Ticket #8054: 8054-list-column.5.diff

File 8054-list-column.5.diff, 244.0 KB (added by Alex Kamedov, 8 years ago)

Update patch. Add regression tests and fix some bugs.

  • django/contrib/admin/validation.py

    44    _get_foreign_key)
    55from django.contrib.admin.options import flatten_fieldsets, BaseModelAdmin
    66from django.contrib.admin.options import HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL
     7from django.contrib.admin.options import ListColumn
    910__all__ = ['validate']
    2627        check_isseq(cls, 'list_display', cls.list_display)
    2728        for idx, field in enumerate(cls.list_display):
    2829            if not callable(field):
    29                 if not hasattr(cls, field):
    30                     if not hasattr(model, field):
     30                if (isinstance(field, ListColumn) and \
     31                            not hasattr(cls, field.field_name)) \
     32                        or (not isinstance(field, ListColumn) and \
     33                            not hasattr(cls, field)):
     34                    if not isinstance(field, ListColumn) and not hasattr(model, field):
    3135                        try:
    3236                            opts.get_field(field)
    3337                        except models.FieldDoesNotExist:
    3539                                % (cls.__name__, idx, field, cls.__name__, model._meta.object_name))
    3640                    else:
    3741                        # getattr(model, field) could be an X_RelatedObjectsDescriptor
    38                         f = fetch_attr(cls, model, opts, "list_display[%d]" % idx, field)
     42                        if isinstance(field, ListColumn):
     43                            f = fetch_attr(cls, model, opts, "list_display[%d]" % idx, field.field_name)
     44                        else:
     45                            f = fetch_attr(cls, model, opts, "list_display[%d]" % idx, field)
    3946                        if isinstance(f, models.ManyToManyField):
    4047                            raise ImproperlyConfigured("'%s.list_display[%d]', '%s' is a ManyToManyField which is not supported."
    4148                                % (cls.__name__, idx, field))
  • django/contrib/admin/options.py

    99from django.contrib import messages
    1010from django.views.decorators.csrf import csrf_protect
    1111from django.core.exceptions import PermissionDenied, ValidationError
     12from django.contrib.admin.util import label_for_field
     13from django.contrib.admin import views
    1214from django.db import models, transaction
    1315from django.db.models.fields import BLANK_CHOICE_DASH
    1416from django.http import Http404, HttpResponse, HttpResponseRedirect
    1618from django.utils.decorators import method_decorator
    1719from django.utils.datastructures import SortedDict
    1820from django.utils.functional import update_wrapper
     21from django.utils.encoding import smart_unicode, smart_str
    1922from django.utils.html import escape
    2023from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
    2124from django.utils.functional import curry
    2326from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
    2427from django.utils.translation import ungettext
    2528from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
     29import types
     32class ListColumn(object):
     33    def __init__(self, field_name, header=None, filter='', load_filters=[], \
     34                 order_field=None, value_map=None):
     35        self.field_name = field_name
     36        self.header = header
     37        self.filter = filter
     38        self.load_filters = load_filters
     39        self.order_field = order_field
     40        self.value_map = value_map
     41        self._nowrap = False
     43    def for_model(self, model, cl=None):
     44        """Create a new ListColumn instance where unset properties in this
     45        ListColumn have been filled in by inspecting the Model provided."""
     46        header, attr = label_for_field(self.field_name, model,
     47                model_admin = cl.model_admin,
     48                return_attr = True
     49            )
     50        try:
     51            f = model._meta.get_field(self.field_name)
     52        except models.FieldDoesNotExist:
     53            if isinstance(self.field_name, types.FunctionType):
     54                columnlist_class = FunctionListColumn
     55            else:
     56                columnlist_class = AttributeListColumn
     57            return columnlist_class(model, field_name=self.field_name,
     58                header=self.header if self.header else header,
     59                filter=self.filter,
     60                load_filters=self.load_filters,
     61                order_field=self.order_field,
     62                value_map=self.value_map,
     63                attr=attr
     64            )
     65        else:
     66            return FieldListColumn(f, self.field_name,
     67                header=self.header if self.header else header,
     68                filter=self.filter,
     69                load_filters=self.load_filters,
     70                order_field=self.order_field,
     71                value_map=self.value_map
     72            )
     74    def get_value_display(self, result, cl=None):
     75        field_value = self.get_value(result)
     76        if self.value_map:
     77            field_value = self.value_map.get(field_value, views.main.EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE)
     79        # apply filters by faking a template token
     80        if self.filter:
     81            p = template.Parser([])
     82            for lib in ['admin_list', ] + self.load_filters:
     83                p.add_library(template.get_library(lib))
     84            fe = p.compile_filter('val|' + self.filter)
     85            return fe.resolve(template.Context({'val': field_value}))
     87        if field_value is None:
     88            return views.main.EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
     89        if force_unicode(field_value) == '':
     90            return mark_safe(' ')
     91        return smart_unicode(field_value)
     94class FieldListColumn(ListColumn):
     95    """Model field column"""
     96    def __init__(self, field, *args, **kwargs):
     97        super(FieldListColumn, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
     98        self.field = field
     100        if not self.header:
     101            self.header = field.verbose_name
     103        #if isinstance(field.rel, models.ManyToOneRel):
     104        #    if field.null:
     105        #        self.order_field = None
     106        if not self.order_field:
     107            self.order_field = self.field_name
     109        if not self.filter:
     110            if isinstance(field, models.DateTimeField):
     111                self.filter = 'date:"DATETIME_FORMAT"'
     112            elif isinstance(field, models.DateField):
     113                self.filter = 'date:"DATE_FORMAT"'
     114            elif isinstance(field, models.TimeField):
     115                self.filter = 'time:"TIME_FORMAT"'
     116            elif isinstance(field, models.BooleanField) or isinstance(field, models.NullBooleanField):
     117                self.filter = 'boolean_icon'
     118            elif isinstance(field, models.DecimalField):
     119                self.filter = 'floatformat:%d' % field.decimal_places
     121        if isinstance(field, models.DateField) or isinstance(field, models.TimeField):
     122            self._nowrap = True   
     124        if not self.value_map and field.choices:
     125            self.value_map = dict(field.flatchoices)
     127    def get_value(self, result):
     128        return getattr(result, self.field_name, None)
     131class AttributeListColumn(ListColumn):
     132    """Custom column - Model or ModelAdmin method"""
     133    def __init__(self, model, attr=None, *args, **kwargs):
     134        super(AttributeListColumn, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
     136        self.callable = attr
     138        if attr is not None and not self.filter:
     139            if getattr(attr, 'boolean', False):
     140                self.filter = 'boolean_icon'
     141            elif getattr(attr, 'allow_tags', False):
     142                self.filter = 'safe'
     144        if self.header is None:
     145            if self.field_name == '__unicode__':
     146                self.header = force_unicode(model._meta.verbose_name)
     147            elif self.field_name == '__str__':
     148                self.header = smart_str(model._meta.verbose_name)
     149            elif attr is not None:
     150                try:
     151                    self.header = attr.short_description
     152                except AttributeError:
     153                    pass
     155            if not self.header:   
     156                self.header = self.field_name.replace('_', ' ')
     158        if attr is not None and not self.order_field:
     159            self.order_field = getattr(attr, "admin_order_field", None)
     161        if self.value_map:
     162            self.value_map = dict(self.value_map)
     164    def get_value(self, result):
     165        # if label_for_field resolve callable for this field call it
     166        if callable(self.callable):
     167            return self.callable(result)
     168        # check Model method
     169        attr = getattr(result, self.field_name, None)
     170        if callable(attr):
     171            return attr()
     172        return attr
     175class FunctionListColumn(AttributeListColumn):
     176    """Custom column based on function"""
     178    def get_value(self, result):
     179        if self.order_field:
     180            return self.field_name(getattr(result, self.order_field, None))
     181        return self.field_name(result)
    27184HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL = 1, 2
    28185# returns the <ul> class for a given radio_admin field
    29186get_ul_class = lambda x: 'radiolist%s' % ((x == HORIZONTAL) and ' inline' or '')
    233390        if not self.list_display_links:
    234391            for name in self.list_display:
    235392                if name != 'action_checkbox':
    236                     self.list_display_links = [name]
     393                    if isinstance(name, ListColumn):
     394                        self.list_display_links = [name.field_name]
     395                    else:
     396                        self.list_display_links = [name]
    237397                    break
    238398        super(ModelAdmin, self).__init__()
  • django/contrib/admin/util.py

    315315def display_for_field(value, field):
    316     from django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_list import _boolean_icon
     316    from django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_list import boolean_icon
    317317    from django.contrib.admin.views.main import EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
    319319    if field.flatchoices:
    321321    # NullBooleanField needs special-case null-handling, so it comes
    322322    # before the general null test.
    323323    elif isinstance(field, models.BooleanField) or isinstance(field, models.NullBooleanField):
    324         return _boolean_icon(value)
     324        return boolean_icon(value)
    325325    elif value is None:
    326326        return EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
    327327    elif isinstance(field, models.DateField) or isinstance(field, models.TimeField):
  • django/contrib/admin/__init__.py

    11from django.contrib.admin.options import ModelAdmin, HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL
    22from django.contrib.admin.options import StackedInline, TabularInline
    33from django.contrib.admin.sites import AdminSite, site
     4from django.contrib.admin.options import ListColumn
    67def autodiscover():
  • django/contrib/admin/helpers.py

    160160        })
    162162    def contents(self):
    163         from django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_list import _boolean_icon
     163        from django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_list import boolean_icon
    164164        from django.contrib.admin.views.main import EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
    165165        field, obj, model_admin = self.field['field'], self.form.instance, self.model_admin
    166166        try:
    171171            if f is None:
    172172                boolean = getattr(attr, "boolean", False)
    173173                if boolean:
    174                     result_repr = _boolean_icon(value)
     174                    result_repr = boolean_icon(value)
    175175                else:
    176176                    result_repr = smart_unicode(value)
    177177                    if getattr(attr, "allow_tags", False):
  • django/contrib/admin/templatetags/admin_list.py

    11import datetime
    33from django.conf import settings
    4 from django.contrib.admin.util import lookup_field, display_for_field, label_for_field
    5 from django.contrib.admin.views.main import ALL_VAR, EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
    6 from django.contrib.admin.views.main import ORDER_VAR, ORDER_TYPE_VAR, PAGE_VAR, SEARCH_VAR
    7 from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
    8 from django.db import models
     4from django.contrib.admin.util import label_for_field
     5from django.contrib.admin.views.main import ALL_VAR, ORDER_VAR, PAGE_VAR
     6from django.contrib.admin.views.main import ORDER_TYPE_VAR, SEARCH_VAR
     7from django.contrib.admin.options import ListColumn
    98from django.utils import formats
    109from django.utils.html import escape, conditional_escape
    1110from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
    1211from django.utils.text import capfirst
    13 from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
    14 from django.utils.encoding import smart_unicode, force_unicode
     12from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
    1513from django.template import Library
    1817register = Library()
    2019DOT = '.'
    3130        return mark_safe(u'<a href="%s"%s>%d</a> ' % (escape(cl.get_query_string({PAGE_VAR: i})), (i == cl.paginator.num_pages-1 and ' class="end"' or ''), i+1))
    3231paginator_number = register.simple_tag(paginator_number)
    3434def pagination(cl):
    3535    """
    3636    Generates the series of links to the pages in a paginated list.
    7777    }
    7878pagination = register.inclusion_tag('admin/pagination.html')(pagination)
    80 def result_headers(cl):
     80def result_headers(cl, columns):
    8181    """
    8282    Generates the list column headers.
    8383    """
    84     lookup_opts = cl.lookup_opts
    86     for i, field_name in enumerate(cl.list_display):
    87         header, attr = label_for_field(field_name, cl.model,
    88             model_admin = cl.model_admin,
    89             return_attr = True
    90         )
    91         if attr:
    92             # if the field is the action checkbox: no sorting and special class
    93             if field_name == 'action_checkbox':
    94                 yield {
     84    for i, col in enumerate(columns):
     85        # if the field is the action checkbox: no sorting and special class
     86        if col.field_name == 'action_checkbox':
     87            header, attr = label_for_field(col.field_name, cl.model,
     88                model_admin = cl.model_admin,
     89                return_attr = True
     90            )
     91            yield {
    9592                    "text": header,
    9693                    "class_attrib": mark_safe(' class="action-checkbox-column"')
    9794                }
    98                 continue
     95            continue
    100             # It is a non-field, but perhaps one that is sortable
    101             admin_order_field = getattr(attr, "admin_order_field", None)
    102             if not admin_order_field:
    103                 yield {"text": header}
    104                 continue
     97        if col.order_field is None:
     98            yield {'text': col.header}
     99            continue
    106             # So this _is_ a sortable non-field.  Go to the yield
    107             # after the else clause.
    108         else:
    109             admin_order_field = None
    111101        th_classes = []
    112102        new_order_type = 'asc'
    113         if field_name == cl.order_field or admin_order_field == cl.order_field:
     103        if col.order_field == cl.order_field:
    114104            th_classes.append('sorted %sending' % cl.order_type.lower())
    115105            new_order_type = {'asc': 'desc', 'desc': 'asc'}[cl.order_type.lower()]
    117107        yield {
    118             "text": header,
     108            "text": col.header,
    119109            "sortable": True,
    120110            "url": cl.get_query_string({ORDER_VAR: i, ORDER_TYPE_VAR: new_order_type}),
    121111            "class_attrib": mark_safe(th_classes and ' class="%s"' % ' '.join(th_classes) or '')
    122112        }
    124 def _boolean_icon(field_val):
    125     BOOLEAN_MAPPING = {True: 'yes', False: 'no', None: 'unknown'}
    126     return mark_safe(u'<img src="%simg/admin/icon-%s.gif" alt="%s" />' % (settings.ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX, BOOLEAN_MAPPING[field_val], field_val))
     114def boolean_icon(field_val):
     115    if field_val is None:
     116        v = 'unknown'
     117    else:
     118        v = field_val and 'yes' or 'no'
     119    return mark_safe(u'<img src="%simg/admin/icon-%s.gif" alt="%s" />' % (settings.ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX, v, field_val))
     120boolean_icon = register.filter(boolean_icon)
    128 def items_for_result(cl, result, form):
     123def items_for_result(cl, result, form, columns):
    129124    """
    130125    Generates the actual list of data.
    131126    """
    132     first = True
    133127    pk = cl.lookup_opts.pk.attname
    134     for field_name in cl.list_display:
    135         row_class = ''
    136         try:
    137             f, attr, value = lookup_field(field_name, result, cl.model_admin)
    138         except (AttributeError, ObjectDoesNotExist):
    139             result_repr = EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
    140         else:
    141             if f is None:
    142                 allow_tags = getattr(attr, 'allow_tags', False)
    143                 boolean = getattr(attr, 'boolean', False)
    144                 if boolean:
    145                     allow_tags = True
    146                     result_repr = _boolean_icon(value)
    147                 else:
    148                     result_repr = smart_unicode(value)
    149                 # Strip HTML tags in the resulting text, except if the
    150                 # function has an "allow_tags" attribute set to True.
    151                 if not allow_tags:
    152                     result_repr = escape(result_repr)
    153                 else:
    154                     result_repr = mark_safe(result_repr)
    155             else:
    156                 if value is None:
    157                     result_repr = EMPTY_CHANGELIST_VALUE
    158                 if isinstance(f.rel, models.ManyToOneRel):
    159                     result_repr = escape(getattr(result, f.name))
    160                 else:
    161                     result_repr = display_for_field(value, f)
    162                 if isinstance(f, models.DateField) or isinstance(f, models.TimeField):
    163                     row_class = ' class="nowrap"'
    164         if force_unicode(result_repr) == '':
    165             result_repr = mark_safe('&nbsp;')
     128    for i, col in enumerate(columns):
     129        result_repr = col.get_value_display(result, cl)
     130        row_class = col._nowrap and ' class="nowrap"' or ''
     131        first = (i == 1) # first (with i == 0) column is checkbox
    166132        # If list_display_links not defined, add the link tag to the first field
    167         if (first and not cl.list_display_links) or field_name in cl.list_display_links:
     133        if (first and not cl.list_display_links) or col.field_name in cl.list_display_links:
    168134            table_tag = {True:'th', False:'td'}[first]
    169             first = False
    170135            url = cl.url_for_result(result)
    171136            # Convert the pk to something that can be used in Javascript.
    172137            # Problem cases are long ints (23L) and non-ASCII strings.
    176141                attr = pk
    177142            value = result.serializable_value(attr)
    178143            result_id = repr(force_unicode(value))[1:]
    179             yield mark_safe(u'<%s%s><a href="%s"%s>%s</a></%s>' % \
    180                 (table_tag, row_class, url, (cl.is_popup and ' onclick="opener.dismissRelatedLookupPopup(window, %s); return false;"' % result_id or ''), conditional_escape(result_repr), table_tag))
     144            yield mark_safe(u'<%(tag)s%(row_class)s><a href="%(url)s"%(onclick)s>%(value)s</a></%(tag)s>' % {
     145                    'tag': table_tag,
     146                    'row_class':  row_class,
     147                    'url': url,
     148                    'onclick': (cl.is_popup and ' onclick="opener.dismissRelatedLookupPopup(window, %s); return false;"' % result_id or ''),
     149                    'value': conditional_escape(result_repr)
     150                })
    181151        else:
    182152            # By default the fields come from ModelAdmin.list_editable, but if we pull
    183153            # the fields out of the form instead of list_editable custom admins
    184154            # can provide fields on a per request basis
    185             if form and field_name in form.fields:
    186                 bf = form[field_name]
     155            if form and col.field_name in form.fields:
     156                bf = form[col.field_name]
    187157                result_repr = mark_safe(force_unicode(bf.errors) + force_unicode(bf))
    188158            else:
    189159                result_repr = conditional_escape(result_repr)
    191161    if form and not form[cl.model._meta.pk.name].is_hidden:
    192162        yield mark_safe(u'<td>%s</td>' % force_unicode(form[cl.model._meta.pk.name]))
    194 def results(cl):
     164def results(cl, columns):
    195165    if cl.formset:
    196166        for res, form in zip(cl.result_list, cl.formset.forms):
    197             yield list(items_for_result(cl, res, form))
     167            yield list(items_for_result(cl, res, form, columns))
    198168    else:
    199169        for res in cl.result_list:
    200             yield list(items_for_result(cl, res, None))
     170            yield list(items_for_result(cl, res, None, columns))
    202172def result_hidden_fields(cl):
    203173    if cl.formset:
    209179    """
    210180    Displays the headers and data list together
    211181    """
     182    cols = []
     183    for col in cl.list_display:
     184        if isinstance(col, ListColumn):
     185            cols += [col.for_model(cl.model, cl)]
     186        else:
     187            cols += [ListColumn(col).for_model(cl.model, cl)]
    212188    return {'cl': cl,
    213189            'result_hidden_fields': list(result_hidden_fields(cl)),
    214             'result_headers': list(result_headers(cl)),
    215             'results': list(results(cl))}
     190            'result_headers': list(result_headers(cl, cols)),
     191            'results': list(results(cl, cols))}
    216192result_list = register.inclusion_tag("admin/change_list_results.html")(result_list)
    218194def date_hierarchy(cl):
  • django/contrib/admin/views/main.py

    11from django.contrib.admin.filterspecs import FilterSpec
    2 from django.contrib.admin.options import IncorrectLookupParameters
     2from django.contrib.admin.options import IncorrectLookupParameters, ListColumn
    33from django.contrib.admin.util import quote
    44from django.core.paginator import Paginator, InvalidPage
    55from django.db import models
    139139        if ORDER_VAR in params:
    140140            try:
    141141                field_name = self.list_display[int(params[ORDER_VAR])]
     142                if isinstance(field_name, ListColumn):
     143                    if field_name.order_field:
     144                        field_name = field_name.order_field
     145                    else:
     146                        field_name = field_name.field_name
    142147                try:
    143148                    f = lookup_opts.get_field(field_name)
    144149                except models.FieldDoesNotExist:
  • tests/regressiontests/admin_listcolumn/admin.py

     1from django.contrib import admin
     2import datetime
     4__all__ = ['TopicAdmin', 'ReplyAdmin', 'QwertAdmin']
     7# Old way. Model fields and methods
     10class TopicAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
     11    list_display = ['title', 'author', 'replies_count', \
     12                    'html_replies_count', 'has_replies', 'is_staff']
     15# Old way. Model fields and functions
     18def how_old(date):
     19    now = datetime.datetime.now()
     20    delta = now - date
     21    return u"<strong>%s</strong> days" % delta.days
     22how_old.admin_order_field = 'created'
     23how_old.short_description = 'How old created'
     24how_old.allow_tags = True
     27def is_in_may(obj):
     28    return obj.date.month == 5
     29is_in_may.boolean = True
     32class QwertAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
     33    list_display = ['date', 'created', 'time', how_old, is_in_may]
     37# New way
     40class ReplyAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
     42    def topic_replies_count(self, reply):
     43        return reply.topic.replies_count()
     45    def is_topic_starter(self, reply):
     46        return reply.author == reply.topic.author
     48    COUNT_CHOICES = (
     49        (1, 'this one'),
     50        (2, 'has another one'),
     51        (3, 'not good'),
     52        (5, 'popular topic'),
     53    )
     55    list_display = [
     56        admin.ListColumn('__unicode__', filter='safe', order_field="message", \
     57                         header='part of message'),
     58        admin.ListColumn('author', header='reply author'),
     59        'topic',
     60        'topic_replies_count',
     61        admin.ListColumn('topic_replies_count', value_map=COUNT_CHOICES),
     62        admin.ListColumn('is_topic_starter', filter='boolean_icon')
     63    ]
  • tests/regressiontests/admin_listcolumn/tests.py

     2This file demonstrates two different styles of tests (one doctest and one
     3unittest). These will both pass when you run "manage.py test".
     5Replace these with more appropriate tests for your application.
     7from django.test import TestCase
     10ADMIN_PFX = '/admin_listcolumn/admin/admin_listcolumn'
     13class login(object):
     14    def __init__(self, testcase, user, password):
     15        self.testcase = testcase
     16        success = testcase.client.login(username=user, password=password)
     17        self.testcase.assertTrue(
     18            success,
     19            "login with username=%r, password=%r failed" % (user, password)
     20        )
     22    def __enter__(self):
     23        pass
     25    def __exit__(self, *args):
     26        self.testcase.client.logout()
     29class BaseCustomizationTest(TestCase):
     30    """Base class for admin changelist customization test cases"""
     32    fixtures = ['listcolumn.json']
     34    def _get_page(self):
     35        with login(self, 'root', '123'):
     36            return self.client.get(self.changelist_url)
     39class ModelMethodCustomizationTest(BaseCustomizationTest):
     40    """Test old way to admin customization"""
     42    def setUp(self):
     43        self.changelist_url = '%s/topic/' % ADMIN_PFX
     45    def test_short_description(self):
     46        request = self._get_page()
     47        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('''<th>
     49Replies count
     50</th>'''), 2)
     52    def test_allow_tags(self):
     53        request = self._get_page()
     54        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><i>0</i></td>'), 1)
     55        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><i>1</i></td>'), 12)
     56        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><i>2</i></td>'), 11)
     57        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><i>3</i></td>'), 4)
     58        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><strong>4</strong></td>'), 6)
     59        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><strong>5</strong></td>'), 6)
     61    def test_boolean(self):
     62        request = self._get_page()
     63        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><img src="/media/img/admin/icon-yes.gif" alt="True" /></td>'), 39)
     64        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><img src="/media/img/admin/icon-no.gif" alt="False" /></td>'), 1)
     66    def test_admin_order_field(self):
     67        with login(self, 'root', '123'):
     68            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url)
     69            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     70<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=6">
     71Is staff
     73            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url + '?ot=asc&o=6')
     74            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted ascending">
     75<a href="?ot=desc&amp;o=6">
     76Is staff
     78            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url + '?ot=desc&o=6')
     79            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted descending">
     80<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=6">
     81Is staff
     85class FunctionCustomizationTest(BaseCustomizationTest):
     86    """Test old way to admin customization via functions"""
     88    def setUp(self):
     89        self.changelist_url = '%s/qwert/' % ADMIN_PFX
     91    def test_short_description(self):
     92        request = self._get_page()
     93        self.assertContains(request, 'How old created')
     95    def test_admin_order_field(self):
     96        with login(self, 'root', '123'):
     97            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url)
     98            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     99<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=4">
     100How old created
     102            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url + '?ot=asc&o=4')
     103            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted ascending">
     104<a href="?ot=desc&amp;o=4">
     105How old created
     107            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url + '?ot=desc&o=4')
     108            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted descending">
     109<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=4">
     110How old created
     113    def test_allow_tags(self):
     114        request = self._get_page()
     115        self.assertEquals(request.content.count('</strong> days</td>'), 30)
     117    def test_boolean(self):
     118        request = self._get_page()
     119        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><img src="/media/img/admin/icon-yes.gif" alt="True" /></td>'), 2)
     120        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><img src="/media/img/admin/icon-no.gif" alt="False" /></td>'), 28)
     123class ListColumnCustomizationTest(BaseCustomizationTest):
     125    def setUp(self):
     126        self.changelist_url = '%s/reply/' % ADMIN_PFX
     128    def test_short_description(self):
     129        request = self._get_page()
     130        # via header attr
     131        self.assertContains(request, 'Part of message')
     132        self.assertContains(request, 'Reply author')
     133        # header is not set
     134        self.assertContains(request, 'Is topic starter')
     135        self.assertContains(request, 'Topic')
     136        self.assertContains(request, 'Topic replies count')
     138    def test_admin_order_field(self):
     139        with login(self, 'root', '123'):
     140            # default order
     141            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url)
     142            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted ascending">
     143<a href="?ot=desc&amp;o=3">
     146            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     147<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=1">
     148Part of message
     150            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     152Topic replies count
     154            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     156Is topic starter
     159            # order by 'part of message'
     160            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url + '?ot=asc&o=1')
     161            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     162<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=3">
     165            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted ascending">
     166<a href="?ot=desc&amp;o=1">
     167Part of message
     169            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     171Topic replies count
     173            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     175Is topic starter
     178            # order by 'part of message' descending
     179            request = self.client.get(self.changelist_url + '?ot=desc&o=1')
     180            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     181<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=3">
     184            self.assertContains(request, '''<th class="sorted descending">
     185<a href="?ot=asc&amp;o=1">
     186Part of message
     188            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     190Topic replies count
     192            self.assertContains(request, '''<th>
     194Is topic starter
     198    def test_allow_tags(self):
     199        request = self._get_page()
     200        self.assertEquals(request.content.count('...</p>'), 100)
     202    def test_boolean_icon_filter(self):
     203        request = self._get_page()
     204        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><img src="/media/img/admin/icon-yes.gif" alt="True" /></td>'), 10)
     205        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td><img src="/media/img/admin/icon-no.gif" alt="False" /></td>'), 90)
     207    def test_value_map(self):
     208        request = self._get_page()
     210        x = [0, 12, 22, 12, 24, 30]
     212        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>5</td>'), x[5])
     213        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>4</td>'), x[4])
     214        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>3</td>'), x[3])
     215        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>2</td>'), x[2])
     216        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>1</td>'), x[1])
     218        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>popular topic</td>'), x[5])
     219        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>(None)</td>'), x[4])
     220        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>not good</td>'), x[3])
     221        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>has another one</td>'), x[2])
     222        self.assertEqual(request.content.count('<td>this one</td>'), x[1])
  • tests/regressiontests/admin_listcolumn/fixtures/listcolumn.json

     1[{"pk": 1, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "root", "first_name": "", "last_name": "", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2010-10-11 07:13:46", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "sha1$360e6$1d5e8f5c05dfd72595af80c0ff77723d3d940aab", "email": "qwe@qwe.er", "date_joined": "2010-10-10 09:36:19"}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Nemo Iure", "first_name": "Vel Assumenda", "last_name": "Ut Pariatur", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2006-01-30 07:03:01", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Consectetur Quis Iure", "email": "", "date_joined": "2009-11-03 15:54:46"}}, {"pk": 3, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Cumque Impedit", "first_name": "Cupiditate Saepe", "last_name": "Recusandae Rem", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2007-06-30 04:30:30", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Expedita Magni Maiores", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2015-07-13 12:11:39"}}, {"pk": 4, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Reiciendis Sapiente", "first_name": "Deleniti Nulla", "last_name": "Eaque Recusandae", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2013-05-23 12:08:02", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Nihil Facilis Ipsa", "email": "", "date_joined": "2007-03-29 06:41:03"}}, {"pk": 5, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Delectus Qui", "first_name": "Corrupti Adipisci", "last_name": "", "is_active": false, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2006-10-29 19:51:54", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Aperiam Aliquam Alias", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2007-12-09 18:31:40"}}, {"pk": 6, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Hic Nesciunt", "first_name": "Maxime Amet", "last_name": "Eligendi Odit", "is_active": false, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2006-07-16 05:53:14", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Possimus Quasi Dignissimos", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2007-07-06 11:20:54"}}, {"pk": 7, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Natus Illum", "first_name": "Nostrum Quo", "last_name": "Culpa Cumque", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2006-12-26 20:13:52", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Harum Sequi Recusandae", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2010-11-25 17:36:35"}}, {"pk": 8, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Quia Ea", "first_name": "Atque Corrupti", "last_name": "Omnis Dolore", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2015-02-15 19:17:13", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Tempore Magni Ipsa", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2010-05-29 02:03:36"}}, {"pk": 9, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Magni Autem", "first_name": "Illo Autem", "last_name": "Officiis Ullam", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2009-06-24 12:30:23", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Consequatur Quasi Aut", "email": "", "date_joined": "2014-01-08 14:37:02"}}, {"pk": 10, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Similique Tempora", "first_name": "Perspiciatis Voluptatem", "last_name": "", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": false, "is_staff": false, "last_login": "2014-10-02 03:40:02", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Maxime Fuga A", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2011-09-21 03:26:27"}}, {"pk": 11, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "Iure Numquam", "first_name": "", "last_name": "", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2005-12-11 21:40:23", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "Neque Voluptas Ut", "email": "will@willhardy.com.au", "date_joined": "2007-03-11 18:27:54"}}, {"pk": 31, "model": "admin_listcolumn.topic", "fields": {"body": "<p>Ratione dicta velit at enim tenetur recusandae amet, mollitia at veritatis necessitatibus consequatur labore fugit excepturi <em>alias</em> quae reiciendis officiis. Accusantium nisi minima. Adipisci <strong>numquam</strong> debitis a necessitatibus earum natus doloremque voluptatem modi veritatis, vero repellendus reiciendis tempora voluptates aperiam cupiditate inventore quos natus? Eveniet ipsa cupiditate explicabo veniam <a href=\"#\">nostrum reprehenderit</a> quas rem voluptate eius dolorum?</p>\n\n<p>In maxime aut culpa <em>consequuntur</em> <a href=\"#\"><strong>consequatur,</strong> consequatur</a> eligendi magni adipisci iure culpa eveniet ad vero fuga?</p>\n\n<p>Tempora eius <a href=\"#\">sunt <em>labore</em></a> qui <strong>rem</strong> quas.</p>", "author": 3, "title": "Ab Non"}}, {"pk": 7, "model": "admin_listcolumn.topic", "fields": {"body": "<p>Laboriosam vitae ipsum fugiat iusto, illum sequi ducimus consequatur modi doloribus fugit deserunt quae eos tempora, eaque id modi <em>corporis</em> sequi <strong>rerum</strong> veritatis <a href=\"#\">voluptatum quidem</a> pariatur dicta.</p>\n\n<p>Distinctio cupiditate deleniti totam, minima temporibus voluptate nam harum illum modi optio a dolores, tenetur itaque reprehenderit necessitatibus animi, minima itaque eos provident <em>ex</em> dolor numquam architecto, autem porro nobis eaque? Et consequuntur quis laborum consectetur tempore quod, inventore autem asperiores amet quidem nostrum doloremque quaerat et? Nulla nihil suscipit deleniti voluptatum <a href=\"#\">eum officia</a> laboriosam reiciendis, nulla eum praesentium officia esse, illum impedit molestias ad nesciunt veniam <strong>quisquam</strong> aut reiciendis, aliquam molestiae quos aspernatur vel deserunt delectus laborum.</p>\n\n<p>Aliquam iusto sequi tempore unde aliquid expedita maxime <em>laudantium</em> inventore, inventore provident vitae, officia aspernatur <strong>ipsam</strong> unde, at quo ullam ipsum ipsa. 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     2 No newline at end of file
  • tests/regressiontests/admin_listcolumn/models.py

     1from django.db import models
     2from django.contrib.auth.models import User
     3from datetime import datetime
     4from django.contrib import admin as adm
     5from admin import *
     7__all__ = ['Topic', 'Reply', 'Qwert']
     10class Topic(models.Model):
     11    title = models.CharField(max_length=25)
     12    body = models.TextField()
     13    author = models.ForeignKey(User, related_name="topic_set")
     15    class Meta:
     16        ordering = ['title', ]
     18    def __unicode__(self):
     19        return self.title
     21    def replies_count(self):
     22        return self.reply_set.count()
     24    def html_replies_count(self):
     25        c = self.replies_count()
     26        if c > 3:
     27            return u'<strong>%s</strong>' % c
     28        else:
     29            return u'<i>%s</i>' % c
     30    html_replies_count.allow_tags = True
     31    html_replies_count.short_description = u'Replies count'
     33    def has_replies(self):
     34        return self.replies_count() > 0
     35    has_replies.boolean = True
     37    def is_staff(self):
     38        return self.author.is_staff
     39    is_staff.admin_order_field = 'author__is_staff'
     42class Reply(models.Model):
     43    topic = models.ForeignKey(Topic, related_name="reply_set")
     44    author = models.ForeignKey(User, related_name="reply_set")
     45    message = models.TextField()
     47    class Meta:
     48        ordering = ['topic', ]
     50    def __unicode__(self):
     51        return "%s...</p>" % self.message[:100]
     54class Qwert(models.Model):
     55    date = models.DateField(default=datetime.today)
     56    created = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)
     57    time = models.TimeField(default=datetime.now)
     60adm.site.register(Topic, TopicAdmin)
     61adm.site.register(Reply, ReplyAdmin)
     62adm.site.register(Qwert, QwertAdmin)
  • tests/regressiontests/admin_listcolumn/urls.py

     1from django.conf.urls.defaults import *
     2from django.contrib import admin
     4urlpatterns = patterns('',
     5    (r'^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),
  • tests/urls.py

    4242    # special headers views
    4343    (r'special_headers/', include('regressiontests.special_headers.urls')),
     45    # admin ChangeList customization with ListColumn tests
     46    (r'admin_listcolumn/', include('regressiontests.admin_listcolumn.urls')),
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