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09/28/19 04:27:51 (3 years ago)
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Taking the liberty to reassign due to inactivity (6 months) and adding a pull request with revised code and addressing feedback on prior PRs. Please add give your comments for any concerns:)

PR =>

  • Year is now checked in relation to current year, rolling over to the past if more than 50 years in the future
  • Test now uses a patched version of datetime.datetime to pin to a specific year and have static test cases, addressing feedback from charettes@ on PR 10749 in Dec 2018.


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  • Ticket #28690 – Description

    initial v23  
    66   the past that had the same last two digits.
    8 The `< 70` is incorrect, and should have been `< 50`. I inserted a diff that applies.
     8Current logic is hard coded to consider 0-69 to be in 2000-2069, and 70-99 to be 1970-1999, instead of comparing versus the current year.
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