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    1 Regarding not supporting 3.3.6, that's fair enough, but for anyone following even the most basic getting-started tutorials, the exception this throws is way beyond what a beginner should be expected to troubleshoot. Even knowing that it might be a back-end issue, or finding your version of sqlite3 is not obvious from the exception.
    2 My server (smeserver 8.2/centos 5.11) had been running django (various versions) for about 2 years fine until I upgraded to django 1.9.2 and nuked the db and tried to run migrations from scratch. I didn't even have sqlite3 installed, but  So I had to install sqlite3 to even find the version number of sqlite3.
    3 How about wrapping line 25 in a try: block to ensure a value is returned from "PRAGMA foreign_keys", or testing the sqlite version like other backends do (AFAIK) so that a helpful error message can be thrown (rather than ...NoneType' object has no attribute...)?
     1Where does the support for sqlite in django come from? Is it the sqlite module built into python (from 2.5 onwards?)?
     2If so, how would you upgrade it from 3.3.6 to anything newer?
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