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09/26/07 01:46:24 (16 years ago)
Russell Keith-Magee

For the benefit of anyone interested in this feature; the schema-evolution branch will *not* be merged as it currently stands. The design implemented by this branch has been discussed and rejected by the core developers. Feel free to use the patch and/or branch if you find it useful, but it will *not* become the official Django schema evolution implementation.

However, the underlying feature - providing a mechanism for evolving schema - *is* of interest. I've changed the subject, description and status of this ticket to reflect this.


  • Ticket #5099

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    • Property Summary changed from merge the schema-evolution branch into trunk to Provide the ability to update database to reflect changes in model definitions (i.e., schema evolution)
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  • Ticket #5099 – Description

    initial v5  
     2Django needs to provide the ability to evolve database schema - i.e., to update the database representation of project to reflect changes in the model definitions.
     4The design issues have been discussed here:
     8A previous attempt at this feature exists in the form of the schema-evolution branch. This implementation is discussed here:
    3 i want to make it clear i'm *not* advocating doing this immediately.  for now, this is simply a place to submit patches for others who do not wish to export the full branch.  (for example, if they have their own custom branch they're maintaining)
     12However, this design has been rejected by the core developers.
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