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12/31/07 02:51:20 (9 years ago)
Gary Wilson

The bigger problem here is that many of the template tags do not accept filtered arguments passed an argument with a space because they are simply doing token.contents.split().

Here is a patch that seems to fix things for regroup, ifchanged, and with. firstof, if, and ifequal/ifnotequal need some more (involved) work. I changed smart_split_re to allow text before and after the quote characters. Not sure if we want smart_split() to basically only be for parsing template tags, but it seems to be the only place it's used currently.


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  • Ticket #6271 – Description

    initial v1  
    1 After 6956, something like this now breaks:
     1After [6956], something like this now breaks:
    3         {% regroup object_list by created|date:"F Y" as grouped %}
     3{% regroup object_list by created|date:"F Y" as grouped %}
    55I believe it now splits the quoted bits and the arg count is more than 6 in this case, so the templatetag errors out.
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