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Oct 14, 2014, 7:45:35 PM (9 years ago)
Shai Berger

I've been able to reproduce the problem as described in comment:4. I've also verified that this is independent of whether the (main) models use the default table name -- the behavior is the same when changing from non-default to default (as in comment:4), from default to non-default, or between two different non-default names.

Marking as a release blocker as well -- this is, IMO, as important as #23629.


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    initial v5  
    1 `AlterModelTable` only renames a model's table, but doesn't rename corresponding tables created for m2m fields.
     1According to, when a m2m field uses an automatic (implicit) through model, the through model's table is named by combining the containing model's table-name and the field name. Consequently, if a model contains such m2m fields and its table name is changed by a migration, the m2m field's tables should also be renamed.
     3This doesn't happen (see comment:4 and comment:5 for details), leading to broken models.
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