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Added clarifiction on conent for the File.save method

  • docs/ref/files/file.txt

    101101Saves a new file with the file name and contents provided. This will not replace
    102102the existing file, but will create a new file and update the object to point to
    103 it. If ``save`` is ``True``, the model's ``save()`` method will be called once
     103it. The ``content`` parameter must be another :class:`File` object.  A file on
     104the server can be saved by::
     106    >>> photo = open('/path/to/myphoto.jpg')
     107    >>> car.photo.save('myphoto.jpg', File(photo), True)
     109If ``save`` is ``True``, the model's ``save()`` method will be called once
    104110the file is saved. That is, these two lines::
    106112    >>> car.photo.save('myphoto.jpg', contents, save=False)
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