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    1 A list of questions to  ask of case studies in uses of Django.
     1This is intended to be polished into a questionnaire or set of interview prompts to be used in case studies in uses of Django. 
    3 Drafting, so using Pirate Pad for now:
     3See also [ leads for case studies].
     5== Demographics ==
     7What size is your company, and what size is the team that adopted Django?
     9Was your adoption for a greenfield project, or did you migrate an existing project?
     11If migrating, what was the codebase in before, and what size was the code before and after?
     13How large was your first Django project?  Was it deliberately experimental?
     15How much effort was spent adopting Django?  How much did it cost or save?
     17== Adoption ==
     19How did you begin considering Django?
     21Who was the champion / change initiator?
     23When debating adoption, what concerns were raised?  Have these concerns proved to be valid?
     25What arguments, support, or materials helped win the debate whether to adopt Django?
     27Was there internal organizational stress in adoption?  If so, what might have improved the situation?
     29== Maturity ==
     31Did you train your existing team to use Django, or did they learn it on their own?
     33Have you found hiring for Django easier or more difficult than the prior skill sets?
     35What do you consider to be key successes in your adoption of Django?
     37What shortcomings have you encountered during your adoption?
     39What do you consider to be the best and worst things about Django?
     41How many unique users, pageviews per month?
     42What request latency do you see?  How many requests per second per web server?
     44What tooling do you use around deployment, source control, etc?
     46What development methodology do you use?
     48Do you plan to expand or retract your use of Django?
     50Would you be willing to make a credited testimonial about Django?  Both technical and business soundbites are useful.
     52== Community feedback ==
     54Did you find the following useful:
     56 * documentation
     57 * django-* mailing lists
     58 * IRC
     59 * Conferences
     60 * Private training
     61 * Public training
     63If you could change one thing about Django, what would it be?
     65== Community membership ==
     67Have you contributed any patches to Django?
     68 * How happy were you with that experience?
     70Do you maintain any customizations of Django (cache backends, template tags, etc.)?
     72Do you maintain any private patches of the Django codebase?
     73 * How happy were you with that experience?
     75Would you consider hosting a sprint in support of Django?  (Support for organizing is readily available.)
     77What third party Django packages/projects did you use?
     78  * How happy were you with that experience?
     80What open source projects came out of your effort?
     81  * Who else is using your open source efforts?
     82  * Have you had any major contributions to your open source projects from resources outside of your organization?
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