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  • docs/howto/deployment/fastcgi.txt

    110110Running a preforked server on a Unix domain socket::
    112112    ./manage.py runfcgi method=prefork socket=/home/user/mysite.sock pidfile=django.pid
     114.. admonition:: Socket security
     116    Django's default umask requires that the webserver and the Django fastcgi
     117    process be run with the same group **and** user. For increased security,
     118    you can run them under the same group but as different users. If you do
     119    this, you will need to set the umask to 002 using the ``umask`` argument to
     120    ``runfcgi``.
    114122Run without daemonizing (backgrounding) the process (good for debugging)::
    116124    ./manage.py runfcgi daemonize=false socket=/tmp/mysite.sock maxrequests=1
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