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Backtick-quote PEP references in docs

  • docs/internals/contributing.txt

    412412Please follow these coding standards when writing code for inclusion in Django:
    414     * Unless otherwise specified, follow :pep:8.
     414    * Unless otherwise specified, follow :pep:`8`.
    416416      You could use a tool like `pep8.py`_ to check for some problems in this
    417417      area, but remember that PEP 8 is only a guide, so respect the style of
  • docs/topics/db/models.txt

    732732:class:`connection <django.db.backends.DatabaseWrapper>` and
    733733:class:`<django.db.backends.CursorWrapper>` mostly implement the standard Python
    734 DB-API -- see :pep:249 -- with the addition of Django's :ref:`transaction
     734DB-API -- see :pep:`249` -- with the addition of Django's :ref:`transaction
    735735handling <topics-db-transactions>`. If you're not familiar with the Python
    736736DB-API, note that the SQL statement in :meth:`cursor.execute()
    737737<django.db.backends.CursorWrapper.execute>` uses placeholders, ``"%s"``, rather
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