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Case Study Candidates, with points of contact

See also CaseStudyQuestionnaire.


  • Disqus (Brett Hoerner, David Cramer)
    • Powers commenting on,, Engadget. 250 million users per month, 17,500 requests/sec. they have around 100 servers. See slides on Scaling Disqus.
  • (Jeff Balogh) - Site serves 165 million requests per month. Was previously using CakePHP.
    • JDunck - Contacted to do study Sept 13, 2010.
  • BazaarVoice (Jon Loyens)



  • NASA Nebula (Jesse Andrews)
  • Library of Congress (@acdha, @edsu, @dchud)


  • University of Texas (Gary Wilson)
  • Nazareth College (@StevenLukeSmith / fvox13)

Media, news

Big business

  • LexisNexis ( Bryan Weingarten )
  • Qualcomm (??? does anyone have a contact?)

Games, Comics

  • Mochimedia (Ericflo)
  • Penny Arcade (???)


Others, not sure

Should mine

Consultancies as leads to testimonials from their clients? (Lincoln Loop, Caktus, etc.)

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