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  • docs/ref/contrib/formtools/form-wizard.txt

    190190Note that ``previous_fields``, ``step_field`` and ``step0`` are all required
    191191for the wizard to work properly.
    193 Hooking the wizard into a URLconf
    194 =================================
     193Putting it all together
    196 Finally, give your new :class:`~django.contrib.formtools.wizard.FormWizard`
    197 object a URL in ``urls.py``. The wizard takes a list of your form objects as
    198 arguments::
     196The final two steps usually happen together:
     198    * Specify which forms to use in your wizard by passing the
     199      :class:`~django.contrib.formtools.wizard.FormWizard` constructor a list
     200      of :class:`~django.forms.Form` classes.
     202    * Hook the wizard into a URLconf by creating in ``urlpatterns`` for it.
     204Here's an example showing both steps together::
    200206    from django.conf.urls.defaults import *
    201207    from mysite.testapp.forms import ContactForm1, ContactForm2, ContactWizard
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