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    168168 * '''[ PixBuffer Software Inc.]''' Specialized in transforming business needs into solid and easy to use products. Some of our areas of expertise are Web 2.0 Apps, Software as a Service (Saas) and Content Management Systems (CMS). We work exclusive with Django for our web projects, main technologies are Django/Python, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Apache/Nginx, jQuery/YUI and Amazon Web Services. We require '''no upfront payment''' and you only start paying when you see results that you are happy with. Request a free consultation and proposal: []. You may also [ contact us].
    170  * '''John Carstens''' Web developer/consultant with 15 years experience (5 years with Django). I’m skilled at analyzing problems and finding innovative solutions -- often synergizing disparate technologies. Expertise in modelling data for retrieval, administration and analytics. I aim to reduce your website's complexity, standardize it's processes and automate repetitious tasks. Django clients include: [], [], [], [] and []. Other website clients:[], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] and []. Contact me at []. Located in Toronto, Canada.
     170 * '''Python/Django developer with 20 years experience (7 years w/ Django)''' Expertise in modelling data for retrieval, administration and analytics. Clients: [, Textcook], [, Uptime Software], [ Toronto Life], [ Weddingbells], [ Fashion Magazine], [ Canadian Family], [ FoodTV Canada], [ HGTV], [ Showcase], [ National Geographic Canada], [ Excite Canada], [ Quicken Canada] and [ Advisor]. Contact John Carstens at [ johncarstens [@]]. Located in Toronto, Canada.
    172172 * '''[ Dimitri Gnidash]''' experienced Python/Django developer/consultant looking to help on your projects. Many high-profile clients and projects. Email at []. Please see [ Portfolio] and [ Resume]. Based in Toronto, Canada
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