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08/13/2008 11:11:09 PM (10 years ago)
Malcolm Tredinnick

Updated for recent small session changes.


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    7676 * [8296] Aug 11, 2008 [#RefactoredtheCreationandIntrospectionmodulesofthedatabasebackends Refactored the Creation and Introspection modules of the database backends]
    7777 * [8319] Aug 12, 2008 [#RestoredearlierexactmatchingforMySQL Restored earlier exact matching for MySQL]
     78 * [8340] Aug 13, 2008 [#Addedparametertosessionbackendsavemethod Added parameter to session backend save method]
     79 * [8343] Aug 13, 2008 [#Clearsessionatlogout Clear session at logout]
    7981== Changed 'spaceless' template tag to remove all spaces ==
    11611163[ The documentation] for `exact` has been updated to indicate how to control this behaviour.
     1165== Added parameter to session backend save() method ==
     1167Custom session backend writers should add a `must_create` parameter to the `save()` methods of their backends after [8340]. This parameter is `False` by default, but, when `True` indicates that the `save()` method should ensure to create a ''new'' session object with the given key or else raise a `django.contrib.session.backend.base.CreateError` exception if an object already exists with that key.
     1169== Clear session at logout ==
     1171In [8343] the `django.contrib.auth.logout()` function was changed to automatically clear all the session data at logout. Thus, a session ends at logout, and subsequently it is as if the user was visting the site for the first time.
     1173If you wish to put information into the session that is available to the user after they have called your "logout" view, you should store that information in the `request.session` objects ''after'' calling `django.contrib.auth.logout()`.
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