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  • Ticket #5472 – Description

    initial v7  
    1 Add support for the [ OpenLayers] JavaScript map API.
     1The form provided by !GeoDjango for geometry fields (`django.contrib.gis.forms.fields.GeometryField`) is just a simple text box that accepts textual representations of geometries.  The way admin currently generates its map forms is functional, but not really suited for general-purpose use.  In particular, the map widget is generated dynamically by `GeoModelAdmin.get_map_widget()`.  For better API consistency with the rest of Django, there should be reusable map editing widgets.
     3Because the geographic admin already uses [ OpenLayers], the default widgets should be written using it.  It should be general enough to make supporting alternative geometry frameworks possible, however, !OpenLayers support is the priority.
     5Doing this will hopefully make fixing related tickets, like #9806,  easier.
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