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    420420== Israel ==
     421 * '''Purple Bit Ltd.''' Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Purple Bit is a boutique Software Dev Shop which uses Python and Django extensively. We've worked on several large-scale end-to-end projects, with Django at their core. We have years of experience with both Mobile and Web technologies, our team leaders have 10+ years of Professional Software experience. Contact us at: Website: '''[]'''
    421422 * '''Moshi Binyamini''' Located in Holon, Israel. - Python, Django, AJAX (jQuery), PHP, CSS, SQL (Oracle, MySQL, sqlite), C++. Sysadmin for Linux (RHEL) and Windows environments and an Oracle DBA. Familiar with Linux-HA (Heartbeat), clustered storage, apache, VMWare ESX administration, and a whole lot more. Will work pro bono. Contact ultraspidey (AT) gmail
    422423 * '''Ram Rachum''' Based in Haifa, Israel, works remotely for companies around the world. Works with Python, Django, git, Hudson and more; More info and contact details at [].
    423424 * '''Sven Hoffmann''' Tel Aviv, Israel, experienced software engineer with excellent design skills! 10y+ experience, 4y django. Django&Python, Flex&Flash, jquery, mysql.pgsql.MSSQL, .net MVC, recently iPhone. startup experience as co-founder and freelancer. Contact: sven.hoffmann(AT)vectorpixels(DOTCOM)
    424425 * '''22seeds''' Tel Aviv, Israel, a small and talented web and mobile app development company. Python, Django, iOS, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery. Capable of providing end-to-end solutions, including client and backend. We also provide a wide range of services in app marketing, including website, PR, promo videos, social media, and more. Very experienced in managing large projects (~50 engineers). Contact: hello(AT)22seeds(DOT)com. Website: '''[]'''
    426426== Italy ==
    427427 * '''Antonino Stefano Borgia''' Located in Padua, Italy. Python developer 7+ years experience, 4y Django. Works for TIM. Academic Research background (INFN) Available for remote jobs. Contact Email stefano.borgia at
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