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    773773* '''[ Edvinas Jurevicius]''' - Birmingham UK based professional developer specialising in Python, Django, web applications development with 6+ years large experience across multiple operating systems, platforms, frameworks and languages.
    775 * '''[ Russ Ferriday - CTO, Sponsorcraft]''' I'm available for up to 8 hours a week to analyse/architect/mentor Django projects. I've used Python intensively since 2000 in Plone, Zope, and Django. Other experience BigData, PaaS, Graph Databases, TDD. Current interests Django & Docker, robust Django deployments, and fronting Titan graphs with Django.  []
    777775* '''[ Aeguana - London - Python/Django Development Studio]''' Aeguana's Python/Django development team are based in the City of London and specialise in high-performance web applications. We frequently work on Minimum Viable Products for tech startups, and love challenging projects - a friendly team who will work with you to make your project a success.
    779 * '''[ Closed Loop Labs]''' - Bristol-based web application development studio. Our 2 man team builds responsive webs apps with Django.  Check out our website for more information.
    781777* '''[ Dan Atkinson]''' - Freelance Web developer based in the UK focusing on Django. Check my [ portfolio] to see some of my Django sites and go here to [ get in contact ].
    787783* '''[ Cloudshuffle]''' - A django development studio. We have a history of building awesome webapps, mobile apps. We work with a lot of awesome well known companies like Compete, Hubspot. Check out our portfolio. It speaks for itself. Based in London, New Delhi
    789  * '''[ Adam Spence]''' - Freelance Django developer based in London with 7+ years experience.
    791785 * '''[ Andrew McGregor]''' - Freelance developer with a keen interest in startups.  Seed funder for [].  Developer for [ Zoopla!], [ Nestoria] and [ NET-A-PORTER]. []
    793  * '''[ Newhaven Digital]''' - Edinburgh based web developers.  Specialising in Django powered websites with strong customer and community focus.
    795787 * '''[ QueryClick Ltd.]''' - Edinburgh, UK. We deliver Django Websites with SEO baked in, and WYSIWYG editing for page architecture, content editing, image & video upload, etc. Sitemap.xml, News / PR / Blog modules & feeds & multilingual architecture all included as standard. Drop us an email: [] to get in touch.
    799791 * '''[ Stochastic Technologies]''' Cornwall, UK.  We develop web applications with Python and love Django, AppEngine and microframeworks. Contact:
    801  * '''[ 2 SINS - James Pacileo]''' - London, UK. Contract & freelance developer. Python & Django are my main development tools. I am a good all-rounder in web design and development. Drop me an email for more information jamespaxi*at*gmail*dot*com or pay [ 2 Sins] a visit.
    803  * '''[ Caffeinehit]''' - London, UK, Small but perfectly formed web development and design agency in Shoreditch, London. Experienced in Python, Django, Javascript and drinking coffee. Check out the website for more information and examples.
    805  * '''[ Dan Hilton]''' - Bristol / Bath, UK, freelance django developer, CGI pipeline experience, Geodjango experience and writing web applications in django. []
    807793 * '''[ Marco Fucci]''' - freelance web developer located in London with over 4 years of experience. Take a look at my website at [] for more information.
    809795 * '''[ credativ UK]''' - Based in Rugby, UK, credativ UK has the largest dedicated open source support team in Europe, with the capability to offer up to 24x7 coverage for any Django installation.  Contact us at [] or email []
    811  * '''[ Dougal Matthews]''' - Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Freelance developer specialising in Django, Python and JavaScript. Willing to re-locate for contracts.
    813  * '''[ Just Fiona]''' -  Fiona Burrows, Freelance developer in Manchester, UK. Experienced in Python (Django), PHP and Javascript. Contact at [].
    815  * '''[ Fez Consulting]''' - Based in Bristol, UK, Fez Consulting provides consultancy and contract development services for new Django builds or integration projects. Fez is also highly experienced with Zope and Plone, and .NET technologies, and with agile development approaches. [ Contact details are here], or simply email [].
    817  * '''Leon Harris''' Python Django Plone Zope ASP Rails Flash(actionsctipt)development + High quality web design + hosting + custom skin design for Plone, Django . Based in London UK.   Email: leon at pukkapeople dot com. [ ]
    819797 * '''[ Jason Davies]''': Expert Web developer located in London, UK.  Recently graduated in Computer Science at Cambridge University.
    832810 * '''[ tangerine smash]''' Independent company writing good honest software using C#, Python, .NET, Java and Django.
    834  * '''Tom Badran''' Django (amongst other things) freelance software devloper/contractor. Email tom at badrunner dot net. [ Homepage]
    837812 * '''[ Reincubate]''' Virtual technology incubator accelerating growth of start-up and entrepreneurial businesses. Django a big favourite of ours for early-stage work.
    853828 * '''[ Ian George]''' - Experienced freelance Django / developer based in Manchester. Get in touch to find out how I can take your web project to the next level.
    855  * '''[ James Summerfield]''' - Windsor, UK. Highly experienced freelance Django web developer, I build web applications with a focus on accessibility, security, scalability and performance. [ LinkedIn]
    857830 * '''[ Steve Jalim]''' - Malvern, UK. Senior Django developer with heaps of experience of full-stack development, excellent project management skills, a love of complex business processes and a strong work ethic. Generally works remotely, but open to on-site work in Oxford, Birmingham and Bristol. Happy to attent client meetings in London. [ LinkedIn]
    859832 * '''[ Tridan IT]''' - Norwich, UK. We are an IT development company based in Norwich, Norfolk, specialising in Internet services including Web Design and Web Development. Our focus is always on our client and their business needs. We’re very flexible with our working arrangements, and are always happy to work with agencies or IT departments providing some or all of our services to their end customers.
    861  * '''[ Tim Diggins]''' - London UK. Web developer, application designer, technical consultant and manager. Happy to help with your project from the idea formulation stage to launch and beyond, or whatever helps. [ CV/Resume]
    863834 * '''[ Wildfish]''' - London, UK. Django web development experts based in London Bridge.  Have been building sites and apps for big and small clients for over 10 years.  Please see our site for more details [].
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