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11/06/2010 09:49:24 PM (8 years ago)
Gabriel Hurley

Several notes:

  1. The indentation problem the OP points to is actually a problem with the indenting in the docs files themselves, not a CSS issue. I've been systematically fixing poorly indented files as I come across them. Any specific cases should be opened as separate tickets. I agree that proper indentation adds a lot to readability, though.
  1. IMHO, the border-bottom property in the provided patch actually detracts from readability as it's a visual break that interrupts the flow of logically-related sections.
  1. Increasing the size of the dt tag to 1.3em (or 130%) makes it larger than an h4 tag (125%). At most the two should be equal.

Overall, I think this ticket should be closed in favor of #11930, wherein we can do a complete audit of the heading sizes and make sure that they all have a proper relation to each other (including heading-like items such as dt tags). As such I'm going to close it as a duplicate... Jacob, feel free to reopen if you disagree.


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    initial v7  
    21The reference doc is tough to read because the headings for individual functions and methods are the same size as the surrounding text and in a less-contrasting color (green) than the surrounding text.   Therefore even though they are "bold" they don't stand out.   When "New in Django 1.x" is next to one of these headings, it is bigger than the heading.
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