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11/14/2011 10:32:46 PM (5 years ago)
Luke Plant

Your initial example only did a comparison to True, and didn't mention any comparison to None. I am not a mind reader!

The ticket has now changed in scope to the feature addition "Allow 'True', 'False' and 'None' to resolve to corresponding Python objects".

I can see why this would be useful, but I'm not entirely convinced, given that we've survived without these for a long time. Therefore marking DDN.


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    initial v5  
     1[Original bug title: Invalid '==' expression silently ignored leading to invalid result]
    13Let me clarify the title - I am not sure the expression below is invalid. It is the expression I intuitively expect to work. But perhaps Django it is a specifics of template language. In any case it should either complain or produce expected output, which it doesn't.
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