linux & Unix sysadmin. Contact: [].
    900 * '''[ Oliver Beattie]''': London-based full-stack web developer. I've been working with Django since 2006, and have expert skills in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and ops, too (all in commercial settings). Worked with many startups as well as multinational corporations. Looking for work in/around London, or remote. [ LinkedIn], [ Twitter], [ GitHub], email oliver [at] obeattie [dot] com.
    902 * '''[ Unleash Your Server]''': London, UK. Full stack work-for-hire, or web and mobile product delivery. Contact: juan+django [at] uys [dot] io.
    904  * '''Nic Nix''' London, UK.  I have skills with Python, Django and Linux. I provide free of charge work or I seek an internship. I dropped out from Computer Science and worked for a startup as technical support. Contact: '''2hrdepartment [at] gmail [dot] com'''
    906 * '''[ Mark Steadman]''' - Full-stack developer specialising in Django, working remotely from Birmingham, UK
    908 == United States ==
    910 === California ===
    912  * '''[ Lights On Software]''' Python/Django consulting company. Outstanding software craftsmen developers that deeply care about delivering value and writing maintainable software solutions. Email at []. Please see [ Portfolio].
    914 * '''[ Part Time Django Coder - Santa Monica, California]''' Looking for someone to work minimum of 20 hours a month, or as needed up to 100 hours per month.Tasks involve adding minor features to an existing Django site, doing light HTML/CSS work to extend new functionality to existing templates, and generally just keeping the site running.
    916 * '''[ Python/ Django Developer - San Francisco, California or Singapore]''' We're looking for a Python/ Django Developer to work full time in our San Francisco or Singapore offices on our Web and backend applications and services.
    918  * '''[ Yeti, LLC]''' (San Francisco) Yeti is a mobile, social and web application development firm based in San Francisco. We are dedicated to creating exceptional website and mobile user experiences that satisfy the business needs of our clients. We are experts in integrated, cross-platform applications that are equally effective on mobile, social and web media using an open-source, cloud development platform.  For more info, go to [ ]. Contact us at / (415) 766-4198 and schedule an in-person or phone meeting.
    920  * '''[ Jay Liew]''' (Silicon Valley / San Francisco) Strong web application development generalist with B.S. Computer Science + LAMP background and 12 years software development experience. More about me: Call (65O) 898-7782 or email jayliew() for a friendly chat! [ Sample work screenshots] (because the startup pivoted into a new business). The web app's launch was [ covered on All Things D]
    922  * '''[ ZehnerGroup]''' (Los Angeles) We specialize in building custom web apps in Python and Django. We work with web startups and Fortune 500 companies. Contact us at / (310) 765-1600. We are headquartered at 5766 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90016. Check out our client success [].
    924  * '''[ Cartwheel, LLC]''' (Los Angeles) We specialize in Django web development and consulting.  Led by Daniel Greenfeld and Audrey Roy.  For more info, go to [].  Contact us at / (818) 288-1008 and schedule an in-person consultation at our office, 7459 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Canoga Park, CA 91303.
    926  * '''[ IJC (It's Just Coffee) Digital]''' Specializing in web development and consulting using Python and Django. We are passionate about creating high performance applications [] / (888) 656.9922. Please see []. Los Angeles, CA.
    928 * '''[ Technigami]''' We specialize in django web app development, UX, Design, and helping to walk you through the process. Contact: or go to []
    930  * '''[ #19 Development]''' Premier web solutions firm located in Los Angeles, California. Contact: or go to []
    932  * '''[ plucas technologies]''' (San Francisco) A Software consulting firm that specializes in building custom django applications for your business. We can manage your team, create your team, or create your full application. Contact us now!, (415) 992-7956.
    934  * '''[ Bixly]''': Fresno, CA.  The Python and Django Powerhouse. U.S. and overseas 'Prolancing" developers, worldwide client base, short-term and long-term projects welcome. Please see our site for details or email [].
    937  * '''[ Michael Egorov]''': Python and Django developer with a scientific flavor of data analysis.
    939 * '''[ Zavod-It Startups]''', San Francisco, CA, Worldwide. We develop websites, backend, services using Python & Django, mobile apps. Silicon Valley startups experience.More than 7 years experience.
    942 === Colorado ===
    944  * '''[ Core Software Group]''' (Fort Collins) Core Software Group has been building custom web applications for 15 years.  We have extensive experience with Python and Content Management Systems (CMS).  We build responsive web sites using JQuery, Bootstrap and Django, and have experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Call us today at 970/672-0303.
    946 * '''[ Ian Shorrock]''' . I'm an experienced Python and Django contractor/consultant who got started doing front-end web design and development. Full-stack experience, I love to do UI/UX work in addition to Django (my specialization since 2008). Professional and friendly, let's talk!
    948 === Connecticut ===
    950 * '''[ Little Weaver Web Collective, LLC]''' is a full-service web application development cooperative. We do design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Django-based backends. We take on both new development projects and maintenance of existing projects. Get in touch!
    952 === District of Columbia ===
    954 * '''[ Little Weaver Web Collective, LLC]''' is a full-service web application development cooperative. We do design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Django-based backends. We take on both new development projects and maintenance of existing projects. Get in touch!
    956  * '''[ Wellfire Interactive]''' Wellfire is a web consultancy focused on building business enhancing applications for both B2B and non-profit organizations - all with Django. We have extensive interface development expertise. In addition to new projects we've developed a speciality in maintenance and rescue projects. Contact us at
    958 === Florida ===
    959 * '''[]''' (Orlando)  We create apps and web strategies to help small business do big things.
    961  * '''[]''' (Downtown Miami) Our focus is on building custom web applications using Python and the Django framework.  We also do mobile application development, provide design services, and support FeinCMS, Django-CMS, Lightning Fast Shop (LFS), GeoDjango, and others.
    963  * '''[ Digital Haiku]''' (Miami) Boutique Django and Python development. Creating sites for National Geographic, Best Buy, NASCAR, AOL, World Poker Tour and you?
    965  * '''[ X Studios Inc.]''' (Maitland) We specialize in Python web development with the Django framework.  Our Orlando based web design & development firm has Fortune 500 experience, and does all custom programming work 100% in-house.  For more info, go to [].  Contact us at / (321)281-1708
    967  * '''[ Nuovo Labs Florida Django Devlopers]''' (Jupiter) Florida Django developers specializing in commerce, content management, and social development. Visit [].
    969  * '''[ Angeletti Group]''' Florida Django software developers. Visit [].
    971 === Georgia ===
    973 * '''[ Code Talkrs]''' (Atlanta & Athens) We help businesses succeed on the web, using Django.  Services include strategy, development, support, and operations.
    975 === Illinois ===
    976  * '''[http:/// Systema]''' (Chicago) Freelance Python & Django developer with over a decade of experience. Expertise in NoSQL/big data and distributed systems architecture: haystack, mongodb & more.
    978  * '''[ Imaginary Landscape, LLC]''' (Chicago) A professional Django web development agency specializing in support, maintenance and development of Django-based applications and websites. Call us toll free at (877) 275-9144.
    980 === Kansas ===
    982 * '''[ Revolution Systems]''' (Lawrence) Specializing in commercial Django support, training, performance/scalability, and development.
    984 === Michigan ===
    986  * '''[ Ryan Allen]''' - Metro Detroit - Django Web Developer
    988 === Minnesota ===
    990  * '''[ AceDevs, Inc.]''' We're a Django shop based in the USA, specializing in eCommerce using both Satchmo and as well as content management via Django-CMS. We also build custom solutions for all sorts of problems. We have excellent design resources and plenty of Linux sysadmin experience, and are native iOS- and Android-capable. Check out our site to see what AJAX and serious design talent can do for Django!
    992 * '''[ Comfy Chair Consulting]''' (Minneapolis, MN) - We LOVE Django Web Development. Django is our Passion. With Automated server deployments ([ Fabric]), E-Commerce ([ Satchmo]), Content Management System([ Django-CMS]) or a custom Django solution, we've got you covered! Form is essential function. Our design team works along side our developers ensuring your project's code & appearance is second to none.
    994 * '''[ Pinnacode]''' We are a small team helping Minnesota web startups and entrepreneurs to realize their big ideas quickly and efficiently through Django. We help your idea gain traction while you are still building your in-house team. Say hello! We would love to hear about your project.
    996 === Missouri ===
    998  * '''[ Code Painters, LLC]''' (St.Louis) A Web & Mobile Consulting agency specialized in Django development. A passionate team with drive and motivation to deliver quality. We work with startup clients to small and mid-sized organizations with millions of hits a day. We don't operate as an agency, but a team that will embed in your culture and work as partners. []
    1000  * '''[ ElevenCraft Inc.]''' (Springfield) ElevenCraft exists to help you wisely use tech to solve problems, and can help you with "full stack" product development, Python and Django support, and modern dev tools such as git. ElevenCraft also offers remote pair-programming by appointment, so you can benefit from working closely with an expert without long-term commitments.
    1002 === New York ===
    1004  * '''[ Nick Hasty]''' (Brooklyn) Full-stack developer  and consultant with 4+ years managing large-scale Django applications, including API's, e-commerce & payment gateways, mobile, and social networks. Also mysql/nosql dbs, linux server admin, apache/nginx/uwsgi, jQuery & Backbone.js. Previously Director of Technology for for 5 years.
    1006  * '''[ Lights On Software]''' Consulting company specializing in complex web application work with Python/Django and Javascript. Many high-profile clients and projects. Email at []. Please see [ Portfolio].
    1008 === Nevada ===
    1010  * '''[ YamYam Mobile]''' (Reno / Tahoe) Small firm specializing in large scale distributed Django and Mobile applications.  Drop us a line @, (775) 813 8479
    1012 === North Carolina ===
    1014  * '''[ Michael Manfre]''' (Cary) Maintainer of django-mssql database backend. Experienced with deploying Django applications to a Windows environment and integrating Django applications with existing corporate business applications. Available for freelance and consulting, local or remote. Contact: mike [at] manfre [dot] net
    1016 === North Dakota ===
    1018 * '''[ GrokCode]''' is a small development shop specializing in bespoke Django web apps. We create well-crafted, robust products for our clients. Grok Code is based in the US with developers currently located in Costa Rica. Have a look at [ GrokCode's portfolio] or [ contact us].
    1020 === Ohio ===
    1022 * LANshark Consulting Group is a web development shop specializing in Django and Python.  We offer well designed custom web sites as well as Mezzanine-based CMS sites.  We are US-based.  Contact ssharkey [at] lanshark [dot] com
    1024 * '''[ Kriti Godey]''' I'm a Python/Django developer with 4+ years of experience.
    1026 * '''[ 1stpOint inc]''' 1stpOint is an agile technology solutions company, we speak python.
    1028 === Oregon ===
    1030  * '''[ Brad Jasper]''' (Portland) 10+ years of web experience, full-stack developer with lots of Python and Django experience. Also experienced with product development, distributed systems, iOS/Mac development, UI/UX and more... E-mail at or visit []
    1032 === Pennsylvania ===
    1034 * '''[ Winter 14 LLC]''' Winter 14 builds outstanding web sites and web apps using Django.
    1037 === Rhode Island ===
    1039 * '''[ Project Evolution]''' is a design driven development agency specializing in custom Django web applications — Responsive design frameworks built on top of scalable Django CMS architecture. Project Evolution can work through a project from UI design to final development and deployment, can provide front-end consulting, or can provide additional horsepower for Django projects through back-end consulting. Take a look at '''[ our solutions]''' to find out more about how PE can help to get your project off the ground. 
    1041 * [ Scampersand] is a small agency located in Providence and serving the greater Boston area. We build and augment Django-powered sites, integrate social auth and third-party API's, and deploy to cloud-based hosting such as Heroku and AWS. [ Get in touch--we'd love to chat about your project.]
    1043 === Texas ===
    1045  * '''[ Innolitics]''' Custom software development company out of Texas and New York. Experts in Python/Django and Javascript/AngularJS. We design new solutions, integrate with your team to push forward existing ones, or rejuvenate legacy systems. Many high-profile clients and projects with projects of all sizes. Contact us at [].
    1047 === Utah ===
    1049  * '''[ Izeni, Inc.]''' Izeni is a custom [ Python] / [ Django] development firm located in Provo, Utah. If you're looking for custom Django development, done right, you should [ contact us.] What can Izeni build for you? Let's talk about it over lunch.
    1051 * '''[Armando Pérez]''' - Django powered Web Development based in Salt Lake City. Full experience with Python, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Javascript, jQuery, Git, Backbone, AmpersandJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 (using SASS/Compass) with focus on responsive design, standards compliance and SEO oriented markup. Contact me at [ gmandx"at"]
    1053 * '''[ Velocity Webworks]''' Velocity Webworks is a custom web app development firm located in St George, UT. Velocity has produced hundreds of projects using Django since 2007. Velocity specializes in custom e-commerce solutions and multi-user website systems that need to integrate with other business systems. The firm with 14 excellent developers, graphic designers, online marketing specialists, and support staff can take any size project.  Contact us today!
    1055 === Virginia ===
    1057  * '''[ Francis Yaconiello]''' (Richmond)  I'm an application developer and consultant. Visit me at [] or look at some of my community involvement on [ Stack Overflow].
    1059 === Washington ===
    1061  * '''[ Adaptive Wave, LLC]''' We are a web development and SEO consulting company specializing in Python and Django.  We are dedicated to creating amazing website for our clients.  For more info, go to [] or contact us at
    1062 * '''[ Little Weaver Web Collective, LLC]''' is a full-service web application development cooperative. We do design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Django-based backends. We take on both new development projects and maintenance of existing projects. Get in touch!
    1064 == Uruguay ==
    1066  * '''[ Tryolabs]''' A high tech startup dedicated to the design and development of Python / Django Web applications with complex backends, using cool user interfaces.
    1068  * '''[ Sophilabs]''' Sophilabs is a special IT services company: a team of lean, proactive, passionate and perfectionists with a valuable experience building web and mobile applications. We believe in what we do, a lot, and our main motivation is to improve people’s life creating simple and elegant software. We build on top of open source cutting edge technologies: python, django, node.js, php, google closure, jquery, postgre, mongodb, redis among others. Our customers are very satisfied working with us, and come back to us whenever they want to make their best investment. We are in a great country that permits us offering real cost-effective services as working from a very convenient time zone.
    1070  * '''[ Trea]''' We are a agile software development Start-up using Python/Django/HTML. We focus in developing information systems to SME's in order to reduce company costs and improve the efficiency of working time.
    1072  * '''[ Dcode Soft]''' We are two Computer Engineers and we have good experience in Web technologies, if you are looking someone to build your Minimum Viable Product contact us.
    1074 == Venezuela ==
    1076  * '''[ Sebastián Magrí]''' Software Development Consultant using Python and Django as my swiss knife. Look at [ my profile] for more information and contact.
    1078 == Vietnam ==
    1080  * '''[ NextG Solutions]''' NextG is an international software developer and web solution provider. We specialize in designing online systems for complex business application and web development solutions.
    1082  * '''[ Ha Pham]''' Senior Software Developer working with Python since 2006 (Zope/Plone, Django, Flask,...) I mostly work at back-end but also be a full-stack developer.
    1085  * '''[ Trinh Nguyen]''' Python, Django enthusiast and technology explorer. Check out [ my blog].
    1087  * '''[ Vietnam Developers]''' Best Vietnam Developers for hire
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