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01/05/2011 07:49:40 AM (7 years ago)
Russell Keith-Magee

Your point 3 doesn't make any sense, and I can't work out what it might be a typo for.

If you want to prove there is a problem here, write a formal test case. There are existing tests for LimitedStream covering a wide range of potential use cases; if you can encode your use case as a test that fails, please provide that test and reopen.


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    initial v1  
    11I read the code at (, LimitedStream.readline function maybe go wrong when the situation meet criteria below:
    2 <1> '\n' not in self.buffer
    3 <2> and size is not None
    4 <3> and len(self.buffer) > len(self.buffer)
     2 1. '\n' not in self.buffer
     3 2. and size is not None
     4 3. and len(self.buffer) > len(self.buffer)
    55it will go to ln102, and leads the parameter of LimitedStream._read_limited is negative, and it will be bypassed to ln82.
    66I don't read the implementation of, so i'm not sure if it will cause damage.
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