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  • docs/topics/auth.txt

    444444the setting :setting:`AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE` with a string consisting of the
    445445following items, separated by a dot:
    447 1. The (normalized to lower-case) name of the application in which the user
    448    profile model is defined (in other words, an all-lowercase version of the
     4471. The name of the application (case sensitive) in which the user
     448   profile model is defined (in other words, the
    449449   name which was passed to :djadmin:`manage.py startapp <startapp>` to create
    450450   the application).
    452 2. The (normalized to lower-case) name of the model class.
     4522. The name of the model (not case sensitive) class.
    454454For example, if the profile model was a class named ``UserProfile`` and was
    455455defined inside an application named ``accounts``, the appropriate setting would
    458     AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'accounts.userprofile'
     458    AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'accounts.UserProfile'
    460460When a user profile model has been defined and specified in this manner, each
    461461:class:`~django.contrib.auth.models.User` object will have a method --
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