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08/25/22 08:25:34 (13 months ago)
Xabier Bello

Replying to Mariusz Felisiak:

Replying to Claude Paroz:

Django offers both model et form validation. If you insert values without using either one, you are on your own and responsible for what you insert in the database. I dont' think Django should do more here. To be confirmed.

Yes, we have both model and form validation for NaNs. I don't think we should do more than that.

What made me report as a bug is that in db.models.fields.DecimalField, method to_python, there are two shields against invalid values, one of them explicit against nan. Both "nan" and "inf" can be weeded out early if the check is if not math.isfinite instead of if math.isnan, as it's actually implemented in the form validation. Currently float("inf") fails to store in the DB as "Infinite" because it can't be quantize'd at db/backends/ (decimal.InvalidOperation), while "nan" can.

Notice that I'm using the Model validation, if I'm not mistaken and it refers to creating objects with MyModel.objects.create. E.g. this works and happily stores "NaN" in the DB:

    obj = MyModel.objects.create(value="nan")

But this fails with a ValidationError raised from DecimalField.to_python:

    obj = MyModel.objects.create(value="invalid")
    django.core.exceptions.ValidationError: ['“invalid” value must be a decimal number.']

And this fails with decimal.InvalidOperation:

    obj = MyModel.objects.create(value="inf")
    decimal.InvalidOperation: [<class 'decimal.InvalidOperation'>]

IMHO it would be better interface to fail before saving, than to store the value and then fail on retrieving. The form validation does this, creating a valid Decimal even if the value entered are the strings "nan" or "inf" (in to_python()), and then check that only Decimal.is_finite() are valid values (in validate()).

This would be my refactor to DecimalField.to_python, without adding any code, to consistently raise a ValidationError for all "inf", "nan" and invalid inputs, instead of one for each.

  1703     def to_python(self, value):
  1704         if value is None:
  1705             return value
  1706         if isinstance(value, float):
  1707             result = self.context.create_decimal_from_float(value)
  1708         try:
  1709             result = decimal.Decimal(value)
  1710         except (decimal.InvalidOperation, TypeError, ValueError):  # Catches everything except "nan" and "inf"
  1711             raise exceptions.ValidationError(
  1712                 self.error_messages["invalid"],
  1713                 code="invalid",
  1714                 params={"value": value},
  1715             )
  1716         if not result.is_finite():  # Catches both "nan" and "inf"
  1717             raise exceptions.ValidationError(
  1718                     self.error_messages["invalid"],
  1719                     code="invalid",
  1720                     params={"value": value},
  1721                 )
  1722         return result

Thanks for your time!


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    4343The value "nan" (and maybe "inf" also) skip the validation in `DecimalField.to_python`, because is not `None`, and is not instance of float. But `decimal.Decimal("nan")` works without triggering the exception, so `NaN` gets stored in the DB.
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