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    a b send out, you could send this with:: 
    350350    connection = SMTPConnection()   # Use default settings for connection
    351351    messages = get_notification_email()
    352352    connection.send_messages(messages)
     354Preventing all e-mail sending
     357The are moments when you may want Django to not send any e-mail at all, i.e.
     358during development, the least intrusive way to do so is to use a "dumb" e-mail
     359server that won't send received mail anywhere.
     361The batteries included in Python already let you do so in a single command::
     363    python /path/to/python/lib/python2.5/smtpd.py -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:1025
     365By doing this you'd have a simple SMTP server listening on port 1025 which will
     366print to standard output any message received. You then only need to set the
     367:setting:`EMAIL_HOST` and :setting:`EMAIL_PORT` accordingly, and you are set.
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